Friday, July 4, 2014

Every Day Here is July 4th.



  1. Replies
    1. Ed, I can think of a couple days that I wouldn't mind being groundhog day for me. You?

    2. Groundhogs rule!

      This year -- for the first time ever -- we have groundhogs living on our property: a mother and her baby. I can look out the window of the piano room in the evening and see that baby groundhog nosing around, close to the house, sometimes side by side with a rabbit. Two of our cats -- Cameo and Amber -- are highly entertained. As am I!

    3. AOW. We had a female groudhog move in and burrow under the shed in back. The following spring 5 babies spurng forth. Cute little fellows. By the end of summer, 'they'd gone forth to multiply' I guess. The following spring only the mom was still here and she is still here. We've gat a fair amount of wildlife here. Rabbit, feral cat, groundhog, deer, and there's me of course.