Saturday, May 28, 2016

It is All About the Active and Retired Military This Weekend.

Is there anything we can do to help the 4200 veterans who have been wrongly classified as deceased and denied benefits going back 5 years ?

We would write and bug the hell out of every congressperson I suppose but not enough people will be involved and does the congress have any power to do jack about this anyway.  The former P&G CEO who was tasked with improving the VA threw up his hands because no one has any control over the unionized vermin that make up the organization.

The VA, like the federal education system is overflowing with unionized incompetents who can't be fired or motivated in any way to fix their never ending snafus.

On a more general note, why would anyone in their right mind allow people in public service to be unionized ?  Try working at Costco and pissing off customers.


  1. I agree. Unionized public service bureaucrats creates an entrenched bureaucracy that cannot be moved.

    1. Euripides. Yes, it is unconstitutional at face value and every other level. Why is no one suing to revoke this elite un-elected control over 'the people'. Insane.

  2. If we all read our history books, the ones that haven't been re-written by hippies, we would have taken FDR's advice and never allow a public union. JFK changed all of that, when he signed into law measures that allow public workers to unionize. It was the beginning of a very bad precedent.

    These public unions need to be broken, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker did a lot towards writing the play book to do just that. We need to keep it going, right President Trump?

  3. Fredd, Hell I was thinking JFK was a decent pres up til now.

    Yes, we are getting raped by the public employee unions. All of them down to the little podunk fire station with 103 employees who will retire with a generous pension package at 50 cause it's just too darn hard to do the job (polishing the fire truck or taking it out to block the roads at every fender bender) at that age.

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    1. Agree. Ohio broke them all with SB5, but that was apparently reaching too far since they repealed it with a vote done when most people aren't looking and with a massive countrywide union funded ad campaign. Ironically, (not for a libtard mind you) after all the ads talking about how for example, fire stations wouldn't be able to staff enough to make it safe for everyone without their collective bargaining, a little local podunk fire station had to fire 90, keeping 13 and calling it good after it was recalled.

  5. Public unions are an evil which we will not be able to kill. I was raised in a union household, but my Dad finally figured out that the Unions were not acting in the best interest of the nation. It doesn't take a genius to see that, but those in the govt unions are apparently in the lower part of the IQ curve.

  6. Agreed, BUT we must understand the background. Unionism and the Marxism that soon followed were spawned by the Industrial Revolution. The early industrialists –– with rare exceptions (I'm assuming) –– cared nothing about the health, safety or future prospects of their employees, and nothing at all about their wives and children.

    With the rise of factories ("England's Dark Satanic Mills") came terrible abuses of the employees –– CHILDREN were chained to machines in dark, noisy factories, and forced to work 12-hour days at exhausting, mind-numbing, often-dangerous repetitive tasks. Conditions for adult employees were no better. –– A SIX-DAY work week with 12-HOUR SHIFTS was the norm. –– Employees often were paid in "COUPONS" redeemable only at stores owned by the company they worked for –– Wages were kept at a subsistence level in order to maximize profits most of which went into the pockets of the Owners, Executives and Shareholders –– in that order. Housing for the employees and their families were generally wretched, cramped places with the fewest possible creature comforts, etc.

    In short once the Machine Age took hold the life of the average factory worker was not much better than the lives of the Negro Slaves SIX-HIUNDRED-THIRTY-FIVE-THOUSAND WHITE MEN died to set free.

    Given these conditions is it any wonder movements advocating, Resistance, Rebellion, and Increasing Demands against "The Rich" were born and took hold with a vengeance?

    That aside, everyone should know by now that it the nature of Power –– of ANY kind –– to CORRUPT those who hold it.

    The unions came about to BREAK the tyrannical hold the captains of Industry had over their employees. Their cause was just. The abuses we real just as the abuses connected to slavery had been real.

    And so the UNIONS came into power, and as we have seen, once established they soon began to ABUSE the POWER they had WON, and our economy has been off to the races ever since.

    I would insist, however, that the main reason we are where we are today has stemmed directly from to the Selfishness, Avarice and Lack of Foresight shown by the early Owner-Executive class.

    POWER, ITSELF, is the thing we need to fear most.

    1. FT, Agree. Unions were quite necessary in America's past, but we have so many human rights laws on the book these days, they simply aren't necessary and have morphed into the total communistic/mobster entities that they are today - which feed off of honest workers such as ourselves.

      In the bigger picture, those who abuse create these problems and they should be dealt with in an entirely different manner. Those who brought the slaves created an insanely complex and never ending problem for us. Those who created the unions (while a better beginning) have created an insanely complex and never ending problem for us.

    2. And it never ends. Factories dumping toxic poison into our rivers were stopped by activists (greenies). That was a good thing. Now these greenies have the full force and power of the EPA behind them when they take away property rights of the owners of mud puddles to protect 'threatened' bugs that live in them. They divert badly needed irrigation water from farmers in the San Joaquin valley into the ocean to protect (name the non-existent threatened species here).

      And now Obamacare was created against the will of the U.S. voter to alleviate the horrible health care system in place (the best in the world, BTW) and replaced it with a system that will soon be assembling death panels to determine who lives and who dies.

      Power in the hands of do-gooders is almost always a bad thing in the long run.

  7. Fredd, we need some more constitutional amendments:

    Cannot pass a law that applies to the citizen but not to you and vice versa.
    No congress people allowed who think an island in the ocean can actually capsize. Such a statement demands immediate dismissal and revocation of all rights and benefits thereof

    For starters.