Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Suggestion

I say all of us guys only use the ladies rooms from here on out.  Every stinkin one of us.

Like 10 of us will go in and announce we are transgender.  Hey we're dressed like guys right now because we're on break from work and our companies don't allow us to dress to our identities.

We won't molest anyone of course, or even take pictures, we'll just go and do some business and comb our hair and stuff.

Let's see how long that goes on.


  1. It presents a rather hilarious picture, Kid.

    1. That's what I was thinking Adrienne.

    2. I think you SHOULD......just to show how STUPIDLY INSANE this whole thing really is!

    3. Z, Well this was humor, but hey, if 50 million whackjobs want to take on the task I won't complain. Heh.

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    1. It's okay by me, Kid, but you can sure that all of "us" will get arrested. We're just not weird enough to be accepted by the creeps who now have their hands on the lever of power. Here's how it really is today:

      ________ POTTY POLITICS ________

      If you want the government to call you "dear,
Be a queer, be a queer, be a queer.


If you want to be a success,
Be a mess, be a mess, be a mess.


If you hope to be loved by the Liberal's God,

      You must be very, VERY odd.

      To be welcome in the men's latrine

      Act like a lisping mincing queen.


No longer should it be thought sensational

      For toilets to be coeducational.


Libs hope once your daughter sees a dick

      She'll want to have one too right quick.

      Once her new tube gets sewn on,
She'll be welcome at her Daddy's john.


The New World wants -- no matter how it vexes ––

      For everyone to exchange sexes.

      It's now considered stiff and formal
To hope your children turn out normal!

      ~ FreeThinke (on the spur of the moment, 5/18/16 - later revised ;-)

    2. FT, Pretty good one there. So how will they prove that 150 million guys are not transexual. The courts? That would cost a billion more times than Trump's wall. Maybe a trillion :)

    3. I know, Kid. The whole "issue" is asinine. It's a LEFTIST FABRICATION designed to divert attention from the REAL problems our "representatives" and "senators" are not facing or doing anything constructive about.

      Unless Uncle Sam decides to post a FEDERAL GUARD at every public restroom door who demands to see a birth certificate from everyone who wants to take a leak, and THEN gives each a PHYSICAL EXAM to see what's going on between their legs, there isn't a F-CKING thing anybody can do to implement or enforce Obama's Unisex Potty Edict.

      It's a SICK JOKE.

    4. FT, and everyone. This is all part of the Demoralization Process don't ya know :)

  3. Nope, Kid. Can't join you in your protest. I am allergic to prison. FreeThinke is right: we are the wrong political persuasion and will be summarily tossed in the pokey. No thanks.

    1. Fredd, again, how will they prove I'm not trassexmutational ? They can't even prove whether you have a bad back or not from an accident. No prison time.

  4. Sounds like a winner to me, but just can't see myself doing it.