Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frank Capra Talks About Hitler, Let's Compare to Obama


"I saw that ("Triumph of the Will", Leni Reifenstahl's documentary film of the 1934 Nazi Party National Convention) and it scared the hell out of me. I went back to my little chair in my office... and I sat there, and I sat there, and I was a very unhappy man. How could I possibly top this? I could see that it promised superman stuff to them. I could see how the kids of Germany would go anyplace and die for this guy... So, how do I reach the kid down the street? The thought hit me: how did it reach me? THEY told me. So I said, 'Aha! Let's let them see only their stuff!'. We make nothing. We shoot nothing, but we use only their stuff as propaganda for ourselves. Let them see the guys - let them see these guys!"

Film Director Frank Capra, interview, A Walk Through The Twentieth Century with Bill Moyers, regarding his use of Nazi propaganda films in his masterpiece series of Allied propaganda films, Why We Fight.

And so it is how we should oppose obama and crew. With their own words and actions.

In that vein....

Hitler in 1933 "We will not lie and we will not cheat! I have therefore steadfastly resolved never to come before this people and speak cheap promises."

Nancy Pelosi - "When I became Speaker, I pledged we would have the most open Congress in history. Led by the innovation and enthusiasm of young people, Americans and Members of Congress are holding a running conversation - in real time."

Obama in his own words: (7 huge lies)

Who is it that sounds like Hitler ?


  1. Obama is a flim flam artist. He has not elevated the office of pResidency one iota.

  2. Opus, that was my first description of him when I heard him talk about 10 minutes in 2006.

    Imagine women actually fainting around the sucker. Kids going total bonkers for the dude. Wowsa.

    I was dumb once, but I was Never that dumb.

  3. That could be why they don't change their play book. It worked before!

  4. Its too frightening to even say aloud Kid...........

  5. Great points Kid and it is only the tip of the iceberg. The idiots that put the Dems in charge will have to live with what they have done. You can bet they will begin screaming the loudest when it all breaks down.

    "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. - Plato"

  6. Great comparison Kid but take exception to your reply to Opie;

    All the 'fainting' shit is just that,,shit. It is all pre-planned and proof of that was during his campainging during the mid-election as Rush made a point about. There were people (not crammed) at one event in an air-conditioned setting and of course Hussein was at the ready (how can that be?) with bottles of water to throw.

    All for show and propganda as you aptly point out in the body of your post.

  7. They Say, the more I think about it the more I think his speeches used Hitler speeches as a template.

  8. Admiral, Great Quote from Plato !

    Thank you and as to your comment, yes they will scream the loudest, but I'll put money right now that they blame the repubs when it arrives.

  9. Christoper, that makes me better actually, that the people who were going off the deep end were plants.

    I remember that punk up in the audience somewhere drooling all over himself profusely thanking obama for taking the time to come and speak to them.

    It would be damn scary to think there are many people like that out there.

    Anyway, I think I'm just getting started with the comparisons.

    I was looking for the pelosi quote where she rambles on about how the Dems will govern with dignity and saintly virtue, spirit of biaprtanship bla bla, but I couldn't find it right off.

  10. Woman, I really do think this was in the works a long time and at least the directors at the media outlets were in on all of the Bush Hitler, Bush stupid, etc stuff and that goes back to around 2003-2004 so they had this planned a long time.

    A concentrated orchestrated effort including all the major media, who's majority of participants I'd bet didn't even know they were in on it. I really didn't think the dems had it in them.

  11. remember - bho's mentor was mentored by alinsky-who gave honor to lucifer in his book-RfR--
    so-they - progressive-fascists follow lucifer and do not know the Way-the TRUTH (Christ) and the they cannot not tell the truth...
    bho is a pawn-of the Dark Side....

  12. Carol, I didn't know that. Interesting. I remember before the 08 elections, if you typed "obama anti-Christ" into the search, you'd get over a half million hits.

  13. Hi Kid! Obummer is such a liar, he's shameless and you can't believe ANYTHING he says. He makes Hilter look pleasant, I think.

    Well, he has really pissed off his demotard buddies, so now it's fun watching them revolt. One of them said "F the President" today, I can't wait until they publish who.

    I hope you're having a good week and all the family and Pets are doing great.

  14. Hi Bunni. All is well !

    Actually, he does make hitler look good. Up to the point where hitler invaded Hungary.

    Personally, I think the dems are just playing games..