Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama and the Baseball

or lack thereof.

The worst part of clinton and obama throwing a baseball like a wounded girl is not the lack of ability, but the obvious - they didn't even bother practicing. If they did, they'd have had something halfway respectable.

They don't care, and it shows their total lack of respect for everyone else in this country. That's the key, it shows their total lack of respect.

If I was pres, and I couldn't do it, I'd hire a coach and I'd do it because that represents America.

One time, Joe DiMaggio hit a no brainer out to the inflield but ran like hell to First Base.
When asked why he put everything he had into it, he said "Somewhere up there in the stands is a young man watching baseball for the first time, and I want him to know how the game is played".

Obama, you insult me. You insult all of us.


  1. During the past 18 months we've all learned how the game is played. And Hussein Obama has been an excellent teacher.

  2. Nickie, I hope for a sufficient number of aware students in November.

  3. Nickie, I hope for a sufficient number of aware students in November.

  4. Oh, I watched Zero's All-Star game pitch, and this one, and have concluded that he obviously throws worse than a girl. In fact, girls should be mad that people are even associating his limpwristed throwing abilities with theirs.

  5. It is awfully embarrassing and insulting how obumbles desecrates all American institutions.
    I agree with Snarky, as a girl, I am very mad that
    he's being compared with little girls....that's insulting to us. I would compare obummer to a putrid POS festering in a swamp!

    PS: I can't wait to see your video's, Kid, I'm sure they will be very inspiring.

  6. Joe DiMaggio. Now there was a MAN.

  7. Snarky, and How do you score 37 in Bowling ???????????

  8. Bunni, I'll get it down this weekend latest.

  9. Opus, My God, the "Men" we've lost just in the last 20-30 years.

    Joltin Joe !

  10. The fact that he wore his ChiSox hat is embarrassing. He was there to throw out the first pitch for the D.C. team.

    Furthermore, Rush highlighted today the fact that Obama was on the radio and asked about his favorite ChiSox player, and knew nobody!

    This proves once again that the man is a sham, a farce, and a disrespect to everything that is America.

  11. "If I was pres, and I couldn't do it, I'd hire a coach and I'd do it because that represents America."

    that's was my first thought when watching that travesty. insulting indeed.

  12. Soloman, I swear the guy is a dumbass, able to read long scripts in a single bound but that's about it.

  13. Soloman, When we were dumbass kids, we called people like obama Plastic.
    As in not real, valueless. How in the F did kids become so in love with government.?
    Liberals have the minds of children.

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