Friday, July 11, 2014

Now This Is A Neat Idea Regards Political Awareness

This is bound to have a positive effect.  People are inherently lazy, and all you have to do once you have this extension on Chrome, Firefox or Safari, is hover over the name to get the info.

It is a browser extension called Greenhouse.  It's focused on campaign contribution by industry to individual politicians whose names appear on websites.

You can download it using the above link - or in my case, I used Chrome's Tool's link to access Chrome Extensions, and installed it that way.

I sent the young man a suggestion to include their voting records as well as an option.


  1. the money obo is asking for -- isn't for thechildren. (3Billion and change)
    it's for the Demo(c)Rats campaign funds!
    Remember I told you and others about the gas/fuel stock options--in
    the `90's,
    when the unions stole the ups pension fund and clinton had bill richardson
    go hat in hand to opec asking them to raise the price of the barrel, which
    drove the pump price up; and, the unions made a killing with those
    stock options.
    now they can't do it that way again. But,
    but they are so bold as to trick the Repubs into out and out
    giving it to them desalinized as for the children!

    1. TS/WS, Yep, the 3.7 billion is payola for unions and lawyers. Period.

  2. my comment completely dissapeared pushing the publish button
    good thing I learned to [copy] first
    then resubmit with [paste]

    1. Oh yea. I always copy long comments before I hit submit.

  3. oh, and they did do it again for some [change],
    when Is-Is took the fields in Iraq.
    Noticed gas prices have come down some here lately.
    Look for gas prices to go up again in Sept.

    1. Well, I have No Line on gas prices. My basic feeling with gas prices is profiteering.

  4. Retail gas pump prices are the heart of gas/fuel stock options. Better than gold and silver share's returns you talk about.
    But, big investments are the key to the options game in gas/fuel.
    You (3rd person), buy a term of a few months or rent a - [Lot] - which is 100,000 gals.
    So, several/several [Lots] are in play. At the end of the term you can just walk away - with a ton of money-----......
    If you have insider info, and or, just study and have a good judgment of seasonal business's use of gas /fuel.
    If you have any time working at a gas station as a teenager - and jeer at your friends back them about how
    much your station sold more than theirs..... remember most gas stations in the big metropolitan areas, sell
    a Million Gallons a Month times that across the country-- and the airlines, and big business fleets!
    But each business has different seasonal uses.
    That's why Bubbas game was so obvious to me.
    Oh, and the radio commercials pushed gas/fuel options every year but the year Bubba did his game--- and haven't
    heard a commercial since.

    1. TS, That makes all kinds of sense. And I did pump gas at 16 for 35 cents/gal. ;-) Thanks,

  5. let us know if he includes voting records...great idea!