Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apologize to Japan for the A-Bombs ?

I've read a lot of great posts on the subject around the net, but I have to say, if you're even wondering if America should apologize for dropping A-bombs on Japan to end WWII in the Pacific, read this post and all the comments at Blackfive

If you're still confused please move to France.


  1. I am amazed this is even an issue anyone would waste a thought on.

    The lives saved on both sides made the only reasonable decision possible.

  2. the PC 'victimology' is transmitted by anyone who has a liberal-anti- American listener--
    the Japanese not only brutalized women and children- the Bataan Death march came quickly to mind when I read the article at Blackfive---
    I want the Japanese to pay us in the US for attacking us and then-when they lost- we re-built their country- so Japan-YOU OWE us in the US!!!

  3. If anyone should be apologizing yearly, it is the Japanese. ..heck yea my friend!

  4. C-CS, damn right they owe us.

    I think the liberal barely acknowledges that evil exists or did exist. Blinding ignorance.

  5. Woman, Yes, they should apologize for making us do that to them, let alone the atrocities they committed.

    How about the fire bombing of Tokyo ? I'll bet a lot more "innocents" died there than the A-Bombs, and yet nobody brings That up.

  6. The people who feel a need to apologize are ignorant of history. Of course, US public schools would first have to teach history, but that's for another blog on another day.

  7. Terrorism and mass destruction of civilians is only bad if it's THEM doing it, huh?

    There is no strength or courage in refusing to apologize for atrocious acts of terrorism.

    Grow up, folks.

  8. Arby, we know the president knows nothing of American History. Of course his racism had something to do with that as well. but yes, the schools are twisted.

  9. Refuses to believe evil exists or needs to be dealt with. That's number 4. :)

  10. Liberal nutbags will always clammour for America to apologize to our enemies. Obama is famous for it, and will even bow to a potentate here and a dictator there a few hundred times in the process.

    In reality, apologizing to Japan for defeating them would be like apologizing to Saddam Hussein for hanging him.

    Or apologizing to Hitler for bombing Dresden and Berlin into the Stone Age.

    War is hell. If you want hell, go ahead and declare war on us. That's the general message we need to send, not apologies.

    These liberal loons need to be defeated, and kept under wraps. Apologizing for winning is just stupid.

  11. Fredd, Evil exists because good men do nothing...
    We could throw a million pearls into the sea on this one and the libs will never get it. They simply don't understand evil, predators, or anything that disturbs their paddycake view of the world.

    Check out the link and comments if you haven't. Or not. It's disturbing. The Japanese were worse than evil. And what is written is only a sliver of what those bastards were doing.

    Yea, they should apologize every year on Dec 7 too. And on the anniversary of their invasion into China.
    If I, who have never been racist, should pay black people because some asshole democrats used them as slaves a hundred and some years ago, the entire Japanese country should go into personal servitude to people in China, the USA, the Philippines, Australia and surrounding islands. At least.

    But being a sane man, I neither feel responsible for the actions of racist democrats before I was born nor hold any Japanese who did not participate in the war responsible either.

    Regardless if one is religious or not, you have to acknowledge the constant struggle between good and evil on this rock. You'll either defeat it or surrender to it, you'll never live in peace with it.

  12. Absolutely. And targeting and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians is EVIL. It is wrong. It is terrorism.

    It is moral relativism to say "If THEY do it, it's terrorism, if WE do it, it's a moral good."

    I vote for being morally consistent. Either killing civilians is wrong or it is right. I say it is quite obviously wrong.

    Can I get an Amen?

  13. Can I get an Amen?

    Maybe in an insane asylum.

  14. You vote against moral consistency and always being opposed to targeting civilians, then?

    I hope you always remain in the minority, then.

  15. The only civilians in Japan were the children too young to even know what planet they were on.

    Every other Japanese was fully invested in the war. eager to receive pictures home of their soldiers tossing Chinese babies back and forth off their bayonets, or beheading a civilian of the country they invaded.

    I'm curious why you idiots don't blame the Emperor of Japan for all the carnage. I know why you don't; you have shit for brains, but the rest of the liberals. Maybe you could do a survey and get back to us.

  16. "The only civilians were children."

    So, therefore, it's okay to kill 'em, right?

    You have no moral compass that I can see. Might makes right. Ends justify the means. If we do it, it's okay.

    Does that sum it up?