Thursday, June 27, 2019

Not Thinking About Politics Much With All the Demons (Dems) in the News

So, what the heck, here is the man that taught Tommy how to play through his albums.

Notice he has a bass guitar string loaded up in the low E position which he has done a few times.

Suzie B is the singer Suzy Boggus.  They recorded some tunes at Chet's home studio and she was always late.


  1. Very soothing! I felt tension start to dissolve as son as he started to play. The soundof an acoustic guitar played well like this creates an atmosphere of peace and well-being. I love it.

    It was nice to see Mort Zuckermann again too. Been a long time. I always liked him when h appeared on the McLaughlin Group Sundays at noon.

    I still miss that show.

    1. Franco, Chet is up in the years here, but it was kind of nice to watch him play bass and melody at a tempo you could actually see happening. Chet always said it was hard for him to play things slow.

    2. Franco, Chet once said that music is all about Tension and Release. Thoughts?