Saturday, June 15, 2019

Now Let's Do a Not So Clean George Carlin

I'm a God Believing and Fearin Man, but the last part of this is darn funny.

If it doesn't start at 2:32, knock it up to 2:32, because the advertising part of this in the front isn't that interesting.

Believe the non-religion bullshit part.  Believe me.


  1. About sixty years ago I caught on to the essential rottenness and corruption perpetrated in the popular culture. I SAW it FOR myself –– and all BY myself –– n one needed to TELL me, it was as obvious as a bad smell –– so at that time I coined this phrase:

    "The World Rotates on an Axis of Bullshit."

    However, I also knew, –– thanks to my having had wonderful parents who encouraged and conditioned to read and learn to love good literature, and develop a serious interest in classical music, theater, art, architecture, interior decoration, gardening on a grand scale, the evolution of style in the context of history –– that a Higher, Finer, Nobler, Truly Beautiful, Inspiring, Encouraging and SATISFYING REALITY dwarfed and laid bare the Falsity, Shallowness, Silliness, Coarseness, Ugliness, and Corrupting influence of Popular Culture.

    That precious knowledge literally saved my life, and made it possible for me to live in state of consciousness that has allowed me –– despite experiencing years of poverty, illness, anxiety, disppointment, disloyalty and heartbreak ––, to experience much soul-satisfying beauty, merriment, and great joy, even in the midst of turmoil.

    That's why I pray, why I CHOOSE to BELIEVE in GOD, and why I KNOW from personal experience, that CARLIN was DEAD WRONG to dismiss faith in God and virtually everything we live with as "BULLSHIT."

    I DON'T REALLY MIND VULGARITY –– EVEN A BIT OF OBSCENITY HAS ITS PLACE NOW AND THEN –– so I can accept and enjoy Carlin's Rabelaisian, brazenly outrageous approach –– up to a point –– but after I've heard him say "BULLSHIT!" for the forty-fifth time the appeal starts to wear thin.

    His appeal then dissolves completely, because the LEFTIST in him surfaces and comes out with a vengeance. When he starts to denigrate and shower contampt on the very CONCEPT of having faith in the God of the Bible thus dismissing Cvhristian Faith as "BULLSHIT!," I got turned off, and didn't want to hear another word.

    The audience's continued laughter, and apprent enjoyment troubles me more than the snarky flippanrt cynicism of Carlin, himself.

    I admit the temporal-political aspect of organized religion, the corrupt, depraved nature of Mediaeval and Renassiance Catholicism, and the hucksterism inherent in the demagogic, Elmer Gantry style of "REVIVALISM" and "TELEVANGELISM" as practiced by Jimmy Swaggart and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker all deserve criticism, and probably dismissal, but to imagine, even for a moment, that GOD, HIMSELF and His b;essed Son,Jesus Christ are FAKE is notion from which I recoil and refuse to entertain.

    Faith in God should never be mocked, It is no laugi[ng matter. PERIOD!

    I'll put the shoe on theother foot, and try to turn this around by saying:

    CYNICISM is BULLSHIT –– shallow, meretricious, arrogant, deceptive, inherently stupid and self-defeating. So it is CYNICISM –– not FAITH –– that deserves to be defamed, denigrated, dishonored, dismissed, and STAMPED OUT.

    1. Well, just a routine Franco. It's where his money comes from. But George was an atheist.

    2. I probably take everything too seriously, Kid, but as I get closer and closer to my eightieth birthday I realize more and more how much GOOD we have LLOST nce I was young, and how the influence of such as Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl played a significant part in bringing us down.

      Sorry if I sound too much like a wet blanket. I would never want to stop anyone from ENJOYING himself, but at the same time I feel a moral obligation to say how things strike me.

      The more tolerant we become of crap the more ur lives are apt to be filled with CRAP

    3. Franco, I agree completely. The quality of parents continues to fall off a cliff right along with the rest of society.

      Anyway, I'll put it under the ability to laugh at yourself. None of that would shake my belief in God, but as part of a routine I can laugh at it and move on.

    4. We can take it in stride, because we're mature and can see it in perspective. It's the KIDS I worry about, because most of them have never had the kind of solid upbringing I was privileged to have –– and you were too, I imagine.

      "Train up a child in the way that he should go, and he will not depart from it."

      You can find that smwhere in the Book of Proverbs –– i think.

      Two essential things were killed off in the 1960's –– GOOD TASTE and COMMON SENSE.

      Nothing comes naturally without proper guidance but DISASTER.

      Oh well, Life is what happens while you're making other plans." Might as well be a good sport, and mke the best of it, because there's nothing else ya can do anyway, right?


    5. Thanks Franco.

      I recently made the following comment, more or less, on another blog regards Father's Day.

      My father and many of others who are in our age group likely went through part of the depression and served in WWII, or one of the later wars like Korea. hat kinda bullshit gives a person a focus that they then pass on to their kids and others. I'm a recipient of that. Today, what kinds of fathers are out there? Guys listening to Rap, living an easy life, maybe a bit to focused on PC bullshit, etc. In short not living or have lived a hard life. I don't think quality people come from an easy life unless they really have a gift. I don't think many young people today have a good focus and I don't think they have any idea or the ability to figure it out. They'll be chest deep in bullshit before it ever occurs to them if even then.