Thursday, October 6, 2016

To My African-American Friends

First off, if you are unwilling to call yourselves Americans, how do you expect Americans (who come from all other countries) to accept you? really.

But mainly. if you want to be respected you folks have got to stop electing morons like Sheila Jackson Lee, or Hank Johnson, or Corinne Brown, and we could add many more to the list.

Just stop.  There are some fine intelligent black folks who could do some good in this country from a position of power.  Find them. Convince them to run. Elect them.


  1. Replies
    1. Good God yes. I'll bet neither of them could pass a 3rd grade test in any subject.

    2. Do you think we should join the assault
      On Donald Trump's trash talking fault
      For PRIVATELY gabbing
      About pussy grabbing
      Though ACTION was held at a halt?

      ~ FreeThinke

    3. If these things about Trump are true, then it is not good. Compared to the clintons though, everything and anything Trump could possibly say or do pales in oomparison.

    4. Trevor, Thank you for your support.

  2. I believe our unjustly maligned drug industry is working to develop a new pill called FUGEMOL.

    FUGEMOL is designed too obliterate all consciousness of NEGRANTICS.

    That should enable us to let the savages among us destroy each other in peace while WE get on with OUR lives.

    Might be worth investing a little money in that, don't you think? };^)>

  3. big $$$$ in victim-hood for the groups like naacp- farracon (sp) and et al--
    as I have been stating for several years--the former "Republic" will be Detroit- soon!
    as to the "DRUG" that you highlighted-Kid- Love it !!!! for them that is :-)