Monday, May 16, 2016

While ISIS Burns 5 Year Old's Alive and Crucifies 12 Year Old Girls (and more)

Here in the good old USA, we're having the great chalk and bathroom wars of 2016.  (Where are the parents of those little geniuses?)

Can it get any more fucked up than that.  What is worse, it's almost funny it's so fucked up.  But there is nothing here to laugh about.


  1. Oh, yes...the CHALK SCARES..."Oh, I CAN'T READ THAT NAME!! I have to LEAVE!" what the......??
    And you're so right...children face REAL THREATS and I'll bet they don't even have counseling offered by their school :-) I wonder if ANY student at Emery even realized HOW STUPID that was, how LAME?

    1. Z, If my kid came home and told me how afraid they were at seeing something written in chalk on a sidewalk, I'd have warmed their bottom myself.

      I can't even put together a mindset that explains such a thing. Afraid of something in chalk on a sidewalk? We were hopping trains and jumping car to car when we were 8.
      What the hell happened? I can't even imagine the level of pussification being displayed here. It does not compute.

    2. I totally agree....any kid you or I raised would be laughing his/her butt off at this outrageous stupidity. WHAT WIMPS, is what I'd hope they'd say of their poor fragile classmates!!!

  2. "Bread and Circuses," Kid.

    Distraction, Diversion from the Powers that Be, followed by endless Preoccupation with Trivia and getting "all het up" over silly non-issues manufactured by the Left –– like Transexuals in the Restroom.

    OVOMIT dangles bait from the Oval Office, and right away EVERY fool on the Right jumps at it it like sharks smelling blood in the water.

    Result? OVOMIT wins!

    So far not one person I've seen on TV or heard on radio has said, "If a transexual has been successful making 'The Big Switch,' who would notice him, her or it?"

    I'm sure we've all been exposed to transexuals many times while remaining blissfully unaware.

    It is the ones who want to make a Holy Show of themselves like the late, not-so-great Bruce Jenner who cause trouble for themselves and all of society by their outrageous posturing.

    Idiocy like that has prevailed since the days of Rome's Decline and Fall at least. Probably had some version of it even back in the days when we lived in caves.

    The Problem is HUMAN NATURE. As Pogo famously said so many years ago, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

    1. FT, Right. And the problem with any minority group are the activists which are an incredible small minority within each group. perez hilton, wanda sykes come to mind. They ain't helping anyone, I'll tell you that.

  3. The world seems to have become inured to the horrors perpetrated by the sons of allah. People shrug and imagine that nothing so awful could ever happen to them or their children.

    1. AOW, My first thought is that people tend to evacuate their brains of anything that comes along this vile and evil and pretend there is a different reality. How dangerous that is. I read recently, a poll of 27,000 people in 27 different countries, (mostly EU I'm guessing) that say they'd be perfectly fine with having a "migrant" in their neighborhood or even i their home.

      Are there this many people so ignorant of islam and the koran? or this many sheeple willing to die instead of opposing the invasion?
      It does boggle this mind.