Friday, December 20, 2019

Image of Magnetic Thingamabobs in Galaxy M77 Taken by Space Exploring NASA 747

Click the pic to read the explanation or what the heck just enjoy the pretty picture.


  1. OK, I do NOT understand what this is but it's amazing to look at. So different than the more 'ethereal' type of images!!!

  2. Z, I agree :). One thing we have gotten out of our investment in space exploration which certainly includes things like the Hubble Space Telescope (not involved here) and in future the Jame Webb Telescope (Much more powerful than Hubble), are these images of our universe. Compared to the political money laundering, the cost of this stuff isn't even pocket change.

  3. You can't fool ME. This is NOT from Outer Space at all. It's either s photo of President Trump's or Boris Johnson's HAIR taken directly above either of there glowing blond heads looking staright down

    Please don't try to deny it. It COULDN'T be anything else – could it?


  4. What an amazing universe... so many mysteries and we are learning more about them each decade. I am surprised that we seem not to be interested in exploring our own deep space of our oceans.. many mysterious there as well.