Saturday, December 21, 2019

In a Land That I've Heard Of.....


In a Lullaby


  1. Well that was helpful. Thanks, nice one, made a change from the Solstice madness of our, ahem, polity.

    1. Tommy is the best Parson.

      Worth the ticket price if he shows up in your area. I saw him 5 years in a row in Cincinnati and he only gets better.

      Check this one

  2. Super selection Kid...... mellow indeed.

    1. Bunk - Tommy introduces the tune in concert as a Great Song of Hope. I think that idea resonates with many around the world.

  3. I love watching how thrifty his finger movements are. Reminds me so much of hubby.

    As I was floating about the interwebs I came upon a youtube video that someone had uploaded with one of hubby's original pieces off an old, old album.

    1. Thanks for the link A. I really enjoyed the tune. Plenty of complexity there to keep it interesting.

      Yea, as you likely know, there is a Lot going on with Tommy's fingers. I've watched versions of him playing this tune and almost always see something I hadn't before. The thumb and three finger harmonics are wicked hard to do, and I like how his thumb pops out of nowhere and includes a random bass note here and there.

      Here is an up close version one on one and is my favorite actually. I like the sliding chords and that harmonic at the end is made with the sole of his hand.

  4. I'll watch that as soon as I get back from church, Kid. Thanks

  5. When all the world is a hopeless jumble
    Ad the raindrops tumbel all around
    Heaven opens a magic way
    Beyond the trees ithere's a lovely highway
    Shown by bluebirds on your window pane ––
    To a place behid the sun –––
    Just a step beyond the rain . . .

    That's an approximation of the rarely-heard introduction to Over the Rainbow.

    I've always found these words –– to a place behind the sun –– just a step beynd the rain –– unbearably touching, because the reality of what Judy Garland had to go thrugh in order to transport US to the LAND of OZ. Her painful experience gives those wistful, fanciful lyrics a special poignancy..

    Tommy, however, doesn't need tthat introduction. He just transports us DIRECTLY to an idyllic dreamworld in a way that far surpasses even the well-worn magic of the late judy Garland.

    Tommy is the ONLY musician I know who successfully bridges the gap between classical and popuar music.

    That puts Tommy in a class by himself –– one of he greatest musical talents who ever lived –– certainly in the past hundred years anyway –– and after seventy years of deep involvement with classical music I'm sure I know enough about music to know what I'm talking about.

    You see Tommy's not just a tremendus VIRTUOSO, he's more importantly a great LYRICAL talent who understands the SOULand SIRIT of whatever he chooses to play.

    Tanks, Kid.

    1. I share your opinion Franco. Tommy not only has the mechanical talents nailed, he also has the lyrical talents nailed. His compositions and arrangements are perfect imo. Tommy is a spawn of Chet Atkins guitar and those who come after and put the effort in always surpass their idols.

      Yes, Tommy always inserts the proper emotions into his playing. Honestly, give him a subject and he will compose a tune for you while you wait.
      You've probably seen it but if not check out that 'up close' link I posted above for the beautiful Adrienne. My favorite arrangement thus far and as mentioned it is a personal performance. Imagine you sitting on Tommy's couch while he plays for you.

      If you ever get the chance to see his live, I strongly recommend it.

    2. PS - so here I go to watch it for the 347th time.

    3. PS, Franco you probably know this but they had Judy juiced up on non-stop coffee and cigarettes while making that movie.

    4. Even worse, Kid they use hard drugs even when she was still a child.

      Drugs to make her sleep.

      Drugs to wake her up.

      Drugs to make her more energetic.

      It's a wonder she survived to age 47.

      There's nothing wrong with hard work and strict discipline in childhood if you have a significant talent to develop, Kid, but what MGM did to Judy GRLAND was monstrous –– one of the worst forms of child abuse imaginable.

    5. Franco, yea, that's out of bounds. Wonder how much they paid her. She has to take some responsibility too as all actors

    6. S was just little girl when it all began, Kid. An innocent child ruthlessly exploited by her parents and then Louis b. Mayer.

      Her story is genuine tragedy, despite all the wonderful, memorable entertainment she gave us.

      Hey! MERRY CHRISTMAS, Kid!