Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Democrat Party Resigns

Barak Obama, laughing like a school girl, cordially admits to not being a US citizen and will resign immediately, handing the post of President to Ron Paul with Sarah Palin as vice president.

Joe Biden, hardly able to contain himself manages to form the words "Oh My God, You thought we were serious? HAHAhaha. Holy Smokes folks ahahheheh, we planned to ride it out a little longer but our sides are splitting !! ahheehhah.." as he practically splits his sides from laughter.

Obama comes to the mic again "Get outta here Joe! Hey Look ! 18 Teleprompters !!! HAHAHAhahaha. Take over Health Care ! Hahahahaaa." Nancy Pelosi is a Robot! Look at her! We had the folks at Disney put her together.." as he gives her a shove and she falls to the floor in 18 separate pieces... "What better way to put an end to such a charade than to do it April de Quattro ! Or something like that! Hahahaheheheh. Hey How many states are there again ? AhahEHEHEHHEhahahaaaa"

Joe Biden from the background continues to chime in as he just can't keep his mouth shut in any form of reality and shouts out "Energy from Unicorn Shit!" and falls to the floor grasping at his sides, squirming like a bug.

Henry Waxman strolls on stage, laughing like a hyena and pulls off his batboy mask to reveal a normal human being underneath cackling. "We sure had you going !..." as he sidesteps off the stage.

Harry Reid, dressed in a Rambo outfit comes on stage and starts singing the (LANGUAGE) theme to Team America; World Police.

Obama and Biden point and squeal with delight at Harry's vocal expose. Corrine Brown, Charley Rangle, Raummy Emmanuel, Timmy Giethner, Janet Neopolitan Ice Cream and many many others drift out on stage and join in. They are all holding signs that say "We Resign".

As they are singing, Obama slips behind the curtain... As the stage goes silent, Obama and Eric Holder come back on center stage and they've got Kalid Schtick Mohammed tied to a board, face up, Rosie O'donnells panties wrapped around his head (several times). Eric Holder and Joe Biden are standing near by with water hoses, connected by magic to the Newark New Jersey Water Treatment plant...

Obama begins speaking.. "Hey Osammi ! Yea, You Dim Bulb Laden ! That's right you drowned rat looking excuse for an earthworm ! We heard your threats to kill Americans, and we were "Shocked" Well, actually we weren't shocked since this isn't new information. You Hoser!. Hey Get me a Beer you cave dwelling slime trail! Get a load of this !"

Joe O'Biden and Eric Holder begin applying the steady stream of Newark treatment water to KSM's breathing tubes and continue until he expires...

All of the democrats drift out onto the stage now (More Language!), softly singing....
At the end of the song, they depart the stage, softy waving goodbye.

The Republican and Independent parties take the stage. Each has a sign to indicate what their goals will be over the next 12 months. It's like a dream... I can hardly believe it myself as I read through the signage:
- Drill Everywhere !
- Russians! Kiss Our A.....!
- A Nuke Plant in Every Garage !
- Shut down the Slime Lawyers !
- Freedom for Everyone ! Censor No One !
- Bomb, Bomb, Bomb,.. Bomb Bomb Iran....
- Mandatory Gun Ownership ! Free Safety Classes ! Jail Time for Anyone Witnessing a Crime that Doesn't Pull the trigger !
- Abortion, Ok, Deal with Your Maker Later. Consider Adoption.
- Be an Athiest all you Want. Leave the rest of us the Hell Alone and STFU.
- Don't like the word Gay? Stop Marching Down the Street with 20 by 50 foot banners that say Gay Pride !
- Don't want to work? Move to France !
- Wall Street ! You're Giving the 30 Trillion Back !
- Seat Belt - Up to You !
- Al Gore ! We're Comin For ya Sucka ! Gonna Feed ya to a Polar Bear !
- Every Terrorist Act met with the total Destruction of a Middle East City (after 30 days notice to move the folks out) Start learning how to live under a rock !

There was just too much common sense...
I passed out.

Obama ran out yelling "Get this man some water !"

Oh my gosh, I'm back in the right universe again. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...


  1. Kid... You owe the internets an apology.

  2. Too bad it is not true.
    We are sick of BHO.

    Happy Easter

  3. Opus, Nickie.. Well, I liked it..:)

    But the intertubes can have an apology any time they want one.

  4. Pierro, I sure am !

    Have a Wonderful Easter !

  5. I think you may be on to something with Nancy. Has anyone ever seen her eat?

  6. Trestin, No I haven't. Also, one might wonder why they didn't make her good looking, but you realize she has to fit in with the rest of the Democrat women.

    * Rim Shot *

  7. Linda, I was dreaming that night for sure.

  8. What a lovely dream, I wish it would come true.
    I hope you and the family are having a nice weekend, Kid.

  9. Hi Bunni, Lot's of work this weekend.
    Weeding, mulching, etc.
    And hoping yours is great.