Thursday, August 26, 2010

Six Strategies to Kill The Truly Evil [non]Health Care Bill

Here are six key strategies that a Republican Congress could employ to put on the brakes:

• Defund it.
• Dismantle it.
• Delay it.
• Disapprove regulations.
• Direct oversight and investigation.
• Delegate to the states.

(I like how they all start with 'D' but I'm not sure why.)

Read the Details Here.

My personal favorite is Delegate to the States, because I believe ultimately, the States are going to have to protect themselves from the Supreme Court and the Dictatorial Government the next time some bastards like obama and crew get voted in, and I'd say they're gonna need some practice and what better than to do it by refusing to accept this evil bucket of nonsense. But I also think we should do all 6 between 2011 and 2013, then repeal it completely on January 23rd, 2013 and do nationwide throttling of the lawyers instead.



  1. Yay for West! I sure hope we can halt some of the destruction of our country.

  2. Opus, I'd be happy to be your Vice Presidential pick.

    How about Bunni for Chief of Staff.

    Trestin as Secy of Defense.

    I'm sure we can find positions for the rest of our lovely band of patriots. ;-)

  3. Hey, I want a piece o' the action, too, guys! I would make a great Czar of some sort in the Opus administration.

    Uh, do I need to submit a resume with, like, achievements and stuff on it for this gig? Obama didn't have to...

  4. Fredd, We have spots for all you folks. I guess it's up to Opus, but I was leaning toward Supreme Court for you.

  5. Fredd, actually, maybe foreign policy is your gig.

  6. Great! I'll take any gig you got, as long as it comes with lots of power and I can make people eat dirt, and stuff like that....

    I don't know about the Supreme Court thing, though - those robes make me look fat.

  7. West and Rubio!!

    FL is so lucky!!
    Do you think CA has a chance?--

    Whitman -NO!!!!

  8. Carol-CS. California? Nope, They're going to have to hit bottom.

  9. hey Kid..good stuff!
    the States are going to have to protect themselves from the Supreme Court and the Dictatorial Government the next time some b$$@@@rds like obama and crew get voted in, true and spot on!

  10. Kid, Or I could by YOUR VP pick.

  11. Woman, Amazing how many people - smart people - don't realize we are to that point now.

    obama is a dictator with no opposition. Imagine that? 25 things he could be impeached for right now, but because the repubs in Congress don't have even a minor majority, there is no avenue to impeach the sucker.

    We truly need another avenue of opposition.

  12. Opus, I'd be thrilled to have you if that's the way it went down, but I think you'd make a better Pres with all the energy and everything else you've got.

    Plus, Ladies First.

  13. If this satanic legislation is ever allowed to kick into high gear we are all doomed. This will suck the gits out of our economy and place our health care at risk under the malevolent gaze of a uncaring, socialist government.

  14. Oops, that is supposed to be "guts." Gits is what you eat with eggs and sausage.

  15. Sig, yea, cut medicare by 50% (500 mil) and improve service at the same time that the system is about to be 'flooded' by 'baby boomers' ?

    That's the simplest example I can think of for how evil this mutha's going to be.

  16. It is a start until the cat with the veto pen leaves.

  17. You are a dumb piece of shit!