Tuesday, December 7, 2021

To My Fellow Wool Growers

The main activity of government is to shear the middle class of as much money as possible without killing the economy.

Keeping it brief because folks either get it or not, so why make you read a lot.

The government has the line on all economic data.  It all gets reported at regular intervals by banks, employers, retail outlets, etc.

Some of the statistics du jour include such things as personal debt, personal savings, retail sales, employment percentage.  There is a multitude of data the government get notified of and keep track of.  By the way, currently, banks are required to tell the government about transactions of $10,000.00 or more.  Now they want that threshold down to $600.00. what does that tell you.  I know what it tells me.

This is all supposedly because the government wants to keep the economy healthy for us - the sheep, the wool growers.  That is only partially correct.  They also want to know how much money (extra wool) the sheep have available to them.  When the sheep are flush with wool, the government finds ways to increase taxes, gas prices, and other transitory non-permanent prices.  Taxes and gas prices can always be set back and they often are when the golden goose begins looking a little pekid.

When gas and energy prices go up, the costs to produce and ship products and provide services instantly goes up as well.

When retail prices go up so does the absolute value of tax the governments collect.  6.5% sales tax on $120.00 is more in absolute value than 6.5% on $95.00.  Government says "Yippeee".

Why are gas prices going up? Why are taxes going up?

My personal theory is that current economic statistics tell the government that the population is flush with cash generally speaking, and they want it.  The government and their corporate pals that is.

I think there are some other indicators in plain sight, such as:

  • people buying "smart water" for 1.99 for 32 oz.
  • people buying small bottles of pills labeled fruit and vegetable for $100.00 per !
I'm sure you can think of more examples.

Now, George Carlin made things pretty clear in this excerpt from one of his performances.  If you don't know George, be aware that there will be LANGUAGE involved.

This doesn't mean that people can't win, whatever winning means to you.  People can have a good life, fun, comfortable, rewarding.  I just think it's handy to know what you're dealing with.  The government is Not here to make anything better for people.  The government has evolved into entities that spend their time keeping the people in fear of everything, all the time, so that we don't get a chance to focus on what the real threat is - the government.

My unsolicited advice is not to worry about Covid, China, Russia, Climate, Plastic, UFOs, or any of the other million things that are supposed threats to our existence, especially when they are being used as an excuse to lift more $ out of your wallet.  Forget about it all.  Have some fun and, like me, just sit back and watch the freak show.  Don't Worry.  Be Happy.


  1. Totally agree.

    and... is cash king?

    1. LSP, no sir, not with inflation going. Cash goes down in value even over shorter timeframes (not to insult your intelligence) and with inflation picking up for the foreseeable future my choice isn't cash. Right now, my 401 sits in the market in high growth/risk, and my trading account is in and out of S&P500 based ETFs. That could change at any time.

      Word I'm running with lately based on info from smart guys, is the S&P is heading to 6000, and there is some chance the market takes a dive starting in 2023 and could be weak for a good while. Who knows. I'm not betting on that but I keep it in the back of my mind cause these are some smart guys.

    2. I've heard similar, not that I'm any kind of expert. Been wondering about crypto ETFs (per your earlier advice...). Hmmmm. Blockchain, barring an EMP/EOTW thing isn't going away, maybe 2022 is an opportunity to buy in while prices are still relatively cheap -- see Ethereum scaling solutions etc if you're in the mood.

      OK, that said, 'chain/crypto's probably rhyming with the .com moment in the mid '90s. So expect a wipeout and consolidation. Still, opportunity. Have a look at LRC (Loopring) and as always, who can resist an adorable Shiba? Wat a remarkably resilient pup in the face of a massive sell-off. Good dog :)


    3. I'll check LRC out LSP. I notice BITO is down around 30 lately and was 42 when I mentioned it. Bitcoin is a wild ride and I'm just watching for now.

      Don't know why I didn't put this down in the first reply, but here is one of the guys I get a lot of true advice from and some Free Avi Gilburt articles on Seeking Alpha. He's got a long track record for being in tune with the markets. I subscribe to one of the services that gives a nightly read on the markets based on Elliot Wave Theory at Elliotwavetrader.net. 47 bucks a month, it makes me enough that the sub price is inconsequential. The free stuff on seekingalpha may be enough for some ideas on what is happening in the markets.

    4. PS, Be sure to check out Sentiment Speaks: I Fear For Retirees For The Next 20 Years, the 3rd article on seeking alpha/

  2. I don't find it fun to watch the collapse of Western Civilization.
    You may be correct. It may be lost.
    Some things are worth fighting for regardless.
    "I may have been on the losing side, but I wasn't on the wrong side."

    1. Ed, What I'm talking about I don't see a way to fight. Tyrannical government actions, sure. But this is more the way the casino is set up, nothing to do with politics. Almost nobody goes to Vegas and beats the casino's. They live and breathe their game 24 hrs a day. They've seen it all. Like George says, they own this place. I have no idea what to do about that. You want a house, you get a mortgage, then you pay property tax, on and on. It's unavoidable.

      I was on an assignment out of town once in a hotel abr talking to a guy about my age at the time - mid 40's, who worked for a bank. He slipped it to me that the banks could charge 1% interest on credit cars, but they charge 25 because people pay it. So, this is what I'm talking about. May was well say I want it to be warm and sunny everyday.

    2. Ed, PS, when I say government, I'm talking about the seen and unseen government. Trump pulled the covers back on Some of that but there is a lot more we have no idea about the details.

      I agree with George, the politicians are just there to make us believe we have a choice. We don't imo. Same ole Same ole. The dems sure are evil though so there is Some difference but in the way this game is played there is none.

  3. A fractured tale from Uncle Aesop

    Once upon a time, a wolf (who was a full time employee of the United States government) came upon a wool-grower and decided that he would spring upon this creature and consume him. Well, it was lamb-chop day, and that’s what wolves do for a living. But then the wolf began to doubt the wisdom of consuming the wool-grower. If he ate the creature now, then he would not be able to later tax the wool at point of shear, tax it again at point of sale, or gain additional taxes on the gasoline it would take to move that wool to market. No, it would be a far better strategy to leave the wool-growers alone and consume, instead, their lambs.

    But it’s hard work chasing lambs all over the pasture-lands and you never know when you might run into a sheepherder or his damn dog. So, the wolf went to the costume shop and purchased a wool-grower suit. Thus attired, he began talking to all the lambs and convinced them that they weren’t really lambs at all, but baby wolves, and if they wanted to live a good carefree life, all they’d have to do is join with all the other wolves, who are not only great friends, but party animals, as well.

    Pretty soon, all the lambs had gone off to join the wolves and they were soon eaten, which meant that there would be no future generations of wool-growers. When the wolves finally understood that their ploy to gouge themselves on lamb-stew had long term consequences for their tax and spend plans, they became despondent (not to mention, eventually undernourished), so they began making other regulation, such as limiting the size of soda cups, banning the use of straws, and taxing and monitoring the internet. Meanwhile, all the wool-growers grew old, caught Covid, and died. And that’s why a wool sweater purchased through Amazon cost eleventy-skillion dollars just to get on their waiting list. It’s also the reason why only wolves work for the government.

    And nobody lived happily ever after except me, Kid, and Peter ... on account of the fact that we no longer give a damn what the wolves do.

    1. Darn right Mustang. I have turned in my Sheepdog tags as well.

  4. KID, I'm kind of surprised Trump hasn't divulged more; he was PRESIDENT...he knows a lot about what's going on behind the scenes. He has to know a LOT about what's happened to our FBI, CIA, banking, etc etc etc. Waiting to become pres again, or back someone he can act with from behind the scenes? maybe.

    1. Z, If he spilled all the beans what would happen? Nothing was done while he was in office and everyone paying attention knew who all the criminals are. Bill Barr did nothing. No one in this admin will indict anyone unless they're a friend or associate of Trump. If Trump got back in and started dealing with these people somehow, they'd just kill him.

  5. I heard a former State Legislator on a radio, show he hosted, here - the local private owned station; who said, one day, "One has to learn to out earn the IRS/Gov".
    Who himself became well off-not from his State Senate Position, but his real private life.

    JFK made a mistake thinking he was THE President. RFK made a mistake pulling the WOLVES Tails.
    And he said he would take away their food bowl.

    Good news. Joel Olsteen thought his church, one day offerings were stolen. $600,000 went poof, just like that.
    Not So. There must have been a miscommunication, which SAFE would be the ideal one.
    A service/maintenance ticket to a Plumber, for a Restroom toilet repair ended up worse than first diagnosed. After cutting the Sheetrock behind the toilet - some investigative probing and feeling around behind the wall, the Plumber pulled out all the envelopes - filled with that day of long ago days offerings.
    So, you see, the Money, $600,000, wasn't "stolen". The TAKE for that Day was put in another "SAFE".
    The News Stations Reported the Heist back then, then not another word since, all these years.
    The news stations reported the Money was FOUND, but not a word since.
    The BIG QUESTION I'm sure NOW on everyone's mind at least here is: WHY NOW?
    Statuette of Limitations isn't up yet.
    And, was it all cash or some Checks - that are now - time void; and worthless.
    And why was the Plumber given the $20,000 reward money? Hush money? If he was the long age old goto Service Contractor.
    Who knows what the investigation will turn up. Oh, What Investigation? Insurance/Police, what about the Amount Reported, The FBI Investigation?
    Stay tuned for more Corruption Updates in an area near youall.

    1. TS/WS, We can imagine how much of that goes on. Yea, interesting timing on the find and pretty careless to let a repair guy that close to the loot. Then again, 600k to a TV Evangelist is peanuts I'd think. Wonder if this was the only report of theft over the years..

      JFK, Yea, it's possible the mob got triggered to the point of taking him and his brother out. And Johnson was big with the mob in Texas.

  6. There is something fascinating about this clown show. I for one don't allow it to dimmish my enjoyment of life. On the other hand, I think of those who have given so much so I can have this life.I am not so willing to sit back and watch the curtain close. I don't believe the final chapter has been written.

    1. Me also Bunk, but someone point me in a direction.