Monday, August 23, 2010

Iran and North Korea are Punks

Shut them down and do the world a favor.  At least we wouldn't have to read about their pathetic asses anymore in the democrat run media....

So, today the news is announcing Iran's unmanned bomber
A range of 620 miles? 13 feet long? Looks like a rocket engine, not a jet as reported, and I'll eat the internet if it has video feed and is controllable from the ground.   It's hardly an 'unmanned bomber' in 21st century terms.  It's more like a loose canon that's short on ammo and long on jocularity.

It supposedly can carry up to 4 cruise missiles which I don't believe for a second. Therefore I'd say this is little more than, if that, Germany's V1.

I'd bet the V1 was more capable.

Man, these people are a joke. Hey, Mackmood Ammafrigginidiot, you're pathetic.

Speaking of which, I'm really doubting how much N Korea is capable of. Including artillery. That jet that was supposedly brought into China by a defector and crashed in a field, didn't even have fresh paint on it. I can't imagine they are putting the necessary money into maintenance of their military machines. I suspect quite the opposite. I think, like Reagan did with Russia, we ought to just call BS on N Korea and see what they have. Of course, that decision would mostly be up to S. Korea. I'll bet they'd fold like a house of cards made of toilet paper.

Which explains why Kim Jong Il keeps shooting his wad all over the place from time to time. Sun Tzu "When you are weak make your enemy think you are strong".

Course, that works in our favor with Iran. Apparently, Iran thinks America is Weak well, right now, given we have a pussified racist anti-American in the Oval office, a lobotomized squirrel for Vice-president and a walking dead Moron of the nth degree as Speaker of the House, I can see why they might get that idea.

Hey Mackmood, you twerp, hold off a few more months before you come and attack us and kill us all off like baby mosquitoes in a bug zapper OK?

Sun Tzu "When you are strong, make your enemy think you are weak".

Contrary to N. Korea, which doesn't cost us much, certainly not in terms of the lives and well being of our finest sons and daughters, Iran used their forces and equipment in the form of mines and other IED's to put the hurt on a lot of our sons and daughters and we owe them more than a thing or two. Bring it on you pipsqueak.
By the way, Your wife looks like the business end of a mop.

What a Cutie Pie.  I'll bet he's looking forward to his 72 goats, the ones with the big cute brown eyes.



  1. The problem is that again - year after year we grin and do nothing. One day, after something horrible happens, action will be taken. We need to turn his weapons and Nuclear plants into glass "yesterday"

  2. You mean 'The Ambassador of Death?'

    Oooooh. We're quaking in our boots.

    Looks to me like a basic SCUD-1 without the bells and whistles. You have pegged these dipshits, they are all sizzle, no steak.

  3. Hey, nice clustermap.

    Anyway, they say "there's somebody for everybody." That about describes Mr and Mrs I'madinnerjacket. After all, he's no great looker either.

  4. I better not say anything about the north. But, the puke in Iran yeah I think it's all hot air. The only thing that worries me is that Israel will strike and a the whole reagon will blow up.

  5. Nuke em both, especially N. Korea when Jimmeh is visiting!

  6. DeanO. I was incensed that we weren't doing anything when I knew Iran was blowing up our kids in Iraq with their anti-tank mines, that they probably bought/got from Russia. I do think they're not very dangerous otherwise, but even a punk is capable of causing some serious damage, so yea, I think we should deal with Iran at the earliest convenience.

  7. Fredd, Yea, the Karrar ! The first image I got was a picture of a cute little kitten with its front paws in the air going "Karrarrrrr !"


  8. Opus, yes, I saw that on your site and had to have one !

    Well, given that it was probably arranged, he is the pres of Iran, and some women there are little more than furniture, you'd think they'd dig up someone a little more alluring?

    Someone for everyone. Neat how that works.

  9. Trestin, the smallest dogs make the most noise eh?

  10. Nicki, We shall do it in honor of the Boom Boom Room proposed by Soloman as the name of the gay bar across from the proposed islam celebration center at ground zero.

  11. Bunni, as far as N Korea, I'd be satisfied to bomb anything that looks like a decent place to live. Because that's where all the people are who are sitting on the backs of the starving population over there.

    Make em live in the street like everyone else.