Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Say No to Pakistan Flood Relief

So, the Pakistani-Americans aren't sending any money home to the brothas, because they know all the money will end up in the wrong hands.

Hell, that aside, how many dumbass Americans are sending money to people, the majority of which, that being millions, cheered the attacks on 9-11-2001 ?

Grow a fricken brain cell folks.

Haiti - They insisted all markings indicating the relief came from America be removed from the aid supplies we sent them. They wanted the American flags dropped on relief vessels. Did we? I don't know and don't care. The fact that this is what they wanted caused me to vow to never send them a penny for any reason what-so-ever. I won't send any of them a penny for any reason.

It's time for ignorance to pay a price. It's time bullies pay a price for their actions. They paid a price when I was in grade school and they stopped being buttheads. At least towards us. They took their act elsewhere if at all. It's not that hard. It is an easy problem to solve though there might be a touch of pain involved along the way.

It is time to stop rewarding bad behavior.

It should be obvious, but when you reward something you get more of it. It's simple.

Unfortunately, our liberal school system is churning out PC loving, non racial profile loving, pussified, lobotomized morons. Only those with strong intelligent parents or with strong instincts seem to survive that indoctrination.

We're losing this war. The Ground Zero Celebration Center... How is this even something being proposed ? I can't imagine a Japanese person alive in the 1950's suggesting a "Japanese Cultural Center" being built at Pearl Harbor.

If, as Americans, you don't give a crap for the 2973 persons who were immediately murdered on 9-11-2001, then why should anyone give a shit about you ? That's what it comes down to. It takes more than You to survive. It takes a united group of people rallying around a social and governmental system that has survived longer than any other in world history. And you're willing to throw it all away for your next meal??

Whiskey Tango yea yea yea. You'll deserve what you get, but we won't. If it was confined to you, I'd say go for it. Pain seems to be the only qualified teacher for you folks at this point. Most of us will suffer some too but we'll be prepared.

Don't plan on bitching around me when the creditor comes calling.


  1. When Paki flood relief hands come reaching out to me, I will just say 'go screw yourself.'

    How's that, Kid?

  2. Anybody with an ounce of humanity in their soul should be able to feel how wrong that mosque idea is.

  3. My charity bone is broken for overseas events. I will never donate to an over there cause again (Israel being the only exception).

    It is amazing to see how things have changed for the worse in my 49 years. The cancer of socialism is taking it's toll. How much longer does the Republic have? I don't know but my daughters world seems filled with godless appeasers who seem blind to the ever present dangers in the world.

    Anyone that does not get the disrespect that is intended with the cordoba mosque anywhere near ground zero is a clear indication that they have simply forgotten what really happened on 9-11.

  4. Great take K-
    You are going to love this one!

    I love it when artists use their talents (music, writing, et al) to get the truth out!!

  5. Opus, yes, buying into obama's BS in 08 is one thing but to not care about this... what kind of diseased brain do you need to have.

  6. Admiral, or they never cared in the first place, or they buy into the communist propaganda doled out by the democrat media that we have any responsibility for 9-11.

    When we've been in the ME, it's been to build their oil infrastructure or save their ass from something.

    Screw em.

  7. Good stuff Carol !

    That one says it all.

  8. I don't think the government should give aid to any nation. We are trillions in debt! If private citizens want to help that's fine, but no tax dollars should go to any form of foreign aid.

  9. I don't donate any money EVER to overseas!
    Let's help AMERICANS.

    What a bunch of crooks.

  10. Bunni, not to mention the people who need it don't get it anyway.
    Seen any reports of the people in Haiti getting any?