Thursday, July 10, 2014

Well, Here We Are

About to begin another 2 year long political campaign cycle.(Yuk - seriously, the players on the field on both sides make me want to puke,)

Anyway, with the democrats in charge of the senate since Jan 2007, and the white house and senate from Jan 2007 to Jan 2011, and the white house and senate from Jan 2011 to present, pretty much everything in this country SUCKS.  Race relations, gas prices, food prices, Product prices. Taxes, foreign policy, immigration, Health Ins prices.  Serious shit that will knock on YOUR door and steal your hard work and money every single day.

There is NOTHING going on in this country that is Better than it was Jan 21st 2009.  Nothing. oBAMa said America is better off by every measure.  Really?  Someone make the case for a SINGLE ITEM being better off.

Think about it folks.  That's going to be 9 years of shit that the democrats have perpetrated upon this country by the time Jan 22, 2017 rolls around when potentially another party could be in control.

Maybe if you're some loser sitting around smoking weed and breeding democrats, you like this environment.
If you are working and paying taxes, buying gasoline to get you to work every day, maybe not so much.

Try to put your frame of mind beyond the kindergarten "he said, she said, they said" environment and  realize that the greatest country in the world not only Can do better than this, It Has to do better than this or everyone is screwed.  Even the people on the dole. "We" are not going to work to pay your way forever - bank on it.

Are the repubblekins worthy of being put in control of the country/world?  Hell no. Are they light years better than the racist, anti-American, muslim activist democrats? Yes.

Better yet would be to elevate a 3rd party -  Tea Party, American Party, Constitutional Party, whatever - to power and give them a chance.  At the very least, you've denied the good old boy network another 2 to 6 years of screwing you.  There IS value in that.

Vote these POS's out on both sides.  You want term limits?  You've got them !  Vote every one of these POS's OUT!  At the least, vote out the POS's who have made America worse the last 8 years.

You do realize that politicians don't care about you right?  They don't care. At all.  At all. They don't give a Shit about you.

At the least give someone else a chance to screw you.  And if those people are new, they won't be as good at it as these POS's are right?  Vote them All Out.


  1. "Better yet would be to elevate and 3rd party - "

    Agree completely.....of course, I advocate for the Libertarian Party.

    1. CI, Thank you (and I fixed the spelling "a 3rd party")

      I'll take the Libertarian Party. Some may view them as extreme but this is the nature of cycles. Remember when the women's lib movement got a head of steam? It seemed they wanted to castrate all of the men. Reversion to the mean occurred and cooler heads prevailed. In this case, I see where we need to start off with a neo-conservative/libertarian paradigm, and revert to the mean from there - settling upon an environment of government By The People.

      Sadly it's to going to happen until a lot of people feel the pain.

  2. A Note to Moochie Obama, when you start to do as you say and not as you do, maybe you will have a bit more credibility! Note that I said “I bit more” because nobody really gives a Rat’s Ass about what you say.
    On one hand you preach to us and on the other hand you eat like a PIG, fly around the whole freaken world in that TREMENDOUS fuel burning aircraft, you take hundreds of people with you on your MULTI Million dollar vacations and pollute the air with fumes, You gauge yourself with those Bacon-Cheeseburgers, and then you preach healthy eating to us. You demean our troops, by referring to the unhealthy way that they eat (while THEY are in the Fields, in hell holes eating out of cans and on metal trays) unlike the fancy restaurants where YOU eat you Lobsters and Caviar! YOU have some gall to tell any adult, let alone our soldiers who are out risking life and limb what to eat?
    Why should ANYONE listen to someone with a backside the size of Texas tell you what to eat? Why don’t you eave people alone, and go make a PIG out of yourself somewhere else! ! Why do communists always feel the need to force everyone to conform with their idea of what is right or wrong? And why should we take anything you have to say serious?
    And while we are on this topic, I have a few pointers for you, yes YOU who thinks that you are so freeken smart!...
    Number 1. Chocolate is derived from cacao beans. Bean = vegetable. Sugar is derived from either sugar CANE or sugar BEETS. Both are plants, which places them in the vegetable category. Thus, chocolate is a vegetable.
    Number 2. To go one step further, chocolate candy bars also contain milk, which is dairy. So candy bars are a health food. Chocolate-covered raisins, cherries, orange slices and strawberries all count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.

    When these pathetic environmental whackos give up their lavish life style, life off the grid w/o any modern conveniences, give up their vehicles and their luxurious, and obnoxious, way of living, then we might be more inclined to listen to them.
    If they are not willing to live what they preach, they should just shut up!
    Who the hell is she to to preach to us? She needs to look in the nearest mirror and see what a Cow she looks like? Why should she be pointing her finger at our Troops? This is the most asinine thing we have ever heard - treating our finest men and women like babies? We should just take it in stride, just like when Obama brought Van Jones, a self-avowed America-hating commie, into the White House. Obviously telling us to eat fruit & tofu hasn't done the First Wookie much good.

    1. You have to be maximum hypocritical to get your libtard card.

  3. I just sent out an email to every member of Congress informing them that I will vote to reelect all 435 members of the House (even though it is illegal to do so) if they agree to pay me $1,000 before October 10th —and, that I’ll do this every two years until 2028, or until my death, which ever comes first. Yes, this whole scheme is fraudulent as hell, but I think it’s time for a little honesty in government, don’t you? Plus, I could use the money and I think these requested bribes elevate our entire electoral system. By that, I mean "no more sneaking around in the dark."

    1. Mustang, Well you have a point. So, that's the third time in 7.5 public years obama told the truth. Transparency. They're screwing us18 ways from Sunday and they don't care that we know. lerner, the beast, obama, holder.. all of them are raping and pillaging and laughing at anyone who bleats away like the sheeple they apparently are because the are No consequences. They don't give a *. I'm absolutely sure this is why obama was laughing like a little girl on the late night circuit after getting elected the first time.