Monday, June 3, 2019

Now Hear This !

The democrats are working to shred the Constitution by:

- Canceling the 1st Amendment through declaring anything anti-left as Hate Speech
- Canceling the 2nd Amendment.  Obvious.

Carry On.



    1. Mustang - :-]

      Little bit easier to know why obama deployed a lot of military equipment to police forces across America. Any theories as to how the military Oath Takers may respond ? Very serious question.

  2. It is not only the military that take an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I believe that all first responders do, as well, and may even take two oaths ... one to their state and the other to the federal Constitution. As with Congress, not everyone who takes the oath remains true to it. Whether to refuse an order that may be in violation of the Constitution is probably not something that most oath-takers think about. We do have plenty of examples where the oath-takers have not only murdered our citizens, they did so gleefully, high-giving one another after such events as Waco and Ruby Ridge. Who were the ranchers that the Bureau of Land Management ambushed not so long ago. My advice would be, don't bank on any loyalty to the Constitution from federal, state, or local police.

    1. Quite True Mustang, which is why I left of the state and locals. Though there are Some sheriffs on record as saying they will not execute Red Flag confiscations. And it seems to me the military would be our only potential hope for defending the 2nd. I imagine the way to do that would be to remove the government and put Constitutional People in place and defend them.

      There is no doubt higher powers pulling the congressional strings imo. Be a good idea to deal with them too. A ventilated Soros would send a good message.

  3. Honestly, with all that's going on, keeping the 2nd Amendment in tact seems more important every single day. I don't get the image on that link.
    and what's an OATH TAKER, those who swear to defend, etc...??

    1. Z, Oath Taker is one who takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I think some number of military take that seriously, though few in Congress do, or even know what is in the Constitution for that matter. And as Mustang points out, we doubt many police in state, local, or federal capacity do either.

  4. Amending the Constitution is going to be awfully tough for these radicals. Us pesky Bible and gun clingers in fly-over country (or as Adrienne so aptly calls us 'dirt people') still retain quite a lot of power in keeping things the way they are, Constitutionally. Those Founding Fathers were a pretty smart bunch of old, fat, rich, bald white guys.

    1. Right Fredd, but we must get rid of the state and local, and judges who outright ignore it.

      Red Flag laws give the police and defective judges the power to confiscate weapons at will with no due process.

  5. There are a lot of things NOT to like about liberals, but you have to give them some credit. These are people who are badly, dangerous, and devastatingly wrong on almost every issue and yet, day after day, year after year, they hang in there with a incompetent, and destructive lies about the President and continue their attempt to beat him down.
    So, there are things we can learn from the Left, such as never back down no matter how wrong you may be, and if you are caught in a lie, just deny, deny, deny, and try to twist the accusation to the other side. .
    Like that popular liberal -progressive blogger we have been discussing here before. If you're an true member of the card carrying progressive party, and a activist who wants to helps the Progressive/Socialist cause, whether it's defending the Socialist candidates, the Black Panthers, the Hollywood Weirdos, the ACLU, or a bunch of unwashed, hippies camping in the public parks for handouts , just keep embracing the same “Democratic/Socialist” positions taken by the Clowns like Corry Booker, Jerry Nadler, Sidney Blumenthal, and the new Female Socialist Democratic subnormal,half-wit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    The economy of our country is being destroyed and we are becoming more and more divided because of the influx of illegal immigrants in this country and the lefty’s are being very silent about it.

    Eventually, these Left wing extremist or “Progressives” will have had enough of our cities being bombed and our citizenry being killed or dismembered as we saw recently at the Boston marathon. And our Cities are being bomblasted with filth, and destruction. Stores are being closed, and boarded up because they can’t be rented due to the amount of crime, and the type of people that are taking over our streets. . . there is nothing that can be done about it because of our newly elected City officials such as Bill di Blasio calling for them to become “Sanctuary Cities” (another name for “Shit-Holes”) we'll just have to deal with the long list of progressive nut cases and Islamic, and illegal immigrants from places like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Causing violence, filth, death and mayhem, by flooding our Southern boarders. .

    Oh and , I knew I forgot to mention that the youngest brother in the Boston Bomber Terrorist attack was a BIG fan of Barack Obama.

    And did I forget to mention that the former LAPD cop killing police officer Chris Dorner who went on a horrendous murdering spree was also a left winger who was a HUGE supporter of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton , because of his views on abortion and other liberal causes ..

    Or that the Fort Hood Terrorist Nidal Hasan’s political affiliation is Democratic.

    And that it didn't take no longer then perhaps an hour after the Boston bombing for Democratic /Progressives to do what they do oh so well, POLITICIZE THE CARNAGE!

  6. Part Two:
    I’m sorry, but I just have utter contempt for most liberals, and I actually get sick when reading the awful, and disgusting crap filled stories these days.
    It has been the aim of groups like the Democratic National Committee, the American Civil Liberties Union,, The Huffington Post, the Democratic Underground,
    the Center for American Progress, Media Matters and other such extremist left-wing organizations. Even CAIR attempts to use America's freedoms as a weapon against her.

    But, again, these liberals think they are doing a good thing. The problem is that they are utterly wrong. If this country continues to follow the left-wing path, the U.S. will become toast in a very short time.
    These people have used our own government to destroy America. The Liberals have used the courts, and our own laws to destroy religion. The schools to preach their Socialist slop. And the Unions to weaken our economy.

    And why do liberals keep on defending Barrack, and especially Michelle Obama, no matter what she says?
    The bottom line is liberals do know that Barack Hussein Obama was breaking the law and committing crimes and unconstitutional acts … but they love him so much they just keep going right along and keep on defending him. These liberal voters who voted for him the 2nd time around were either brain dead, or just plain stupid. And the Liberals who supported that Lying , Crooked Hillary Clinton are even worse. They are Liberal hypocrites.
    That my friends is what Liberal hypocrisy is all about.

    1. Lady Gunslinger, no need to do so much typing here, though that's probably a copy and paste that your spreading across blogs. No argument here, you're preaching to the chior. As long as you don't go on about some progressive blogger(s) feel free to post here.

      Couple points of interest though - (1)liberals, progressives, etc are not that. They are Communists. Compare their agenda to the Communist Party's. Identical. (2)They don't have a belief system that you can try to talk them out of, they have a mental disease, so talking to them is a complete waste of time. I know this from engaging them for probably 10 years on the internet. Total waste of time.
      I don't pay any attention and will avoid reading posts like yours like the plague. No offense. I fought that battle myself, and as I said, I'm past it.
      Divorcing this human garbage or civil war with consequences (cause we are already in a cold civil war) is the only way left now.

  7. Replies
    1. Ed, from the standpoint that this is the bullseye that the commies aim at to enable them to get rid of the rest of the Constitution - Yes. I'm sure a bunch of us know that. Figured it wouldn't hurt to put it out.

  8. Check out what the Muslim Mutt said in Brazil recently....

    Gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, anytime without, you know, without much if any regulation. They can buy over the Internet. They can buy machine guns.

    He knows better than this....unless Mike has beaten the crap out of him again and he has brain damage or has AIDS dementia, or most likely...just enjoys lying...he always has

    1. DR, They literally say anything now don't they. The ignorance level of their supporters allows them to do this. If we had well educated people in the country, these idiots would be afraid to speak in public.

      Did you notice the recent homicide of 4 persons in Gun Free Australia by firearm ?

  9. I offer no apology for what I am posting for this is truly how I feel.
    GONNA VENT HERE. I have lived through the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and that contemptible piece of work Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his name was, is or should be!
    In my lifetime have I never seen or heard of a President being scrutinized over every word he speaks, humiliated by the public to the point of wanting to hurt someone, slander, ridicule, insulted, lied to, threatened to murder him, threatened to rape our Beautiful First Lady, and have his children also insulted and humiliated.
    I am truly ashamed of the people of this country, who have such little regard for other people, as to do what they are doing to this man and his family, the President of the United States of America! I am ashamed of the ruthless, hating, cruel, Progressive Trump haters who have no morals, no scruples, no ethics, no honesty, no truth, and no self-respect and news reporters, who have the same attributes as the Progressives, and the Main Stream Media, who feel they have the right to purposely lie and do the things they are doing.
    Every other President, even Obama, after they were elected and took the oath of office were left alone, they weren’t on the news 24/7 being dissected by every word out of their mouth, ALWAYS BEING PRESSURED to do this or that and never being given the support to do the important work that needs to be done. ENOUGH is ENOUGH is ENOUGH, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE AND LET HIM CONTINUE TO DO THE EXCELLENT JOB THAT HE HAS BEEN DOING FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

    1. Political Chic. He is not a politician, he is for Americans and that is why the bought and paid for congress wants him out. So they can serve their masters and go back to getting nothing done for America while stealing massive amounts of money.

      They went after Bush because of the -R after the name but Trump has got them completely off the Richter Scale. He is their mortal enemy, just as they are America's.

  10. God Is Love.
    The Left Is Hateful.
    Hate Their Hate,
    And Then be Grateful.

    God Is Good.
    The Left Is Rotten ––
    Trashy, Nasty,

    Hate Rules This
    Benighted Nation
    For Lack Of Love
    And Affirmation.

    Hating Is A
    Waste of Time, ––
    Unless You Put It
    Into Rhyme!

    Hate Is Naught
    But Smelly Grime.
    Put Into Verse
    It is Sublime!

    Don't Agree?
    For You That's Bad.
    A Dearth of Mirth
    Makes Earth So Sad!

    Rise And Shine!
    Another Day
    Gives Us A Chance
    To Work and Play!

    If You Think
    Hate Is Seductive,
    Know That Love’s
    Far More Productive.

    God Is Love.
    The Left Is Hateful.
    Hate Their Hate,
    And Then be Grateful.

    ~ Imperator Maximus Saggiossimus

  11. Dear Democrat politicians ...

    Do you think we'll forget what you scumbags did to Kavanaugh?

    Believe me, we'll never forget what we saw with our own two eyes. We saw exactly how evil you were.

    I believe I can speak for my followers ... You make us sick!

    1. Dude, I usually never watch C-Span or anything of the like but I was home sick that today so had it on for laughs and got none. I'll tell you seriously when the dems were on camera, I felt I was looking into the depths of Hell. That they would bring out such a obvious lying piece of shit at the 11th hour against one of the great Americans tell anyone with even a single brain cell what these pukes are up to.

  12. I thought that President Trump was very presidential showing the Queen, and the UK that Americans have a warm place in their hearts for them. And it was VERY obvious that the Queen enjoyed hem and their visit.
    Obama wasn't as good of a representative because he very openly hated the UK and made no qualms about stating as much, especially when he gave the Queen a gift of his own speeches. Showing her and the rest of the world what a Narcissist he was!
    Consequently the American press is showing their collective asses right now.
    Their horrible conduct is a disgrace to the entire world.
    But the Democratic Socialist don’t even have a candidate that is electicable, so they are trying to elect any one of their scumbags Democrats.....and this is how they think they're going to do it.

    The bottom line is that the British press/ media was overwhelmingly positive for Trump, As for our First Lady, Melania looked stunning as usual. What a change from the Mooch hopping around the Globe, and doing her Jumping Jacks on TV. And Cankles giving her $50,000 speeches.
    The economy is doing great, and the working people are finally getting a break, so deal with that! Some Democrats will admit it, the rest just can't bring themselves to be honest.
    So carry on....your little comedy charade is over we're on to you!

    And by the way, President Trump was being kind when he called Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London "Pathetic".

    1. Couldn't agree more Patriotic. If America isn't on to the defecrats at this point in time, the jig is up on this place. The next democrat majority will put the final wooden stake into the heart.

      It's encouraging to see the dems in obvious self-preservation mode. We'll see.

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    1. Anon Dave, why the fuck are you talking to Shaw here? No one here by that name. Stop posting this crap here.

  14. That POS Megan McCain is the perfect example of the saying: : "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree".

    Giant bags of scum both, she and her father

    1. True that SKYE. That the POS J McStain was the one to put the Steele Dossier out, (even without all the other stuff we know about him) tells anyone all they need to know about who that POS was working for. Not America. Good Riddance JM.