Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dang, I screwed that Last Post Up

I'm like that sometimes. My apologies to any who may have been offended by that.

I was focused on the abuse the federal government happily churns out for our military and wasn't thinking really in terms of Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is for those who have given their all, not "active and retired service members".

A thousand pardons.

As a peace offering, Here is something I know all of you will enjoy reading about at a website that you can subscribe to in order to get their daily offerings in your email.  I find most of their stuff pretty darn interesting.

Excerpt -

Then you have uniforms. The basic uniform of a Tomb Sentinel consists of a heavy wool uniform that weighs in excess of 10 pounds on its own, an M14 rifle outfitted with a custom stock, heavy boots with metal inserts to assist in making that signature “click” sound everyone loves so much and a host of smaller adornments like belts, holsters and a pair of sunglasses to help shield a guard’s eyes from glare. It’s noted that trainee guards will sometimes spend in excess of 10-12 hours per day just cleaning and preparing their uniform to get it to the exacting standards of their superiors who themselves will spend about 6-8 hours cleaning and pressing their own uniforms, despite their extensive experience in the task. As part of this preparation, the badges, buttons and medals on the uniform must also be accurately placed to within “1/64th of an inch”.

Finally -  Who is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the same resource.


  1. If that's the worst thing you've ever done, you're still a pretty neat guy. Did you notice that not one of your friends corrected your title? I wouldn't have either. We all understand it was about the blood sucking public unions.

    1. Adrienne, I am flattered immensely that no one corrected me. This single fact alone drove me to write this post and try to offer something of value and redemption.

      Thank you so much.

      As far as the unions, this country has so much Dead Weight, that I am confident we could accomplish so much without it. Honest to shit, I think America, set free of it's evil communist half could solve pretty much every problem in the world today without even breathing hard. Clothes and shoes to everyone in Haiti. Water and food to everyone in Africa.

      Nothing for the moslems though please as they are a cancer upon the Earth.

  2. I remember when the honor guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were told - for the first time since the guard's beginning - that -because of a massive hurricane- they could stand down-- they did not--HONOR- and Duty and love of their own-- traits I hope we can all emulate--

    1. Carol-CS, I'll be the first to admit that I have no where near the Moxy that those guys have. In fact, whatever it is they have isn't even called Moxy. It is called something none of us will ever be privy to know unless we are in their group.

      The Unknown Soldier. Now damn... that is is Memorial Day.

  3. I thought it was a play on words about vets being prematurely called "deceased".

  4. I doubt if any of your friends would want to find fault with you over a thing like that, Kid.

    You run a tight ship, and the content is free from the abuse heaped everywhere else by leftists, and the moronic trolls who live only to fuck up the atmosphere wherever they go.

    You ought to be commended for that.

    1. Thank You FT. I like to keep it straight and narrow when possible.

  5. it might not be "ALL" about retired, etc., but it should include them....they're getting the shaft and we should be writing about them.
    Amazing description of the perfection of the Tomb Sentinel....I think of those punk kids we see on the street with two black disc earrings and their pants around their knees and figure there's hope if some of them will become soldiers!!

  6. Z, Yes, we should and that's Veterans Day, though we don't need to wait. Unreal how these guys are getting screwed.

    Hard to get over the Sentinels. That's a mode of excellence I'm totally unfamiliar with.

    They won't become soldiers Z. Some may join for the free room and board for they and their young wife and kid. Saw a lot of that at Great Lakes (Navy boot camp)