Saturday, December 11, 2021

According to the FDA, the Vaccines are Killing More Than Saving

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There's more there, but I'll just stick to the video published to youtube by the FDA.  The video should start around 4:20, if not move the slider to the 4:20:00 mark.

Since I brought it up, let me add that I recently read a report published on the UK Government's website showing that around 400 vaccinated people had died of Covid and the Delta variant.  Can't remember the time period for the statistic but to me who cares.  Vaccinated people dying.  Why should I take on that risk when I simply don't think I have to.

I've seen other reports of death or serious consequences, often heart related, in conjunction with vaccinated people. Young people in particular.  I'm not going to include any of that since the references may not be considered as in line with real events by any given person.


  1. I have to question all facts about deaths and Covid because every single day (in the world) 150,000 people die. Of those, two-thirds of the deaths are age-related. Ninety percent of those age-related deaths occur in industrialized countries. So, of 150,000 deaths every day, 90,000 are age related and occur in the “civilized” countries. That comes down to an average CDR of 8.1-8.3 per 100,000 in population (every day). My guess is that there is a Covid factor. My guess is also that the Covid factor is minimal. Why? Because there have been no “extraordinary” jumps in the CDR over the past 24 months. Neither has there been any extraordinary dips (due to people getting inoculated). The lesson in this, which you already know, is that nothing the government tells you is beneficial knowing (or, likely, true).

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    1. Mustang, and this is why when people testify to the FDA and they publish it, or the UK Gov publishes a report telling us of Covid deaths of vaccinated people I take that a bit more seriously since the gov doesn't want us to know anything negative about it.

      Is this true? I won't bet a whole lot of money on it but I'll bet more than I'd put down on the government's story.

      As always, people should do what they feel is in their best medical interest. I'm gonna pass.

  2. There is all kind of data pointing out the dangers of getting the vax.
    Myocarditis and other heart related ailments.
    This is a disaster. A government encouraged and funded atrocity.
    My friend got heart trouble the night he got the shot, which he got only so that he could minister to his elderly mentor in a care facility.
    My friend Neal had a young man that he was mentoring who got the shot and died shortly after of a heart ailment. Outrageous.
    But there are reports from all over the world of this happening.

    1. Ed, Yes, there are lots of agendas being worked hard over the Vax. If I see a report on the net by 'some guy', I don't even bother reading it, but there are lot of reports that have rings of truth, heart problems in particular.

      So, I see it of at least a case of where there is smoke there is fire.

      At work, I'd say 80% of the people got it and no noticeable or reported negative effects but I believe some number of people around the world have has serious problems. I have to wonder why the problems are being hidden with such enthusiasm.

    2. PS, You see some drug being advertised on TV, all too often btw, and they list lots of potential negative side effects, why Nothing offered about the vax.

    3. Nothing is offered by the vax because there is a captive market, courtesy the government.
      Why no advertising so you'll choose one over the other?
      They'd be liable for their claims then. They'd have to declare the possible side effects.

    4. I gotta say, I've been covering this for a while on my radio show.

    5. Ed, again, 99.5 +/- % survival rate. No one disputes that. So why all the lying and heavy handedness. Money is the first thing on the list, but other agendas too? Not to mention all the things that don't compute such as if someone is vaxed they don't have to wear a mask where non-vaxed are being pushed to wear a mask. But vaxed can still get it and pass it on. Much more nonsense like this. Like talking to 3 yr olds.

      And there are gazzilions of references to problems with the vax, but I don't even read a lot of them myself. Like "hey, some guy says..." but if it's published like this or the report published by the UK Gov listing 400 people who were vaccinated but still died of Covid anyway.. then that information carries some significance.

      btw - I love ya Ed, and I'd listen to your show but I just don't listen to talk radio or podcasts, watch TV, none of it.

  3. muscles swelling around the heart causing heart attacks to the young after a workout in a gym or sports practice.

    There is a statement going around that says 3yrs after being jabbed will result in death.
    Bill Gates said population control could be achieved with vaccines.

    I guess I can say goodby now - if you don't hear from me in 3yrs.

    1. TS/WS, Yea, well here's a report of young European Vaccinated Soccer Players collapsing on the soccer pitches due to heart problems.

      You'd think young soccer players would have nice strong hearts. And why now vs pre-covid?
      Again too much smoke for there not to be a fire.

      One thing I do know is the depopulation pukes like Gates and Many Many others are Dead Serious about it. Us dirt people are in the way on the roads don't ya know, not to mention using up all the resources that they have no problem making personal claim to.

      Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin types no longer needed for genocide with today's technology.

    2. Lots of reports about these soccer players. We can doubt various internet 'sources' but people can see these players having problems with their own eyes.

      Just enter "european soccer players collapsing" into the search box.



  4. Hard pass here also. (are there really so few of us?) I recently lost my 66 yr old sister to a heart attack. She never had heart issues. She had the shot. She was old enough for her sudden passing to not raise questions but I know why.

    1. I'd say it's reasonable to think so MrBlade. One thing I do know is no one in government anywhere gives a shit about anyone.

  5. Replies
    1. Adrienne Yes. Over a virus with 99.5 or so survival rate in all age groups. Gotta be 100% in young people who are otherwise healthy.

      We are witness to some serious evil.

      Science? If people will believe global warming is manmade, without the slightest prediction over the last 20 years coming true, then they'll believe just about anything being science.

  6. Johnson & Johnson nearly killed my eldest in Korea. He was in intensive care for a week on the edge of organ failure.

    I'm not getting the DevilVax at this point.

    1. I remember that LSP. Me either of course. Not if hell freezes over. I sure hope he is Ok and stays that way. He's a good man, you can tell.

      Now, how far are they willing to go I wonder. I won't get it for a job or to keep my current job (don't believe I'd have to but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men :))

      I have to say that my alarm bells, flashing lights, and warning flags have been going off on this whole Covid thing about 2 months after it started.

      They'd have to deperson me. Can't bank, can't shop, etc. Seems the relevant courts are with us so far though.

  7. I have hesitated to wander into this.. Consider this as anecdotal. As many of you know I live in a congregate living arrangement.. retirement living with continuing care. We had over 28 deaths. Last April, 96 percent of the residents received their second vaccine shot. Since then we had no further deaths, and very few cases of Covid. After the vaccine we returned to a normal social routine without quarantine. If you are at high risk or over 70 I just can't imagine why the ROI is not worth taking.. One thing is for sure, it is a terrible death.. But it must be everyone's choice.
    I agree with most comments and that they be true. I can just comment on my experience.
    For those who are at

    1. That makes perfect sense Bunk. At this point I see it like this:
      - Total hit and miss situation. Some died of Spanish Flu, some didn't. Some died of Covid, many didn't.
      - More people get the vax without negative side effects over the short term than do have a problem, longer term is unknown and no way for the mfgrs to tell us, they don't know.
      - It is documented fact that some vaxed people have gotten Covid and died, Also that some people got the vax and died of its effects, mostly heart related problems.
      - Neither the vax makers, or especially the government will shed any light with facts - both have been lying out their asses. We will never know the truth.
      - People should do what they feel is in their best interest is what it boils down to.

      For me, do I trust the drug mfgrs? No. Do I trust the gov? Hell no.