Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hey Millennials and Other Snowflakes Among Us, I Have a Trump Question For You

First off you shouldn’t be afraid of Trump, you should be afraid of the large number of people who want to vote for him and more so his stated policies on immigration, moslem importation, and foreign relations.  Go google “muslim problems/rape/assaults in the EU” countries(Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany as examples (Do you even read the news?)) and then think if you want those savages here living next door to you and your daughter and grand daughter.

obama lets illegal Mexicans and moslem rapist murders out of jail and puts them back on the street every day and you’re afraid of Trump ?

obama spent $10 Trillion of brand new national debt plus all the tax that was collected over the last 7.5 years and has Nothing to show for it.  Not even a single bridge replaced, and you’re afraid of Trump?

(We only racked up 10 trillion in debt between 1910 and September, 2008!)  Now it is 20 by the time your Teleprompter Jesus leaves office.

Russia is gearing up for a new cold war, moslem vermin are coming here (and everywhere else) and the FBI openly tells you they don’t know if they are ISIS or not, the moslems already here are trying to implement sharia law where their populations are dense enough to potentially win at the ballot box (Irving, TX for example), the country has 200 trillion of unfunded liabilities to social security, pensions, and others while obama claims ‘climate change’ is the biggest threat to the world, let alone the US and you’re afraid of Trump?

hilrod clinton is a career un-convicted criminal, the clinton foundations are tax shelters where the clintons keep 91+ % of the money (91% administrative costs) and you think Trump is a ‘bad person’.

Honestly, how stupid are you?  Please tell me because I can’t even fathom this level of ignorance.

No offense, just a survey question.


  1. I'm firmly on the Trump Train and don't a rat's rear patoot who that ticks off. I have spent since he announced his running for president watching him, studying him, researching him, and just sitting quietly watching his rally's. I might add that I've done the same with Cruz. As you no doubt remember, I stood in the rain to see Cruz in person, and if there is anything I can't stand it's wearing wet shoes. HATE WET FEET!!!

    I did not let my soggy shoes interfere with my up-close and personal assessment of Cruz. Everyone else was jumping around and doing the usual rally antic stuff. I stood very close and just felt his aura. Now I don't mean that in a new agey way, but I couldn't think of any other word to describe what I was trying to sense about him.

    I have great faith in my intuition, my feelings if you wish, and I get good vibes from Trump and very, very bad vibes from Cruz.

    1. It doesn't tick me off that anyone is on the Trump train.
      I'm tired of being derided for not.
      It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or the Borg.
      "Why should I vote Trump?" "Because Hillary."
      "But what's a good reason?" "Because Hillary."
      "But Trumps sounds like a democrat." "Because Hillary."
      Vibes. That cuts two ways.
      Cruz is inconsequential. He's running for the Senate again.

    2. Adrienne, I can go with that. I didn't get vibes with Cruz, I just evaluated him as an ultra-conservative. I still think he is and don't need the vibes if that's true. (And Noted for later on the wet feet)

    3. Ed, If you're thinking of my 'idiot' comment at Z's it was a one off. In fact, I'd have replied with an apology if it wasn't for the punch comment. Cest La Vie.

      it was a one off. Folks do what you want. But I do believe a vote for no one or a vote for other than the primary opposition candidate is a vote or at least half vote for clinton. If people are good with that. I will reveal that *I* would have not voted for Bush. And I'd a been good widdit.

    4. Adrienne, PS - I've also felt I am a good judge of people in a very short exposure time, so I know what you mean. Maybe you have it, and maybe Cruz was not meant to be. I can be down with that. I really don't trust any of them truth be told.

    5. Kid: I wasn't thinking of any comment you made.

  2. PS - This post was not about who to vote for, it was supposed to be focused on the little snowflakes literally AFRAID of Trump. And I can't get a handle on that at all. What the hell is that about? :-)

    1. Afraid of his name in chalk on campus.

    2. This will come to be known as the Great Chalk Wars. (I got that from a friend)

  3. I like this for several reasons "the Great Chalk Wars"...first, because we are SUCH WIMPS that GREAT CHALK WARS sounds violent, doesn't it!? Second...the whole thing's SO DUMB at its essence.

    Adrienne gets Cruz right; try as I could to admire the guy, I couldn't....although he is a conservative, no doubt about it, the biggest conservative who ran against Trump these last few months.
    There's something just plain ODD about his appeal,..or lack thereof.
    How many times have I said "it's my women's intuition" at my blog? Adrienne's right; we can sense it.
    However, I WISH I can be INTO Trump as much as she is; I am trying!

    Ed, I guess the bottom line is it's always better to VOTE. Holding our noses or not. Voting AGAINST something in this country might just be AS important as voting for a person........

    1. Yes Z, the Great Chalk Wars filled with brutal and disgucting mutliating Hashtag drops, interspersed with Photobombs, questionable Instagrams, Pinterest Posts, and Facebork No Likey hits.

      I'm glad I won't be around for it.

  4. Z - I think Trump's appeal for me is his sales ability. I've been in some sort of sales most of my life and to see a master at work is rather fun. The other big difference is that Trump radiates passion. Cruz has none, and when he tries to pretend passion it falls flat.

    Ed - I would never insult someone for voting their conscience. Unless, of course, they declared they were going to vote Hillary instead of Trump. In that case I'd skip the insults and go right for a dagger in the heart. Only kiiiddding

    1. Adrienne, Good point about Cruz's lack of passion. Now that you mention it, I can see where he "debated up there". He didn't try to sell us on ideas with any passionate rendering. I didn't mind, I'm only concerned about who gets what done, but good point.

    2. Adrienne, My fear, in fact my belief is that voters ARE being sold a bill of goods by Trump.
      It's hilarious.
      We're supposed to believe him when he says, with all sincerity, that he didn't mean those thing or relationships he had or held until a year ago, or in a couple cases, a day ago.
      There could be something worse than Hillary.
      Of course, I don't think we'll find out.
      I don't think Trump will win.
      if he does, it will probably be with my vote.
      See my post today.

  5. In case you hadn't noticed the USA under President Ovomit has become a DICTOCRACY. Congress has rendered itself irrelevant. "We the People" have been transformed into subjects. We are not citizens anymore, and all because of the innate stupidity, gullibility, essential selfishness, and unbridled greed of basic, ill-informed, miseducated human nature.

    The president issues EDICTS now and everybody just bows, scrapes and falls into line. Surely you noticed?

    If and when another leftist is elected, SCOTUS will quickly be transformed into nothing more than a RUBBER STAMP for the DICTATOR'S demands.


    Many say they are "fearful" of what he might do. Many are convinced he's a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, a homophobe, a rapist, a Nazi, who is on a mammoth "Ego Trip," and determined to use all the resources of government to line his pockets with even more gold. Blah blah blah! Sis-Boom- Bah! Chickalacka Chickalacka LA-DI-DA! And POO-POO-PA-DOO!

    Well I say THIS: If we're going to be forced to elect a DICTATOR, I prefer to have one who at least pretends to support:

    1. American Sovereignty,

    2. American Hegemony,

    3. American Exceptionalism,

    4. Restoration of American Industry within her Borders,

    5. Cut off and shut off the flow of MUSLIMS, and put those already here under CLOSE, STRICT SURVEILLANCE.

    6. Restore control of Educational Policies to LOCAL COMMUNITIES

    7. Neutralize the dominance of stinking REDS in the academic, legal, and News and Information communities

    8. Support policies that favor "RESPONSIBILITY" over "RIGHTS." The only "RIGHTS" we have are those of Life, Liberty and the Opportunity to Develop Our Talents and Fulfill Ourselves as Individuals as best we can.

    Paradoxical as it surely is it may just be only the RIGHT KIND of DICTATOR could restore our Liberty, return us to ourselves, and revivify our Spirit as a People.

    1. FT, I had to print this out and take it to the bathroom to read... :)
      Not really.

      Yes, just like king obama's dictator decree on bathroom use. Like we assume no one will have ill intention when they exercise their new obama decreed right. Yes, the congress laid down and sucked their thumb the whole time.

      To the rest of it, Well - You're asking for a lot considering the 2 youngest generations of voting age people, plus a whole bunch of older dumbasses don't want any of that stuff.

    2. FT: You have re-enforced my contention that many Trump supporters have no problem with him being a strongman, as if he would be THEIR strongman, as if a strongman is ever somebody else's man.
      That would be worse than Hillary.

    3. ED, I didn't see anything wrong with this. And with the caveat that I don't believe what anyone says during a campaign...

      I support the words..

  6. We need someone like Marcus Aurelius ... I feel certain that after he roasted the leftists alive, things in our Republic would return to normal.

    1. Mustang, I'm down with that. Give them a chance to move to the beautiful, young Russian women and men filled Eastern Russia where you can get land for free and homestead, or stay here and be declared open season targets.

      It's not that far-fetched. Irving Tx passed a law that no non-American/constitutionally supported activites (r some such) would be permitted there - like sharia law. sharia law breaks so many human rights laws, its a no brainer. Let's just take that national then build upon it until the libtards are in so much pain they move to Canadia or elewhere.

  7. Another quickie. The left are planning ads of Trump talking unfavorably about some women. Let's combine that with obama calling Palin a pig with lipstick, and giving McLame (and pretty much every other opposition person) the finger on live national TV. Let's compare rude and obnoxious side by side.

    1. I love your idea, but we're not running against Obama.

    2. Ed, Just keeping with the theme of the post. Similar points can be made against the beast if one tries though.

    3. Hillary as Obama by extension.

    4. To me, hilrod is worse.