Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My New Ringtone

I made the video so I could attach the mp3 and upload to blogger.

One of my favorite movies sitting on my kitchen table.


  1. Opus, Heheh !

    And that is my ringtone.

    The first part doesn't break up like that on the phone. Something in the movie maker transfer..

  2. Admiral, Thanks. And Damn I love that movie. Probably watch again this weekend.

  3. I saw it too..LOL..but it does get a tad crude eh..heh

  4. Woman, it gets maximum crude. But that is one of its attractions.

    I said to someone who hasn't seen it yet - "Just in case it matters - this movie has lots of language, in fact it has all of it."

    The political side to this is side splitting and Still relevant. Maybe even more relevant today.

  5. You are a dumb piece of shit!