Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Deep Thoughts...

Next Covid variant to be name Decepticon.  Being a transformer, it can change from a little cold to a massive death event with just a wave of the hand of the guy in the mail room at the CDC.  Also CDC declares free toaster with 7th booster shot.

Democrat Party to rename itself Communist Party of America.

Republican Party to be renamed to "Ok, if you say so I guess it's alright".

If everything is Epic, nothing is Epic. What an epic thought. In fairness I do have to mention the epic pizza we had last night and we are looking forward to some epic mac and cheese tonight.

If you want me to click on your youtube do not put these words or phrases in the title: "Best blabla EVER", Insane, Epic, "Try not to (fill in blank ie. "laugh")".  Just FYI.

How in The hell did Chevrolet go from possibly the best catch phrase for an auto company "See the USA in your Chevrolet" to one of the worst "Find New Roads".  I can see a guy saying to his wife "Lets go see the USA in our Chevy."  I can't see anyone saying "Let's go find a new road". Why would anyone do that?

Me getting up in the morning and my body talking to me.

Secret video of the US State Department telling China that we will send our athletes to the Olympics in Beijing but we are not happy with their "human rights" record.

Aliens take over Earth, let politicians stay in place but punish them every time they lie by dropping their pants, bending them over a table and paddling them on live TV until they tell the truth.  Videos become most watched events on TV.

Don't Worry, Be Happy.


  1. What if ... politicians ARE the aliens? No, sorry ... this was not an original thought. I got it from A&E’s educational television program, The History Channel (Ancient Aliens). Is there any evidence for this? Well, no ... but one of the pictures of an ancient alien, drawn on a rock found in a cave in France shows a likeness of what could be Schumer bending Pelosi over a buffalo ... no, wait ... that was Pelosi. Remarkable likeness, and it did come from A&E and the History Channel. So, it must be true.

    That “secret” video isn’t secret. The US State Department under Dasher ... no. Um, Prancer? No. Donner? Fagitaboutit. Blitzen? Right. Under US Secretary of State Blitzen, everything is out in the open. No secret stuff needed. Of course, the US human rights record isn’t so great, so Blitzen better watch what he says to President XYZ's foreign minister.

    1. Politicians can't be aliens Mustang. I have it on good authority from LSP that all aliens aer love goddesses from the planet Venus De Milo in the star system OOOhoohhAAaaaah.

      Anyway alien politicians would be a massive improvement. Someone told me Schumer and Pelosi were having a love thing, meeting every evening and sometimes at lunch. It's why Chuckie keeps her drunk all the time and also..... well let's not get into that part.

      Hey, maybe Secy Blitzkreig is pulling the old double reverse of a double triple reverse on the China people so that whatever he says is actually true. Scary.

  2. VERY deep thoughts, indeed! Thanks, always crack me up!! In a good way, of course :-)

    1. That you were amused is a great compliment. Thanks Z !

  3. I can hardly wait for my free toaster. I will put it next to my dead Obama phone...of course if I have not been incapacitated. I am in desperate need of a replacement of my phone. Regarding your pictogram, I too saw one of those on the History channel. No doubt from some alien. Any archaeologist figured out number 4?
    All good Kid... well done.

  4. So, Slow Joe says that “If he’s Healthy, he will MOST CERTAINLY run again in 2024" And if you believe that! Then SHAME on you! Because there is NO WAY in Hell that this Delusional, Senile. Stuttering, Blabbering, Idiot will run again, and if he does, he will most likely get less that the 29 Percent of the Voters who support him now, to support him in his Re-Election!
    In fact, I’d be shocked, and surprised if he even continues to stay in office through out the next year....
    If there is ANY doubt in YOUR mind, just ask yourself if things are really getting better or worse now then when Donald Trump was President?
    Ask yourself how things are today with ANY of the following!
    Start with the Economy, and work your way down, and the answers for each will be NO!
    Energy Production/Prices
    Gas Prices
    Food Prices
    Restaurant Prices
    Border/Mass Migration
    Education including CRT.
    Government Fraud
    Law Enforcement-Defunding the Police!
    Race Relations
    Increasing Socialism Communistic policies.
    Military Preparedness
    Sexual Harassment
    Corruption of Sports
    Our Policy with: China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, and Taiwan
    And lets not forget the Immigration CRISIS at the Southern Border!
    And the Censorship of the media and the Cancel Culture.
    And the situation is getting worse every single day he’s in office with that with that Ding-Bat, Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Moron he calls his Vice President.

  5. I am left to wonder what constituted this epic pizza you barely mentioned in passing. Mustang and I must know. Was it from a unique local small business establishment using fresh ingredients and locally grown pepperoni or was it from a chain that churns out neck bombs at a prodigious rate? Maybe it was secured from the freezer section at Heinen's groceries or instead built from scratch ? Please submit your 500 word essay answer by Christmas or I will just assume it was the Little Caesars $5 Hot-N-Ready.

    Also, glad to see the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. All systems appear to be a go!

    1. Well DaBlade, in the true spirit of, and according to the rules and regulations defined by the Urban dictionary and currently accepted character of the word Epic, it was a frozen pizza, a Red Baron truth be told. The Mac and Cheese was Kraft btw, but my wife did add a few gratings of economy cheddar to the mix. Now that was Epic. We even took pictures. AOC guarantees me this is 500 words.

      Yes sir, and that oil can comes in handy when I roll out of bed and attempt to get into the prone position, or that upright, like the tin man after a heavy rain.

    2. I've suspected you've been banging AOC. What a revolting development this is.

    3. AOC lies Mustang. She also begs.

  6. Though Kid, "I can't see anyone saying "Let's go find a new road". I have been known to see an old dirt road wandering off in any old direction and suddenly turn on it to see where it goes, especially if I have my camper hooked and want to spend a few days boon-docking and solitude, those are the places to find them.

    1. Point taken Cederq, but that's a camping and 4 wheeler people environment which has to be a small minority. Plus Chevy is using this to sell all of their vehicles, most of which are unsuitable for camping/off roading. I rest my case :)

  7. I do understand what ya saying 98% of vehicles today are not up to going offroad. I have a 2000 Chevy C3500, two wheel drive with a posi 4:10 rear end and as long as I don't stump jump or mud bog or hill climb I can go just about every where a 4X4 can, just slower and that has a quality all it's own. Other then that I too wake up and all my idiot lights are lit... Merry Christmas Kid, it has been a pleasure and an honor!

    1. Geeez Cederq, THANKS ! Merry Christmas to you and I hope you're firing on all 8 now.

  8. Hmmm. It seems that in posting this to FB, I neglected to comment here.
    Allow me to rectify that.
    Merry Christmas to You and Mad, Kid.

    1. Very complimentary Ed, Thank You !

      I hope your home is filled with warmth and joy this Christmas.

  9. I agree with Mustang. Yes, aliens are alive, well and living off what's left of the fat of the land. It's a bipartisan thing.

    Merry Christmas(tide)!

    1. Ok LSP, that clinches it then. Now, what in tarnation are we gonna do about this ? If only they weren't so ugly !