Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Emily Protine - You Are A Moron

None of the idiotic incompetent tactics used by the TSA to molest, insult, and degrade the American public will keep you any safer. They pat down or scan 2-3% of the flying public and probably let many muslim men, aged 18 - 34 through without scanning because their diseased brains and instructions pay more attention to avoiding "racial profiling" than to have any respect for the American public.

Add to this, testers of 'the system' regularly get all manner of destructive device through 'the gauntlet' of TSA morons. None of this bullshit accomplishes Anything. I give it two years at most and you'll potentially have to submit to body cavity searches beside. Hope you enjoy it Emily and all the idiots running around like you out there.

Emily, You are a Freakin Moron.

As far as Claire, I would say she should know what she might be in for at the airport and should have 1.) brought up her medical condition with a call ahead to find out just how freakin ignorant the TSA might be, but 2.) the TSA had no right to put her on the ground in handcuffs and drag her across the floor 25 yards. This is worse than Nazism and blame goes to the TSA workers who are probably unqualified to work pretty much anywhere else, all the way up to the most incompetent person I have ever seen in government - janet neopolitan lesbian ice cream. Though eric holder comes in as a tie or maybe a whisker close 2nd.

Why didn't they simply tell her she couldn't fly ? TSA was originally called 'Those Standing Around' but they've apparently graduated to 'Those Sadistic Assholes'.

Is this what we pay our freaking money for as Americans. Is this the best we can expect from our government ?

And I'll not forget it was GW Bush who created the DHS and TSA. Once again reinforcing the idea that putting Republicans in office is about worthless.

And I did see this coming about 3 days after 9-11 when my mind began to coalesce in regard to the effects of 9-11 on America, but had no idea it would be this bad. And it's gonna get worse. Make no mistake, it was Easier for Germans to travel in Germany during WWII !!

La Laaa La leee Laaaa.

Oh, and add to this "passengers stuck on plane on Tarmac for 12 freakin hours at JFK."

THAT's KIDNAPPING ! Folks get your cell phones out and dial 911 and report that you are kidnapped. 12 hours? That's insane. 3 hours on the runway is insane. These idiots need to be forced to perform some customer service. I'm damn glad I don't have to fly for my job, and pity the folks who do and understand why some people put up with some real crap, but damn there's got to be some people who have some leeway about flying and can force change.

Finally, change things around a little, like maybe the people involved and the ACLU would be over this like stink. Man, this country is turning into a hellhole.


  1. I'm heading to O'Hare tomorrow for a visit to Houston over the New Years.

    I will tell you how it goes with my buddies at the TSA.

    Thank you Dubya, and for the record, I was for Phil Gramm in the 1999 primary. Dubya was last on my list.

  2. Fredd, I hope you don't have to suffer at the hands of the dysfunctional evil during your trip.

    Well, I voted 100% Against al gore in 2000 and 10% for Dubya/90% against J Fing Kerry in 2004.

    I haven't been to Houston, but did spend a little time in Dallas. Based on that I expect you'll find some good eating in Houston. Hope you have a great visit Fredd.

  3. don't get me started on this one KID..ugh! and thanks for da hugz!

  4. tyranny starts with the words-"for the GOOD of the people"...
    and ends up w/ govt 'royals' being tyrants..for the GOOD of the people!

  5. I don't know how people can work for the TSA and look themselves in the mirror.

  6. Woman, I try not to talk about it, but even I can only take so much evil.

  7. Carol-CS, that does seem to be at the root of all the crap we are dealing with today. Welfare, and right on down the line.

  8. Trestin, this certainly resolves the question of whether Americans can do evil on Americans.

  9. Start forming a third political party that will be sensitive to these issues.

  10. if you have a minute -vote for the Reagan float...