Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ann Wagner Running for RNC Chair. I Favor Sarah Palin for the Job


I just saw a video of Ann Wagner asking for the RNC Chair position over at Carol-CS’s blog

She has an impressive resume, but she only used the word conservative twice.  She gave me the impression that simply voting Republicans back into the majority is the answer.  She never said 'tea party' once.
She talked about fund raising and funding the RNC as the #1 goal.

I understand that this is important, but the number one goal is not fund raising to the RNC.  Folks did a heck of a job funding Conservative candidates directly.  

In the last election, folks only needed to know who the Non-Democrat or Tea Party member was to vote for.  We don’t need infomercials about our candidates.  People who are going to vote for tea party/conservatives don’t need much direction.  Just give us a name and some youtube town hall videos.

I realize I may be asking for too much, but too much is the only thing that is going to do us any good.  The standard issue pendulum swing to the right is not going to do anything for us.  Most of the Republicans need to go.  In addition, we need politicians who are actually going to start canceling some of these liberal programs that have zero to negative return on investment.

I didn't hear any of these messages, not even a hint. So I cannot support her unless she changes her message to what I'm talking about.  And to me what I'm talking about is what I perceive to be the feeling of pretty much every right wing blog I visit.

I think Sarah Palin would make a great RNC head.  She's already said she'd tell Katie Couric to stuff it if invited to another interview.  This is what we need.  We need Bold colors.  The time for choosing pastels that hope to please idiots for the sake of getting another vote is not acceptable.  It actually loses votes anyway.  Look at what happened when Mr Please Everyone McCain ran.

The Dems have declared war on us.  They've accused us of being racists.  They’ve accused us of being domestic terrorists. They’ve accused our returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the best we have to offer, of being major potential domestic terrorists.  They’re scanning us down to our skin at the airport and laughing at us. (Include GW Bush in the TSA).  They’re treating all of us like criminals at the airport.  This is not America. This does not resemble ANY America I have ever been familiar with up until the year 2009.

We need people who recognize that war has been declared on America from within.

They’re spending trillions of dollars on nothing and packing every bill with billions upon billions of $$ of earmarks and they think it’s OK.  Many Republicans see nothing wrong with this either.

We have a President who gives us the finger on Natl TV.  A President who personally insults All of us and all of his perceived detractors.  None of this resembles America.

I realize the RNC Chair doesn’t control the agenda of the Republican Party, but Sorry, I want every member of our team, the team that’s going to take on the socialist/soft communism Democrats on the same page as much as possible.


  1. Hey Kid - you gotta set your sights hi - I'm definitely in favor or a new RNC Chairman as I was never a Mr. Steele fan. I agree - I believe Sarah Palin could and would do a good job; She has skills in raising money, bringing attention to canidates and causing a stir in the bee bonnet of the liberal left; I just wish her voice wasn't in-tune with fingernails on a chalk board

  2. DeanO, Well how often would you actually hear her voice. I've only heard Steele speak a couple times.


    But you're right. She is not a great speaker. Maybe just needs to calm down a little bit but still keep her passion.

  3. Hey Kid - she is hyper but she walks the walk and talks the talk....much more then most politicians can say on either side! Slow down..that's good coaching and I wonder if she's been coached; one would think so

  4. I honestly think she should continue to do what she is doing. I look at the RNC chair as a behind the scenes position, not Palin's fortee. She appears to like the limelight.

    She can very useful out in open. I also don't see her moving her family to DC to become the RNC chair.

  5. JACG, you have great points. Would you really have to move? She's not going to DC unless it's White House.

    Could she not turn it into an in front of the scenes position.

    I'll have to admit, I have no idea what Steele did outside of collect money. I think someone in that position could be a lot more visible.

    Course I think the main problem with this idea is that how many republicans would want someone in charge who wants to get rid of 90+ % of them ? :)

  6. Yeah, you really would have to move. The job would be very hard to do from a remote location, especially with such a time difference.

    There is a great deal of organizing involved with that job and a lot of social events to help raise funds.

    I would rather a nuts and bolts type person who is totally dedicated to the job and not interested with talking to the media all that often.

  7. Trestin. Interesting. I don't think he's electable as Pres as he's got a cult sorta label like Ross Perot. That might be a good spot for him, though I value his congressional vote also. Hmm

  8. JACG, that'a hard to oppose. I sure don't see the Palin's living in DC. Though maybe a lifestyle change isn't the worst thing.

    Kurt Vonnegut once said, 'Live in New York but leave before it makes you too hard. Live in California but leave before it makes you too soft."

    So, possibilities.

  9. Nickie, I will add your vote with enthusiasm, determination, admiration, love for the outdoors, and in the spirit of Christmas.

  10. Woman, Only if you're properly dressed - heh. Inside joke folks

  11. Great takes on Wagner - Kid-

    as to Sarah-I want her to stay - overtly- in the 'light shining' loop...
    RNC Chairs seem to work behind the scenes-(wonder if Steele had any play in the NRSC's help of little lisa m...?) just an aside...

    thank you for the h/t my Patriot friend!!!


  12. Carol-CS, Thank you.

    Yes, I just don't see Sarah in the White House, not yet.

    Murkowski? I wouldn't be surprised. He was standing behind Scozzafaza(sp) in New York. Jeeesh.

    Thank You for all your contributions to the voice of common sense. What a battle we are in.

  13. though of leaving the 'field of battle' a few times -just cannot do it--
    Thank you - for holding the high ground as well..