Monday, October 31, 2016


Alright Hilrod, you want this disk drive?  Go for it !

And as a result of the elections, we are treated to a number of democrats like hairy reid, nana pelosi, hank johnson, and assorted tax cheats and sex perverts being drug into the light as their celebrity and media fans watch in horror.  (The girl used to be a republican.  Look what happened to her after switching parties...)


  1. How in heck did I miss that first epic movie? (In which they failed to continue the vampire's makeup beyond the face, skipping the neck - something a woman would notice.) However, Hillary has never looked better.

    1. I missed it too Adrienne. We'll watch it together next time around with Cheetos, some fine cheeses and a nice Chianti.

      Imagine the beast without her makeup.....

    2. That's a wrap.
      And Vlad gets impaled.

    3. Ed, Impaled he was. I wouldn't all it the best vampire kill of all time though. I'd put my money on the scene where Blade (Wesley Snipes) gets the king of the vampires. Darn good series btw. All three of them were A1.