Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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  1. I don't get the subtle political undertones....

    1. Hey, Ed! Everything don't HAVE to be "political," thank God. What I just said below applies to everyone, whether they realize it or not.

      We need REST from the hurly burly always dominating the temporal world in one form or another.

    2. Ed, Politics has invaded every fiber of human existence. You know, because it can.

    3. I don't know, Kid. I think it dominates, because we LET it.

      Best thing to do is learn to play an instrument, or paint pictures, or write poetry, or try your hand at writing a novel, or build a patio, or a garden shed, or redecorate a room, or adopt a cat or a dog from the point and treat it well. At least that should give you the satisfaction of knowing you've saved a life.

      Volunteer at the local hospital. Join a card club. Learn to play checkers or chess. Heck! Go WINDOW SHOPPING with your wife, and indulge in pleasant fantasies about what you'd like to do with what see. Visit a nursing home , and do your best to cheer up some of the inmates.

      Read to the bind.

      Learn to cook Asian food. Create a Family Cookbook from collected recipes from Mother, Grandmas, Aunts, old friends, etc. Format it nearly on your computer, then print copies for your family and friends.

      Go outside and trim the bushes, weed the flower beds, plant a new tree, or just mow the grass. If all else fails, READ a BOOK you've always wanted to but never had time to do before. ANYTHING but let yourself get pulled into a downward spiral by obsessing on the lamentable state of American politics today. Too much thinking about politics today really could make you ill both mentally and physically.

      All that goes double for me, of course. ;-)

    4. FT, Agreed. We must have hobbies and activities where it is just you and what you are concentrating on. I do woodworking. You have to concentrate on that spinning tablesaw blade believe me :-) I have other hobbies that will kick in in the retirement years.

      You know I'm not stressed about this election at all. What will be will be. I'll deal with it though if the beast wins, I spend 0% time on politics from here on out. I'm not even going to bother voting.

  2. Despite being completelyIy devoted to "classical" music, I really LOVE most of this guitar stuff.

    We NEED regular portions of beauty, serenity, elegance, thoughtfulness, and gentleness in our lives in order to stay sane.