Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ok, Time For a Feel Good !

Trump's Accomplishments in the first two years and without the help of Congress - evil dem or useless repub.  More Accomplishments for America than Any Other President in America's History in the first two years.  And I believe it's going to get better unless someone kills the best president we've had since George Washington.

Lots of sites for this but this is a decent one for an easy read on a quick search.

And if it's not mentioned here, let's recognize that one of Trump's accomplishments was keeping the hildebeast out of the White House.  That was dodging an ICBM (not a bullet), more like 100 of them.  Imagine above all the other stuff, we'd have not known about Any of the criminal activities of the highest levels of the most important agencies in America's Federal Government.  (NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS and more) ...  OOOFda as they say in North Dakota.

We will maybe get back to the evil next post.  Plenty of it out there.


  1. No matter WHAT he does in thew future I will always remain GRATEFUL and LOYAL to Donald J. Trump for saving us from the abject HORROR of what-was-sure-o-have-been a HILLAHAG REIGN of TERROR.

    K_A_G. VOTE TRUMP in 2020!

    And while you're at it, GET the RINO DEADWOOD O_U_T of OFFICE.

    EUBIA'a era qorse han DEMO'S.

    1. Sorry! That was supposed to say

      RINO'S are WORSE than DEMO'S

      Old Age, Arthritis and Legal Blindness are getting the better of me DAMMIT.


    2. No prob Franco. Yes, Rinos are worse. At least democrats are open about their evil.

  2. my favorite accomplishment; keeping HER out of the WH. For that, I'm forever grateful!

    1. THAT is a Big One Z. Then Supreme Court, and many other lower courts. That's some lasting good.