Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time To Worry About Something Else For A While

Here is a visual representation of the 600,000 of the estimated 1.2 billion asteroids we've mapped the orbits of in the last 34 years.

The yellow dot is of course the sun, the 1st blue dot Mercury, next Venus, 3rd Earth and the outer blue dot Mars.

Before you freak out too much, know that the visual size of each asteroid displayed had to be expanded by about a billion times in order for it to be the size of one pixel and therefore able to be displayed on the video.

But, we're due and the middle east is Overdue.  Long overdue.

Full screen is best. I cherish free will so do what you will with the volume.


  1. Full screen it is. Why the Middle East?

    1. Sig, do you have any better targets for asteroids ?

  2. Rosemary B here:
    I have not been blogging!!!!
    I miss the blog world.
    I have been taking care of my 90 year old parents since March 2013.
    It is hard So much to do. I moved them here to Va from dopey Maryland.
    new docs new apartment -- right now they are renting a little place one mile from my house but they are moving into a fancy place called Ashby Ponds (google it) a new apartment (my dad is loaded)
    My mom is doing okay, She had a stroke March 2013 -- long nutty road to recovery. She is doing okay walking and talking.
    She can't remember some things. so sad. My dad is hearing impaired. My hubbs and I are working our butts off.
    My house looks like a tornado went through.
    We are blessed.
    The kitty boys are doing so great. Miles is ridiculous. Pierro is adorable
    I hope you are doing well.
    My email is rosemarybolton @icloud. com
    I try not to think too much about what is going on with the US. It is outrageous. Bad for blood pressure

    1. Rosemary B, so nice to hear from you! I suspected that was your situation as you'd mentioned your mother on the blog. I've some limited experience with such situations with my late grandmother and mother. My best to you and your parents.

      So lucky for your mom. I've known men in their 40's who have had a stroke and couldn't do a flight of stairs afterwards or speak well. Nice to hear that rather that how bad it could have been.

      I'm going to put your email into contacts and send you a cat picture form time to time. We have 5 cats in the house, and one feral that vacations in the garage at night. I miss seeing pics of Miles and Pierro. Such handsome loving boys. :)

      As far as politics/the government, I try to enjoy myself, take care of and think about family and friends, and protect my assets best I can 99% of the time. I don't get folks who can watch or listen to the vampires (politicians and some media people) I can't do it. It is best to turn it off I think as the important stuff will filter down to you. Sometimes when it gets so bad it can only get better. I sure don't a spring back to common sense though. It's going to be a generational thing.

  3. I didn't have enough to worry about?

    1. Ed, sometimes when your head hurts it might help to smash your thumb with a hammer ? After I posted this I go into the kitchen and my wife is watching Deep Impact. hahaa