Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Very Probable Explanation for Explosions at the World Trade Center on 9/11

A very quick summary in 2:23.  And of course you have the various trufers out there refuting this also.

I'd like to inject a point.  Hundreds of years ago, the Chinese were smelting Iron on hardwood fires stoked with oxygen via bellows.  See Wikipedia.  Those offices were full of hardwood and other combustibles, not just jet fuel.  Also note in the videos of the towers after being hit but still standing how quickly the black smoke was exiting those high floors and moving sideways, not up.  It's going to take a strong wind to do that.  There is your bellows.  It was damn hot up there.  Personally even hot enough to melt the central steel pillar imo - though I've never heard anyone suggest that.


  1. Trufers are just dumber that piles of steaming dog shit, Kid. Of course the Towers were filled with combustibles that were set off by jet fuel. Huge jet planes piloted by moslem scum hit the Towers, they caught fire, which became an inferno, spread to the entire structure and burnt down both units.

    End of story. Idiots.

    1. That's for sure Fredd. And I'll bet money the moslem vermin got the 9-11 trufer shit going. And they are even lower than dog shit.