Thursday, April 15, 2010

The More Things the Government Takes Over

The more people become dependent and the more dependent people there will be.

I was talking to a young woman today telling her my doctor told me yesterday that if this HC bill stands it will be a nightmare. She said she's going to wait and see how it turns out. I told her that I don't want to badger her about it, but once it's in place you're stuck with it regardless of whether you like it or not.

And all arguments aside, "You just gave up another freedom to the government". And THAT is never good. Ever.

I added "I suspect HC won't be bad for the young people. They don't need much HC and what they do need is not expensive. It will be denial of service for seniors and endless waiting lists for things like new knees".

If it stands the number of dependent people will only grow.


  1. Uneducated people who do not know the constitution just do not get it.

  2. If it stands there will be takeover after takeover.

  3. Arby, it's a cliche but the 'dumbing down of America' has been successful.

    Most people wouldn't know the constitution or its purpose if it sat on their lap and called them Momma.

    The most popular show BY FAR is world wide wrestling. What does that tel ya.

    Man, I am so counter to pop culture it would make your head spin. It makes my head spin.

  4. They Say,

    There is a tipping point. There is a point beyond which they must not cross, or it's curtains - for America.

    If we haven't crossed that point yet, then that point is awfully close at hand.

    And yes, they're going after industry prioritized by dollar volume. Surely HC was the 800 lb gorilla. Energy is the 799 lb gorilla, and it is what they are going after next.

    It started decades ago with this whole global climate thingamabob Scam.

    It's as Plain as the Nose On Your Face !

    It drives me nuts that so many people are oblivious to it. It's Child's play!

    I was stupid once but I was Never this stupid!

  5. Unfortunately, the wait and see, or the, it doesn't effect me, but the worst, I don't care, mentality is so prevalent today it's frightening. I talk to folks and they act as thou it's all good, life will continue on no matter what. And to a certain extent, they are correct. Life will continue on but it will soon be a life vastly different then what they once knew.

  6. DeanO I wouldn't change a word.