Wednesday, December 15, 2010

John Boehner is On Thin Ice

I've heard the arguments for why John Boehner is willing to accept the bill that extends the tax cuts. I just can't buy it.

Essentially, it is that the Dems may let the cuts expire and the new Congress wouldn't be able to reinstate them and get the imbecile obama to sign the bill, so America would be saddled with all these tax increases.

I'm Calling Bullshit on it. There is no way the Dems are going to let the tax cuts expire when that means that people in the lowest bracket, being 10% will get a 50% Increase in their income tax when it goes back to 15%.
(I don't believe the Dems give a shit about the economy so I'm not even going to bother with that argument...)

John Boehner and the Republicans are letting the Dems tack on another TRILLION in spending, let alone all the other evil crap that is attached to this thing.

Hey John, I'd sure like to play Poker with You!

In addition, in an interview with Leslie Stahl that I read on a CBS article, John Boehner talked about 'Working with the president'.

Hey John, What Don't You Understand About America Overwhelmingly Rejecting obama and the democrats and the agenda they've been raping us with the last fours years and even more so the last two ??

We Don't Want You 'Working with the President'. We Don't Want You Compromising (that word you refuse to utter and instead use every possible Thesaurus entry for it instead..) We don't Want You Reaching across the Aisle. What don't you understand about that ??? It makes me think you are as as deaf as obama.

Don't Compromise ! Let the Dems expire the tax bill if they have the stones to do it, then ram it down America's throat from now until 2012 that they are paying higher taxes because of the party that promised the middle class No Tax Increase.  Think of the fodder your party would get from THAT.

I'm being nice with the thin ice comment. If it was purely me, I'd toss you out right now and get someone who can at least hold their own with the kids in a game of Go Fish.

Update: A friend of mine informs me you placed some dude in charge of an energy commission who was the dude that has been pushing the CFL light bulbs.  WTF?   My recommendation is for you to give Allen West your job as speaker.  Please.


  1. Kid, Boehner needs you whispering in his ear.

  2. I don't see the extra emotion in the elections results. Unless he knows something we don't, and he is elated there might be the people have woke up.
    Naw it was, overplaying Camera Time.
    I don't know.
    All to do is keep the articles in the blog shpere

  3. Opus, I will send him a note. He is not in my voting district but he lives only about 18 miles away.

    And anyway, this is a comment from An American to The Speaker of the House.

  4. They Say, I do not believe 'he knows something we don't'.

    Anytime I have seen something stupid occurring and dismissed it as "well they must know something we don't and have a master plan", I was wrong.

    It was simply something stupid occurring.

  5. I've written it over and over again, the Republican Party is not the solution to the problem, they are a part of the problem.

  6. boehner has been there for a looooong time and has learned which side butters his bread --so - "working w.the president' no matter who the Pres is- is the R way to go...
    there is no difference in the parties-
    \We'll see if the new crop is reeeealy different or just 'kind of ' different--
    you can see- I've been in the fray for a long time and have seen R betrayal to excellent canditates that I supported w/ fund raisers in my own home!!
    I trust none of them---yet-

  7. The old guard needs to be purged, new blood is required to stop this politics as usual insanity.

  8. usually don't 'toot my own horn' -re: RNC Chair-what do you thin of this woman?

  9. Arby, And Boehner and M Steele make your case very strongly.

    The tree of Liberty needs some major refreshing and these aren't the guys to do it, along with the vast majority of the rest of the republicans. They think it's business as usual.

  10. Carol-CS. We won't know much of anything until after 2012, assuming the veto pen gets removed and we get some more tea partiers in there.

  11. Carol-CS, in regard to Ann Wagner.

    To me Honesty = Respect and I respect you, so..

    Given I have way too much to say about this I'm just going to make it my next post. Coming up.

  12. There's not much Boehner can do (or could have done). Keep in mind that he's not Speaker yet and that the dems hold massive majorities in the House still. That said, I am NOT happy with Boehner talking about working with BO, but I was happy that he rejected "compromise" as a viable option. I'm still giving him time (you know, let him actually become Speaker and do the job for . . . oh, at least a day) before I reject him. ;)