Saturday, April 17, 2010


We can complicate it all we want but true liberals simply have the minds of children.
Typical conversation with a liberal:

Lib- We need to remove guns from society !
Me- It's impossible to take all the guns and the ones that are left will be owned by criminals.
Lib- Just ShutUp !

Seriously, take any situation, ask yourself what a child would do or say, and you can't escape this conclusion. Not all those tagged 'liberals' are liberals of course. Some are pathological lying, sociopathic bastards. Those are usually politicians or others in positions of control or authority hiding behind the liberal moniker.


  1. You nailed it! I think the reason for this is they rely so much on emotion. A typical conservative argument is 70% logic, 30% emotion. A typical Liberal argument is 5% logic and 95% emotion

  2. This is the problem in a nut shell.
    They are like whiny brats who reply like tired 2 year olds, and throw a tantrum whenever you challenge their stupidity. I wish they would hold their breath, stamp their widdle feet, and turn blue, then keel over and expire!

  3. Bunni. Exactly ! Who gets violent and vandalizes and puts graffiti all over the place. Who shows up at a major protest with ignorant signs, then leaves all their trash.
    Little temper tantrum babies. "Turn Blue, then keel over and expire!" Hahhaha

    While I wish for no one's demise, The world would be a better place.

    I was in the restaurant months ago, and a couple 30-ish women were walking out, and one said "Thank God for Al Gore" (no doubt they were discussing the global climate scam). I looked right at them and howled like a Hyena. They looked back at me with one of those huffingtonpuffington looks and scampered out.

  4. Laughing my butt off over here, Kid. You've so nailed it! They are just like little kids and when you don't gaze at them in wide-eyed wonder at their amazing feat (trotting out tired old libbie loon nonsense), they get all pi$$y and petulant, stick out their tongue, and call you names. Heeee! Exactly!

  5. Fuzzy. Thank You!
    I usually lunch with a retired couple, and the place we used to frequent has a young liberal man working there as a server. 20 something, looking for anytihng 'free' His name is Justin and he is always 'trotting out' the standard fare of liberalism.
    'He's for the progressive agenda, the environment, free college, anything obama, etc.'
    We're usually polite and we've never challenged him because, what the hey, and after a few weeks of our not giving him a ration, he stopped close by us with the manager (friend) close by as well and asked if we finally decided he 'knows what he's talking about'.

    The manager started laughing and said, "No Justin, they think you're a moron, they're just being polite!" Lol
    We just smiled at him and got back to our meal. Lol.

  6. Great stories, Kid....I'd love to be at lunch with you when these things happen.

  7. Bunni, I wish you could join us, We do have some rousing conversations!

  8. Liberals usually fall back on calling logical people "haters," rarely true. But liberals could logically be referred to as "muggers" and it would be true. See the article, "Liberal Progressive Muggers."

  9. Christian Prophet, Yes, I've thought about it /observed it a long time. Virtually everything they do, or say can be directly compared to what some little self-centered brat would do, or simply any grossly misinformed or uninformed child.

    If they don't get their way instantly, they pull out the insults and accusations as they've found this is the easiest way to deflect a debate away from their gross inability to make their point or back it up.

    And they paint themselves as victims because that is the role they are most comfortable in.

    Notice anyone who has a drug or alcohol or societal problem will immediately start pointing the the supposed 'causes' of why they are the way they are.