Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Take on the "News"

Click on it, then type Control + until it is big enough to read.
Then type Control - until it is small enough to give you a headache.



  1. I like it, I like it. New commentary of the day. Way to go on the 41 vote BLOCK!!!! YAY!!!!!

  2. We read google news, this is about how it goes too.
    Mom's camera was not expensive. It is a small Canon Powershot SD 1200IS digital ELPH. It cost $140.
    The battery lasts forever, it comes with a nice battery recharger.
    Dad doesn't remember where he bought it but he said amazon has it for $149
    Walmart +shipping has it for $148

    The owners manual is not that complicated either. It has very good reviews.

    bonks and have a fun day

  3. ps: mom just wanted a very good camera that she could carry around easily in her pocket but not so small that she would lose it.
    We have had several decent quality (Sony, Panasonic etc)cameras over the years and this is by far the winner

    more bonks

  4. Opus, Thank you! It took me about a minute and 25 seconds. :)

    I enjoy it when the juices are flowing. It'll surely become a regular feature.

  5. Pierro. Thanks very much. I'll check it out.

  6. That is a cool screen shot, Kid.
    I am so disgusted and demoralized by the's one horror story after another. I just feel so sad for all the animals being destroyed in the oil spill, and the good people of the Gulf having their livelihood destroyed too. Plus, the endless horrors of obummer & Co. It leaves me mad and sad and tired, and I don't blog as much, just try to find happy things to cheer us up.

  7. Me too Bunni. I'm not gonna live in obamas world for the next 3 years.

    The news is purely disgusting though as everything has a political spin.