Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rule 5 Thang

Seems everyone on my reading list is doing rule 5 stuff this weekend. I would be remiss if I did not offer up Marissa Miller as my personal contemporary favorite.

Pure feminism......

There Is more than one reason Men want to live with Women ya know...

The suit is painted on.....someone call 911 Ok?...


  1. I must have just fallen off the onion truck, Kid. What is Rule 5?

  2. "There Is more than one reason Men want to live with Women ya know..."

    There is?

  3. Thanks for posting this! I always like visiting your blog!!

    Common Cents

  4. Fredd,
    American Perspective Rule 5

    Amusing Bunni Rule 5

    It is the 5th item mentioned by someone with a blog as a way to increase traffic to your blog. names and pictures of beautiful women that are high on the google search list.

    I just like reading the articles myself.

  5. Opus. Yes, no lust though. I see her as an art form and she does too apparently from her picture portfolio...

    Plus, I'm too old for that sort of thing anyway.

  6. Ah, the old Madison Avenue axiom: sex sells. Rule #5, whatever.

    Sad to say, but true. Look at all the women on Fox News. Not a dog in the kennel.

    Post a photo of Anna Kornikova, hits go up. If comely old Fredd were to post a photo of his saggy, pimply mayonaise-white butt, I suspect hits would go down.

    Duh. Even most (but not all) of those in the Obama administration could figure that one out.

  7. so-i need to find a "HUNK" and my hits will blow the roof away-Riiiight!

  8. Fredd, Pimply? Too much Testosterone possibly.

  9. just found out about rule # 5 --

    This example of our BEST will be the type of #5 that I will post-geees-
    I have been posting them all along (-:
    ..6 1/2 hour salute in the heat for our vets.

    Thanks - TK - for the start of an idea...

  10. Carol-CS. Quite happy you will take the opportunity to post another positive for our Best.

    Man a 6 hour salute. That is beyond me, even when I was a stud. Just like the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Strength and endurance that is beyond my comprehension.

  11. She's pretty, glad you got on the rule 5 bandwagon ;-)
    I hope your week is great too, Kid.

  12. I thought you might enjoy Admiral.

  13. Bunni, Thanks, glad you weren't offended. She is very attractive.

  14. You are a dumb piece of shit!