Thursday, December 2, 2010

Would the North Korean Soldiers Have Fought and Died For This in the 1950's Korean War ?

I have a hard time thinking so.




  1. Good question, Kid. Most commie idealists believe that "this time it will be different". It never is.

  2. Opus, very prophetic.

    I think also that if they could see how their brothers and sisters would come to live, they''d have dropped their weapons. Maybe. Hard to tell with Asians. The Japanese were too brutal to even talk about in mixed company during WWII.

    I can't help but find it damn curious that after thousands of years here we are pretty damn uncivilized and uncaring for each other.

    Like George Carlin said "We don't even know how to care for one another and we're going to save the F* planet ?"

    Well, there's a reason this isn't called Heaven.

    Have a great weekend :)