Saturday, December 28, 2019

Master Class - Simple !

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    1. Glad you enjoyed. The 2 best players ever imo.

    2. Kid,
      Yes, the best. Never mind all the accolades for Eric Clapton.

    3. AOW, Clapton had some good tunes (Crossroads comes to mind) but I would call him a one note type player. Chet's catalog of music is tremendous, from Country to Classical, and Tommy is simply the best ever. Chet did a top 10 list of players once and Clapton wasn't in it, though Jimi Hendrix was # 11 for creativity.

  2. PINOCCHIO! A loely memory from my early childhood. I was there when it first came out. Never to be forgotten

    When you wish upon a star,
    Makes no difference where you are
    Everyything your heart desires will come to you

    If your heart is in your dream,
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star as dreamers do

    Fate is kind
    She brings to those to love
    The sweet fulfillment of their secret longings

    Like a bolt out of the blue,
    Fate steps in and sees you through
    When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

    Chet captures the spirit of it so well!

    1. Franco, they just don't make music or lyrics that anymore do they.

    2. Some may, Kid, but no one with the POWER to PROMOTE musical artists is paying any attention anymore. Cheap Snsatiinalis, makes for Quick Bucks as it drags us into the sewers.

      Popular Culture has been taken over by money-grubbing Marxists of a very low caliber. That's bcause the Spreme Court opened a PADORA'S BOX when they pronounced Filth, Disrespect, Degeneracy, Perversion, Pornography and Sedition not only to be PERMISSIBLE, but to be considered SACROSANCT.

      That's what happens when Marxists and Atheists are allowed to dominate our colleges and universities all in the name of Freedom of Spech.

      That was back in the SICKsties, and that was when we REALLY started to hit the skids.

      We beame a nation of SHIT WORShIPPERS in the SICK-sties. A terrible tragedy!

      BUT God is with us, and we WILL eventually regain our senses. I have to beieve that or I'd go nuts.

      "Be still and know that I am God."

      ~ Psalm 46

      Never fails to give me chills up and down my spine.

      H_A_P_P_Y ... N_E_W ... Y_E_A_R ... K_I_D_!

      Keep the faith!

    3. Franco, well I can't control it so I'll just deal with it.

      Thoughts from your comment.

      Pop culture. Very hedonistic to the point of destructiveness. Musically, Chet Atkins declared long ago that "modern country music destroyed country music". True that. I can't stand it, the singers all sound the same and the melody barely changes and the lyrics are garbage, Hell for me would be non-stop country music.

      I think back to the sixties and remembering the hippies I have to think that crap is a mental disease. Really, beads, headbands, protesting everything. I was never in any of that crap. Waste of time and self.
      I guess some people are predisposed to adopt a mental disease at an early age. We can see lots of it today. Ain't gonna end well. Glad I'm an old dude.

  3. Tommy move hmself into the world of CLAUDE DEBUSSY with his one.

    The guy is an incredible genius.

    The more I listen to Tommy the more convinced I become of that.

    And from the way he identifies the chord he uses he is very far from being "musically illiterate" as some like to claim about him.

    When you are blest with an EAR and a HEART as magnificent as Tommy's, you don't really NEED to "read" music from the printed page –– unless you want to play Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc. And even THEN, if you have some of what Tommy has, you'll never need to depend on the printed score once you've learnt what the masters wrote.

    The wrtten NOTES are only like a MAP that shows you where to look for the buried TREASURE.

    After all Beethoven's music didn't COME from a printed score. It came from the same place that inspires Tommy.

    Tommy and Beethoven are plugged into the SAME SOURCE. I think of it as Taking Dictatin directly from the Voice of God.

    Intensely musical people of this high a quality are born closer to the Almighty than the rest of us poor sinners.

  4. Agree so much Franco.

    "The wrtten NOTES are only like a MAP that shows you where to look for the buried TREASURE."

    Yes. I remember this quote from someone "It's not the notes you play it is the space between the notes." A good way to describe putting the emotion into your music I think.

    The rest of what you said - Absolutely. Some do have a gift from God, no doubt about it.

    As Tommy says "I can write you a tune, I just can't write it down on paper." And why should he bother. He gives us way more than enough. Others do tablature for his music if someone needs it.

    1. Chet has also said - to him, music is all about tension and release. That sure seems true.