Saturday, August 14, 2010

To My Friends in Chicago


Mike McConnell recently left his Cincinnati area talk radio show on WLW 700 and is now in Chicago on 720 from 8:30 to 12:30.

I will say this is the one guy on talk radio I enjoyed listening to. Not much politics or religion like Rush or Beck or Hannity, but a ton of common sense and the occasional fun topic.

He knows what he's talking about or will say he doesn't know, which is a rare quality and a rare occasion.

Here's a great sample from his new Chicago show that I'm listening to now.

Thought you might enjoy listening.


  1. Kid:

    I'm sure Mike appreciates the plug. Me, also within the Chicago listening area (Kane County), I have to ration my listening time, and am a Rush 24/7 subscriber and in real time and space, simply can't fit Mike into my schedule. With being a 24/7 subscriber, I can podcast his three hours/day and listen to it at my leisure, but my leisure time is limited and accordingly I barely get his stuff digested, and more often than not just delete whole programs through limited time management constraints.

    I get Hannity here and there, but mostly catch him on Fox News Network TV at 8 Central.

    Beck: don't get me started. That guy, while being right a whole bunch, is just so dang doom and gloom that I can't stand watching or listening to him anymore. He makes the case that we should all liquidate our portfolios, build bomb shelters and retire from the coming Apocalypse that the out of control and unbeatable liberal hordes are steamrolling our society into on a fast track.

    If you really listen to Glenn Beck, he would convince anyone that we are all doomed to repeat the fate of the Weimar Republic (his latest rant, of which is not all that far fetched, but nevertheless as depressing) unless every last one of us pitches revival tents and throw ourselves onto the mercy of the Lord.

    Not bad advice for the forlorn and hopeless amoung us, but the liberals will eat us alive if we all do that: some of us still have to man the ship of state, which has been currently hijacked by pinkoes, and we need to organize a mutiny.

  2. Hi Kid, Thanks so much for letting me know about Mike. I will check him out.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. Fredd, Thanks for the comments. Mike is some lighter listening if you ever feel the need. I think you'd appreciate the intelligence and common sense. I'll stop there, it's not like I'm connected to the guy or getting a finders fee for new listeners ;-)

    I catch Rush a few minutes on my way back from lunch sometimes. For me, I just don't want to hear about obama, pelosi and hillary that many times a day. Or month for that matter. I've got those idiots scoped out and so he's just preaching to the choir anyway. Smart guy, very well connected though.

    Glen Beck. I couldn't listen to him if you paid me. Some friends say his TV show is kinda tame (I don't watch), but anytime he comes across my radio, he sounds like an idiot. Way too many gimmicks as well. I also don't consider myself a sick freak.

    Hannity. I appreciate what he does for the fallen military families. I don't think he's very smart or has much to offer over what pops out at me just through osmosis. He was first on obamas radical connections/agenda though.
    At this point, if you're paying attention, you're not going to get anything from Sean that you don't already have.
    At least he's stopped giving airtime to cindy sheehans of the world.

  4. Hi Bunni, Likewise I'm sure you lovely lady. :) Still Hot !

    I was tired of winter until about mid-July, but I'm actually looking forward to September October now so I can get some work done outside.


  5. Thanks for the 'head's up!!-
    Saw the photos of Pres. Bush and Laura greeting the troops at Black five--
    bho would never do that unless it was for a photo -op---
    AND-you can add to the list of bho and 'moocher'o----her vacation to Spain!!!


  6. Carol-CS, What a couple of tools the obamas are.