Friday, August 6, 2010

A Post for Dan

Actually, we might title this one as 'The Liberal Explained'.

Dan exhibits all the traits of the A-typical liberal.

If he just repeats his version of reality often enough, people will accept it. Or maybe more importantly, he will be able to continue to live within its definition. It is a reality where everyone who isn't well off is a 'victim'. There isn't any real evil in the world, and by resisting the non-existent evil, we are actually creating it ourselves. Teenage girls stoned to death in the middle east for the crime of being gang raped by a bunch of teenage barbarians is 'urban legend'. Wives being beheaded in taliban country because their husbands are tired of them for whatever reason is just urban legend. On and on ignoring every facet of evil as either an anomoly or urban legend, life is good. And the biggest mind twist of all - Politicians like obama actually care about us and will work tirelessly to make our lives better and more fair, as well as get the rest of the world to like us. However the manifestation of "French people liking us" will cause our lives to be better they have no idea but it's got to be good right ?

He can't stray from his version of reality because if he did, his world would cease to exist. And that is a big problem. He has no where else to go. His world is based upon fantasy beliefs that everyone simply wants to get along and there are only just a few miscreants causing trouble. He must ignore the fact that tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of muslims cheered and danced in the streets as the World Trade Center towers came down, as well as every other attack on any free society such as the Lockerbie bombing or the bombing of the World Trade Center in 93, or the bombing of the USS Cole, which the sociopathic piece of garbage Bill Clinton chose to ignore, and brought 9-11 to our shores in my opinion by showing such cowardess and apathy toward these attacks.

He has to ignore that because acknowledging that there is that much evil in the world will cause serious problems with his life. He will have to accept that we must fight that evil and on some level that only he knows, that is a big problem. It will involve Americas Best dying (A righteous concern) as they fight the evil, or money being spent on fighting the evil that could otherwise be spent on (pick one or more): the global climate bullshit, elimination of racism, elimination of the dirty filthy oil, coal, and nuclear power we are obsessed with, the advancement of worthless lazy bastards, otherwise known as 'minorities' who do little more than sit on their ass and assume everyone who is well off had 'it' handed to them, or fill-in-the-blank.

You know what Dan? All of that is fine. I don't put you down for that. This is America, and I'll happily sit and listen to you reel off your version of reality. We all have one and likely no two are exactly alike. Well, once. When you do it over and over and over, something's got to give dig?

So, Dan, here's the main point. Our opinions are simply points in time based upon our own experiences up to that point. Meaning: We've all been stupid.
The difference here is that We have been where you are now, and through our experience, we have discovered that the pussified liberal lollipop view of the world is bullshit, a dead end, and gets you no where except someone's bitch. That being the car dealer leasing you a car, the furniture dealer, the mortgage company, the cell phone contract, or in the case of current events the 'Religion of Peace' which is neither a religion or peaceful.

Get that? We have been where you are. We found it to be a dead end. All of us.

You have Not yet been where we are. <-read this part again.

We have every basis to understand you, and you have no basis to understand us. You are at a supreme disadvantage. We didn't put you there. It is simply how it is. We don't revel in it, we'd rather you gain some knowledge and a better grip on reality ASAP. We get no pleasure in making a post out of you.

Give that some thought and when you're ready, come on back and try to bring something to the table that exhibits a view of reality that you can support by posting references to qualified data sources.


  1. Wow. You've known me for, 36 hours now maybe? And you think you have me figured out?

    The problem is, every time you say, "Dan thinks..." the words that follow do not represent what I think.

    You're building up some rather shoddy quality strawmen because they're easy to knock down. And if that makes you feel better, go for it.

    Just know that you're beating yourself, not me, in that argument, since it's not my argument to begin with.

    How old are you?

  2. The difference here is that We have been where you are now, and through our experience, we have discovered...

    You have Not yet been where we are. <-read this part again.

    That's funny. I've been where YOU are, too. I was raised a conservative, was a big Reagan fan, traditional John Wayne-loving Southern Baptist good ol' boy. In many ways, I'm still there (still love "True Grit," for instance - not so much Ronald Reagan).

    What's happened to me to change my ways is that I'm striving to align my life with the teachings of Jesus and that has caused me to put away some of my childish ways. Not all of them, but some of them.

    Any way, get THAT? I HAVE been where you are, I was probably a conservative and more seriously a conservative than you have been alive, judging by your insolence.

    How old ARE you, friend?

  3. What's the cause of all your anger and bitterness and childish name-calling, Kid? What is bothering you that you would go on the attack towards a fella you don't even know, who you've only barely read with such rage and bile?

    I'd suggest you let some of that go: It's not good for you, it'll only eat you up inside.


  4. We have every basis to understand you, and you have no basis to understand us.

    I AM curious: What would cause you to say something like this to someone you don't know at all (obviously)? Were you raised a traditional Southern Baptist? Have you embraced a more Amish point of view? Have you raised two beautiful children, doing the best you can to be the best dad and faithful husband to one wife for, lo, these 25 years?

    Are you a faithful church-goer and someone who has read the Bible for nearly half a century? Read it regularly, faithfully, seriously, prayerfully, joyfully? Have you been a Sunday School teacher to little children and teenagers? A deacon at your church?

    Do you love time in the woods, camping, hiking, relaxing, canoeing? Do you hope to be a better gardener one day, raising a good bit of your food?

    On what basis do you think you know me at all?

  5. Ye shall know them by their fruits.

  6. yep, ye shall.

    I'd like to amend one comment I made. Where I said...

    That's funny. I've been where YOU are, too. I was raised a conservative

    I'd have to change that to, no, I don't know where you've been, what you've been through. I don't know you.

    Just like you don't know me.

    What I was trying to indicate was that, IF you all are conservatives, IF you are people raised in traditional conservative churches (which I don't know if you were or not), then I HAVE been through that sort of life.

    But I don't have the slightest idea where you all are coming from, I'm beginning to doubt that there are any conservative religious folk here - based upon the language embraced by Kid, at least. I'm beginning to wonder if you all are even serious or if this is a joke site and I just missed it.

    Anyway, I don't know you. You don't know me.

  7. Talk about Dan trolling?

    This is classic troll behavior.

  8. How are you defining trolling? Asking polite questions? Pointing out obvious ideas, like, "You don't really know me, nor do I know you...," is that trolling?

    I don't think that word means what you think it means.

    Why is it that no one here has even tried to engage in a normal rational adult conversation? I can understand one blogger or two having a hard time communicating, but everyone here thus far has been rather odd in how they engage a visitor, at least that's how it seems to me. Am I missing something?

  9. If you all are not interested in rational adult conversations, if you just want to cast silly and easily disproven aspersions upon people and enjoy ranting, go for it. I understand that sometimes it's fun to rant and be ridiculous.

    It's just that there's no sense in me trying to have a rational adult conversation if no one wants one.

    Peace upon you all, grace and knowledge, too. Let me know if you ever do want a serious conversation...


  10. If he just repeats his version of reality often enough, people will accept it.


    1. Read your comments above. It looks like I know you a little more than you'd care to believe.

    2. Quit babbling and tell us what you think is wrong with Conservatism/America.

  11. Dan, secondly, why don't we just skip the entertainment portion and get to the heart of explaining why what you are saying is bullshit.

    Your main point is that islam is just a religion just like Christianity.

    1. You can easily verify that at least Tens of Millions of muslins cheered and danced in the streets when the towers came down and as 2973 innocent men, women and children were murdered on 9-11.

    Yes or No.

    2. Assuming your answer is Yes, then point to where large numbers of Christians cheered or exhibited any sort of similar behavior when large numbers of mulsims were killed, when say for example, the Tsunami hit or the last large Earthquake. No, Christians opened their hearts, services and checkbooks and sent them help and money instead.

    Point to some rational argument that explains a 'religion' planning and executing mass murder in a foreign country. ONLY the teachings of the Koran were used to explain the purpose of this attack.

    If you want to have a 'rational' conversation, you gotta hold up your end of the log.

    Now get busy.

  12. Your main point is that islam is just a religion just like Christianity.

    If you prefer, I'll speak for myself, seeing as how you don't know me or my positions. Obviously.

    My main point is that Islam is a religion. And it is a religion, as religion is used in standard English. If you are using non-standard definitions, you'll have to provide for me, as I only speak standard English and can't guess what you mean when you deviate from normal usage of words.

    You can easily verify that at least Tens of Millions of muslins cheered and danced in the streets

    No, "Muslin" is a fabric. But aside from that petty point, I do NOT know that tens of millions of Muslims cheered on 9/11. Nor do you, I'm quite certain.

    Certainly several Muslims did. Probably hundreds, based upon the photos and videos I recall seeing. Maybe even thousands. I have seen no real world evidence of widespread Muslim support of the 9/11 attacks.

    IN FACT, if you want to deal with FACTS (and that's what I prefer to deal with, rather than rumors and innuendo), following 9/11, NINETY-THREE percent of Muslims condemned the attacks, according to polls.

    Now, in a rational conversation, you would either admit that you have no basis for your wild "tens of millions" comment and you'd apologize for making such a wildly unsupported and false charge.

    Will you? Is truth important to you? You tell me.

    Again, I half think this is a put on. That "Kid" is a raging liberal who puts out wildly ridiculous comments wholly without support to see how many conservatives he can get to agree with him, or something like that.

  13. Ignoring facts, That is the 2nd point in this post.

    You talk like a child, full of emotion and devoid of logic.

    That's numba 3.

    Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner.
    Thanks for playing.

    If this was talk radio, the calm logic filled, structured thinking host would politely tell you goodbye and the screeners wouldn't give you anymore air time.

    Let's see if you can figure that one out.

  14. Okay, in a normal adult conversation between rational people, someone would be tempted to ask: What facts have I ignored?

    You cite a crazy number (ten million Muslims rejoicing at 9/11), I responded with a fact, along with the citation for that fact.

    So, if ignoring facts is a problem, then perhaps you can begin with removing the beam from your own eye, little brother.

    Peace to you.

  15. lol. Kid you are right. Dan is a piece of work. Oh and Dan, thanks for the memories.

  16. Fellas, instead of gossiping ABOUT me like ill-mannered 12 year old girls, if you truly think I'm lost, tell me what I need to be saved.

    If you truly think I'm mistaken, then answer my questions and make your case in a rational adult manner.

    Or don't be surprised when people don't take you seriously, but just write you all off as a few ridiculous and irrelevant cranks.

  17. Trestin: You attend a Mormon church, right? Why don't you run this past your elders and ask if this is the correct, Christian way to handle disagreements?

    Do you really think that gossip and slander and cowardly talking about someone without even letting him defend himself is even marginally civil behavior amongst sinners, much less adults and Christians?

    The Bible IS quite clear that slander and bearing false witness is a wrong, and yet you all seem to joyfully engage in it. Not that it matters to me what complete strangers imagine about me in their silly imaginary dreamworld or what they say about me, I just find this sort of behavior odd in the extreme.

    How old are you people? Have I stumbled across a series of grade school blogs? This is just strange behavior...

    Nonetheless, I wish you all peace and goodwill and, especially, grace.

  18. Dan, what would you like us to do? Walk all over the internet collecting links and information about how islamics commit atrocious acts of violence and sadism each and every day to thousands of their victims. Those being mostly women, and innocent non-muslims then ask you to try to do the same for ANY actual religious group so you could actually participate in a Rational conversation ? As one simple example.

    You would simply ignore it and all the effort we put in and instead of offering anything of value, simply come back here and insult us and complain that you're being treated unfairly.

    100 % Grade A Number 1 Liberal.

    Guess what teh easiest thing to do in life is... Insult and complain. You offer zero. You don't even offer enough to piss me off.

    If we had a nickel for each of you wastes of time we've come across in cyberspace we'd be rich.

    Speaking for myself, I don't waste my time anymore.

    But feel free to continue to post your baseless unsupported claims about this that and the other thing. As I'm using blogger, I don't have the ability to censor you and I wouldn't anyway. Needless to say, I'm not even going to use a click of the mouse to delete your comments, so feel free to make an ass of yourself right here anytime.

    I'm thinking that about covers it, but I may certainly have a little fun with you in the future. Who knows.

  19. You can't use the average Mosque attendee as an example for a argument to defend a Radical Group that supposedly high jacked a religion.
    You can't use Tim McVeigh to group together Christians. Tim was a good soldier, and good soldiers follow orders.
    I'm surprised he did not use Jim Jones, Jim Backer/Tammy Fay, Rev. Ike...or any other scam artist in religion's name.
    Oh that's what Wahhabis did.

  20. They Say, Dan is either a put on or a babe in the woods. Either way.

    Interesting times, and the majority does not have a bead, Dan aside.

  21. Guess what teh easiest thing to do in life is... Insult and complain. You offer zero.

    If you don't like insulting and complaining, why do you do it so much?

    All I have mostly tried to offer are questions. You have left them unanswered, thus "zero."

    I suspect you don't answer because you can't answer, that it exposes the moral and logical flaws in your arguments, but of course, I can't know that. All I know is that my questions remain unanswered.

    If you hope to reach a larger audience and have them support your positions, you'll have to do a better job of defending them. As it is, you've offered nothing but silly insults and naught else.

    Peace to you.

  22. Loved how you tried to pose as someone else on my blog Dan. Very classy. Funny the things you can learn about a person when you have their IP

  23. Pose as someone else? While giving my name?

    I'm just asking you to quit gossiping like a girl and grow a pair, little fella.

    Seriously, don't you know what the Bible says about slander and gossip? And yet you persist. Perhaps they don't teach Bible basics in the Mormon church and you're simply unaware?

    Oh, I have a fairly large number of IP addresses at my disposal so I can come back, I just figured I gave you plenty of pointers on it and now it's on you if you continue in your cowardly and girlish ways, little brother.

    I do pray that you grow past this stage some day. Peace.

  24. Oh, I see. I went to your blog to see what's up. Some fella there posted a comment saying he was a gay guy in the Mormon church and you thought it was me.

    You're tripping down into paranoia, friend. That was not me and it certainly could not have been any of my IP addresses, since it wasn't me.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Or not.

    But that wasn't me. As noted, I always identify myself (or try to) and have never entered a false comment pretending to be someone else (as in pretending to be a gay mormon when I'm clearly not).

    You know what, Trestin? There are almost certainly some gay folk in the Mormon church, this fella may be legit.

    Now you really need to stop dragging my name into your blog. People will start to think you're sweet on me, little brother.


  25. Dan, zoning laws stop churches from being built all the time. Oh, you said your were a Deacon--you already know that, or do you?
    There are 23 or so Mosque in New York.
    The protest of this Victory Shrine is NOT a VIOLATION of the 1st Amendment!
    Grow up and stop being a little girl about the religious freedoms of the Muslims; they have 23 Buildings in Ny CITY already!
    Of course a mouth piece for our enimies would let that go in one ear and out the other.
    Some people have a head just to keep their ears apart.

  26. Okay, so WHICH zoning laws would prevent this from being built? According to the people responsible for zoning laws in NYC, there appears to be NO reason not to allow them.

    And I'm sorry, but being a deacon does not make one an authority on all zoning laws in every city in the world. Perhaps you are confusing me with God?

    IF there is a legitimate reason to stop an Islamic center (or Christian or Jewish center) from being built here, present it. IF you are merely trying to pretty up your prejudices and bigotry, well, I suspect you would be well served in growing up a little bit.

    It's not all about you and your hurt feelings.

  27. This has to be a computer generated response, Kid. I know a guy who wrote some and I tested a few. That was a long-long time ago, it took a while for me to remember.
    That is why I throw in some stuff, that requires a real person to read and understand what was written.
    If this guy were a real person he would understand that a reference to zoning laws was a reason why this protest isn't a violation of the 1st Amendment, not a conversation about zoning laws. And other things I wrote or you wrote, a real person would not nitpick a few phrases out of context.
    So this troll is a generated response from a computer program.
    And you say you like George O.
    I have lived through several communist take overs and know their inch by inch tactics, as well as the arab aggressions through passivity.
    They dug under the Turks and caught them by surprise. Now they are digging under the American People's physique. Inch by Inch-trick by trick.
    If this guy was who he said he was, he would understand the Bible that says anything not of the Father in Heaven-is Witch Craft.

  28. They Say, Very likely. I remember the Eliza program, back in the 80's I think) Very impressive and I'm sure it's been improved on.

    Yes, 'dan' doesn't respond to a post he responds to keywords.

    I also think he may be a real person just having fun by being contrary in the most absurd ways one could pick against a given statement.

    In any case, it's not a real conversation.

  29. I ask a reasonable question to your comment and you think that is a response from a computer?

    I am just who I say I am, "Theysaywesay" not hiding behind some pseudonym. My name IS Dan Trabue, I am from Louisville, KY. You can google me and find references to me and I'm quite certain, even my phone and address.

    I find it interesting that someone who hides behind a fake name would accuse someone who is clearly who he says he is of not even being a real person. I find it interesting that someone who refuses to answer questions and who is fairly rude would suggest that someone else is a troll.

    You are the one who brought up zoning laws, not me. Since you brought it up, I asked the rational question: Which zoning laws are they violating.

    NOW you say it's not about zoning laws. Fine.

    What IS it about? What rational, real-world reason would you offer for not allowing someone ELSE to enjoy their religious liberty, their right to build a legal building with approval?

    From where I sit, it SOUNDS like you are an ignorant bigot who wishes to discriminate based upon religion alone, but I'm sure that is a faulty understanding on my part, so please sir (madam), just offer some rational explanation as to why we should not "allow" these people to build a building.

    Given the way this conversation has gone thus far, sadly, I fully expect these rational questions to go unanswered and any visitors can read for themselves this conversation and make decisions about who is being polite and rational and who isn't. Who IS a real person and who isn't, if anyone.

  30. Danny boy, why do You want them to build 'the building' which they happen to call 'a mosque'. You don't seem to be showing them much respect to call their mosque a 'building'. Get with it man. Show the proper respect.

  31. Maybe since Dan cannot find answers he seeks here he should drop by:

    It might help him understand since he has a lot of unanswerable questions.

  32. Great suggestion Admiral :)

    He's not interested though, he's dreaming about giving some muslim a hummer I suspect.

  33. why do You want them to build 'the building' which they happen to call 'a mosque'.

    I haven't said that I want them to build their building. Look at my words and read them and grasp their meaning. Nothing in there says that I want them to build that building. I have only asked, "On what possible basis would you deny them this freedom?"

    A question which goes unanswered.

    You all leave it unanswered for unanswered reasons. My guess right now is just ugly bigotry, but you tell me.

    You don't seem to be showing them much respect to call their mosque a 'building'.

    They're not calling it a mosque because it isn't a mosque, apparently. It is an Islamic center. I'm calling it what they're calling it.


  34. I dink we all know who de big-assot be here. What it is, Mama! It's Dan who keeps changin' his sto'y and lyin' about everydin'. It's Dan who kin't answa' de quesshuns and leave unanswered quesshuns unanswered, isn't dat da damn answa' Dan? And ya' still aint gots de right dojigger fo' dat barbarian celebrashun center. Ah be baaad...

  35. ?

    This IS a put on. It's just too strange to be legit. I'm guessing "the kid" is just that - some goofy 15 year old boy who is just putting stuff up to get responses who doesn't really know or care much about anything.

    I am not sure how else to explain this bizarre behavior. So, acting upon that assumption, I'll leave this joke now.

    If there ARE any actual adults here, you've been had, I'm guessing.

  36. No, you are the put on. We have answered your 1st question every which way there is to say it. We have answered every other question,
    you just don't like the answers!
    The Kid is right in his assessment of liberals; when it's bed time and the child is told they can't have a cookie-they keep on asking why; just like a child.
    Is that a good and fair question to ask you--are you a Liberal?

    You contacted me BY E MAIL to continue this juvenile bull.
    You are not one of those criminal STALKERS are you?!

    No one here jumped on you personally.
    But you named called the Kid, Trestin, and some others.
    I'll ask again. Are you a STALKER?
    One of those Criminal STALKERS?
    One of the most important reasons why a blogger should use a blog name, not their real name.

  37. They Say, Yes, excellent analysis.

    And this quote from Dan " I'll leave this joke now." is translated as:
    "Ooops, I'm in way over my head. I've repeated my childish accusations and tried to change the subject to no avail, so I better be jamming on down the road before I make an ass of myself."

    Too late Dan. Way too late. ;-]

  38. You contacted me BY E MAIL to continue this juvenile bull.

    "If your brother sins (against you), go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have won over your brother."


    I was merely striving to follow the juvenile bull advice offered by Jesus. Sorry if you were offended. I won't email you again.