Sunday, April 11, 2010

Webster Breezin in His Cart

Our beagle had a ruptured disk and surgery to repair it. We're hoping he gets the use of his rear legs back, but in the meantime, he's having a good time with his wheel chair cart. It only took him a couple days to really start moving in it.

While I had the camera out, here are some pictures from around the yard indicating that spring actually might be arriving here.


  1. Very nice pictures. You are a far nicer pet owner than I am. I’d be less one pet.

  2. Arby, Thanks. Well, he's happy, and as far as we are concerned; I know folks with a lot more to deal with than what goes on here. :)

  3. beautiful pics. webster looks very happy. :) beagles have awesome personalities.

  4. Thanks labcat. Yes they do. Beagles are unique, and make great pets, though when their nose is on, their ears are off...

    Though the doc said Beagles between the age of 3 and 5 are good candidates for calcification of the spinal disks, and some of that calcified disk can break off and get between the spinal cord and the spine which is what happened in this case. I've had and known a few and this is the first I've seen of it.

  5. Ahhhh Kid, this is the most heartwarming video.
    Webster is such a cutie, and the way he zooms around, he looks so playful and happy, like he hardly notices he can't use his back legs. And, he has his buddy out there watching over him. It's so nice to see beautiful good news, and I keep praying that he will regain his leg use soon.

    The yard and flowers are lovely too, you have lots of gorgeous trees. I love the pink one, and some look like magnolias, which I used to have in my yard.
    Such a pretty peaceful setting for you all to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Have a fun week, I have to get started on my taxes, grrrr.
    Give Webster a treat from me, and the other doggie too.

  6. kid...i have a 7 yr. old beagle and didn't know that about that. how did you notice something was wrong? she's been through a lot. bit by a rattler, attacked by a horse...i guess she's lucky though...she's passed the 3-5 mark.

  7. Bunni, Thanks, I wanted you to see him. He IS happy. He never looks confused or upset about his situation. He just carries on.

    A treat for Webster from Bunni. Check !

    Thanks again, The flowers are just getting started around here. Maybe I'll do another one in the summer.

    I just finished my taxes yesterday. Yippeeeee. Had to pay, ARG!

  8. Labcat, Well, he was walking in the house and his rear end just hit the deck and that was it. The doc says when that calcification happens and a piece breaks off, it won't be very long before it finds its way to a point where it will lodge against the spinal cord.

    I wouldn't worry about yours in this regard.

    Sounds like yours has 9 lives too.

  9. Bunni, PS - the 4th picture down is a Magnolia

  10. Smart pup, Kid! I hope he gets his legs back, too, but you've got a youtube hit should post it.

  11. One suggestion -- you may want to find a way to give him physical therapy to regain the use of his legs. We had a Great Dane with a ruptured disk who was completely paralized from the neck down. After $5K surgical costs, we just couldn't afford another grand for a specialized walker for her, so we built our own. We made it adjustable so that she could start putting weight on her legs. After a few weeks, she was walking unassisted. She lived another 4 years (until she was 11+), until this winter. She wobbled a bit, but was completely mobile. We also went to a friend's pool and did some water therapy with her. Regardless, it's wonderful that he's getting around and still enjoying his life.

  12. Anon, Thanks. Yes we are doing the physical therapy.
    Glad to hear yours recovered !

    This one is adjustable, and as it is he can reach the ground when his back feet aren't in the holders, so I let him run around like that on the grass also.

  13. Snarky, Thanks for the well wishes. And the suggestion. I'd have to make the vid longer I guess to get the rest of the tune in there.

  14. Those trees are gorgeous!

    Tell Pup to get well soon.

  15. Opus, Thank You. The stuff is just getting started around here. I'll have to do another yard study when everything is going..

    I passed your well wishes along !