Tuesday, July 29, 2014

obama Is Doing A Great Job !

This is what I read in "the news".  obama has a 46% approval rating most recently.

  • Gas is twice the price.
  • Food prices are up from 50% to 100%.  100% on the things low income people would be expected to buy like soup.
  • Jobs are in the toilet. Most of the people finding work are finding part time jobs that are insulating companies from obamacare rules. 91 million people are out of work and not even looking anymore.  That includes all ages but still, a 3rd of the population..
  • Prices on everything are up because businesses are passing additional costs for obamacare to the middle class who pay for everyone else.  
  • The middle class is being destroyed.  It just doesn't quite know it yet.  Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance.  Most of them are barely in the Denial phase.
  • Many Rural Hospitals are Closing because of obamacare.  In the news.
  • obamacare is destroying health care in America as well as the economy.
  • Racism has ramped up to the point of racial motivated violence and death all around the country.  It wasn't any worse in the 1960's when the race riots were going on.  We have a federal AG who states he isn't going to prosecute blacks for anything.
  • Tyrants around the world (muslims, Putin, China) are having a free for all run because they know obama isn't going to do shit about anything.
  • Foreign policy makes the USA a laughing stock of the world.
  • Foreign relations are in the toilet. obama craps on our traditional allies. obama aids the radical muslims.
  • Under Ronald Reagan, America was the Shining City On the Hill.  Under obama, America is the country that: needs to apologize to muslim vermin, wrongly concede it is not exceptional, wrongly concede that 'It Didnt' Build That'.
  • obama has criticized Israel and has yet to utter a discouraging word about muslim vermin who shoot 1200 rockets into Israel before Israel even lifts a finger to defend them selves.  Regardless what you think of Israel, you must concede that obama has No Problem with violence from mulsim radical vermin. Not a one.
  • the obama administration is paying the expenses to have children shipped into America from Central American countries for the purpose of building the democrat voting base.  At the same time, talented intelligent people from India for example are being denied entry based on an assessment that they won't leave when their visa is up.  obama has stated he wants the best and brightest to immigrate here.  As usual, the truth is a 180. he only wants life long democrat voters to immigrate here.
Honestly. who are these idiots, comprising 46% of the polled population that give this POS an approval rating?  Maybe the respondents are people at home during working hours to answer the phone.  If you get my drift.

I could go on and on and on.  But let's just pause here and I'll ask if anyone knows of something that is Better in America since this racist, anti-American, radical muslim activist POS was elected to the white house. Twice.

Bring it on.


  1. "If you get my drift"..so funny. Ya, I THINK I get your drift :-)
    Oy, quite a list.... Ya, FOX and some writers say "WOW, only 46% approval rating...that's bad for Obama!" I look at it as "Who the HELL makes up that idiotic 46%?"

    1. Z, yea, 46%. It's gotta be skewed. 13% blacks, 20% dumbasses. That's only 33%. They have to be polling obama friendlies.

  2. Golf course attendance is up (with Obama leading the way). We at least have THAT going for us.

    1. Fredd. Golf ball sales are up too thanks to this physical dweeb. Especially the ones stamped potus.

    2. Oh, those foolish Obama golf ball stamped buyers, they are wasting their hard earned money. They simply need only visit the golf courses that Barry has played, wander about out of bounds here, shallow water there, long grass and simply bend down and pick up one of Barry's lost balls for free: he loses 50 or 60 per round. I hear as much as he plays, his golf game is nearly as bad as he bowls. And that's saying something.

      Another curious item regarding Obama and golf: why is it that we have such precious little video footage of him swinging his clubs? The little I have seen of his game, I can clearly see why he sucks so bad at it - he swings a golf club much like he throws a baseball: like a tentative, girl-armed weenie. His swing is worse than Charles Barkely's - and that's REALLY saying something.

    3. Fredd, Understood completely and I'm with ya bud.

  3. Maybe some of these progressive love-sick morons are impressed by this IDIOT’S work, but I surely ain’t!
    Yes, he has accomplished a lot - too bad that none of it is any good..

    From my perspective, there is a big difference between Bush and Obama Obama is a lot worse.

    So pardon me if I just don't see the long list of "accomplishments" that all these Progressive/Liberal Nut cases do. And who are patting themselves on the back for his having done nothing at all that’s even close to being Good for America.

    Yes, thank you, Mr.Obama, for keeping your poise and elitist altitude while the brainwashed liberal sheeple wallowing in ignorance, try to thwart every good thing you attempt to do for 99% of us. Thank you, to the Moocher for giving us your holier-than-thou BS to swallow while the truth is apparent. You have continued to try your very best to fool us, even though your attempt was as lame as can be. You tried. Somehow I think you're wasting your time on the sorry peabrains. Obama's accomplishments existed only in the ridiculous minds of the left. Every step of the way was utterly amazing in the most negative way. . The naysayers are just jealous or and racist. And by the way, this was the most hyped presidency in American history
    and thus far the most disappointing. Please don't ever use the words great and Obama in the same sentence, because
    not even liberals will buy that lie.. Obama is a weak, inept, and failed President and will be used by future Presidents as a model for failure avoidance. Lets hope we never ever get to see the likes of him and the First Wookie again. .

    1. Radical, Hear Hear.

      Here's a funny. I'm reading new.google today and the top 2 stories are:

      - Lois Lerner, recent emails reveal she calls conservatives assholes
      - obama urges republicans to "stop hatin all the time"

      Too funny kind of.

  4. Incredible women like Sarah Palin can't be feminists to liberals because she doesn't share the same liberal beliefs as sexist pigs like Anthony Weiner and Bill Maher. How can you have any meaningful "diversity" when everyone has to think the same way?

  5. "Honestly. who are these idiots, comprising 46% of the polled population?"
    Our neighbors. We need to wake them up.
    It's like frozen tag when we were kids.

    1. Ed, I'm workin it man, I'm workin it ! - Cool Hand Luke

  6. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that Israel would complete its goal of destroying Hama’s network of tunnels with or without a cease-fire, and with or without the help and approval of the UN, or America. And I for one agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu.
    Hamas has a kill all Jew, and Israelis agenda. They have made themselves very clear about that! And then kill Jews everywhere else, as they have also made very clear. . Hamas planned a massive attack on Rosh Hashana. What are the tunnels used for? They had this plan for the Jewish New Year, AKA Rosha Shunna, in September, to kidnap thousands of Israelis and kill them by coming thru these Tunnels in a massive attack. They plotted to co-ordinate their attack with a Hezbollah attack coming from the north. These are some of the biggest terrorists in the World that would be joining together for no other reason but to kill jews.
    When an enemy commits war crimes by firing rockets deliberately aimed at civilians, and plans to destroy every Israeli, self defense has no limitation on proportionality. There is no proportion necessary when your opponent is trying to kill you and your family. Hamas admits that so far, only a fraction of its tunnels have been destroyed by the IDF. Israel must of necessity, as a matter of survival, continue its operation until all tunnels are disabled. It is already well known that many of these Tunnels have been packed with explosives. The tunnels can be up to 90 feet underground and reinforced with concrete, a scarce commodity in Gaza, where most imports of construction material are banned by Israel except for very special internationally supervised projects.
    It is therefore shocking for critics to say that Israel should immediately stop. Stop and allow rockets to be fired at its citizens every day and night? Stop taking measured action designed to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties? In other words, allow another Holocaust.
    Israel MUST ignore the whining, politically correct bleeding heart leftist’s who seem to approve of the rockets being launched at them on a daily basis, and do what must be done, once and for all. It’s time to eliminate these terrorists once and for all.
    I say that matters have gotten so bad there, that in the face of criticism of Israel regardless of how moral it tries to be, the IDF needs to take off restraints to get the operation over much more quickly, and without putting its soldiers into harms way to help prevent Palestinian casualties because such efforts are criticized anyway.
    The one benefit of this tragedy is that these anti-Semites of the world are being clearly revealed for what they are.

  7. With half the county now on welfare there's your approval rating. SSI and medicaid are the the new unemployment benefits. Depressed? Get disability. Lazy? Stupid? Same thing.