Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The James Webb Space Telescope Has Been Launched 25-December, 2021

The short description is that it will take the place of the Hubble Space Telescope and it is 100 times more powerful.  

(If there are any democrats on other planets, this baby will find them so they can be dealt with.)

The longer description is at Wikipedia.

Nasa has its own site dedicated to the telescope where up to date news and events can be obtained with links to videos and stuff.

Here is a picture of it just after being released in space with another short description.

So, starting about the summer of 2022 we will start getting some pretty cool images of our universe, which at my cost/benefit ratio analysis is 347 trillion times more valuable than the entire US government.


  1. WOW, that "picture of it" is amazing! Thanks, Kid.
    Still, I kind of wonder how the universe likes our nosing around so close (smile!)...
    And ya, we're hearing NASA wants to FIND LIFE.....if it's a bunch of Democrats, then what?!

  2. This is great. In a few months from now, the new JWST will be able to pick up a massive spherical object hurtling toward Earth at 120,000 miles per second, which we will not be able to avoid, and that should really lower our stress levels. Good job, NASA. Also, Kid, do I assume that NASA, ESA, and CSA shared the cost of the project, or is this another “shove it up America’s ass” joint-space ventures? I do apologize if it seems that my glass is half empty, but that's only because my glass is half-empty.

    1. Mustang, I would guess that we fronted the other countries the money to pitch in.

      Or they simply donated the design for its windmill power plant that was sadly rejected at the last minute as it wouldn't fit on the launch vehicle.