Friday, August 2, 2013

Lets Laugh at Libtards - obamacare

According to CNN, the only thing wrong with obamacare is that 'the greatest orator of all time' (the teleprompter Jesus) has failed to tell us ignorant bastards enough about obamacare so we can understand and love it as they do.
In response to the certifiably insane libtards and democrat propaganda whores at CNN; Here's a recent article, written by a sane person.

How Does Obamacare Work? 11 Questions, 11 Unbiased Answers

Actually, if one uses their life experience, experience with the federal government, it's not hard to carry the information above into understanding what obamacare will really do to America and you personally.  Some people don't have a lot of life experience and so that doesn't mean they are stupid. They should not be offended by this post.  They should however consider the insights given.

A smart man I read often says "See  both sides. Always see both sides.  You may not agree with the other side, but always see it."  Indeed it would be moronic to think you know all there is to know.

Extrapolating on the article linked above, and from someone who doesn't have to report to marketing people about "why I pissed off half the people that might send money to us", I can be a bit more candid.

1. Yes, I doubt this will ever be repealed. The reasons being:

  1. No politician has ever verbalized what the real problem is with health care in America. Trial Lawyers.  So, we don't really have an reprentatives willing to be honest about HC

  2. The government actually Needs to reroute all the HC insurance money thru DC to keep the government on life support.  Both sides will play everyone for fools.

 2. Extremely little of this has been implemented and HC insurance rates are already exploding. 

3. As stated, this roadside bomb is being delayed in case the dems stay in control.  They probably will so expect more delays imo.  Maybe this is part of the dem strategy to keep getting elected?  handing this POS over our heads?

4. Who is exempt.  (I thought who was on 1st base?) Yea,
Prisoners, undocumented immigrants, some religious groups, etc.  Add 'Anyone who can't afford coverage'. Good God, this was the reason for this POS bill right?

5. I can't wait to hear libtard kids bitching about paying for nothing.

6. "There will be no penalty for those who can't afford insurance, including those who don't make enough to file federal taxes or whose insurance premiums will cost more than 8% of their household income"

As stated, this is why the libtards wanted this POS. This is the perfect libtard democrat legislation.  Accomplish negative value and charge 5 times or more for it.

7. Many small businesses will opt out, pay the 2k per employee fine and kick their employees into the gubmint HC system. Voila, the dems get their 'single payer' system.  The remaining few employers willing to keep a HC plan with a private insurer won't be enough to keep those insurers in business and Voila # 2 - Everyone is on the gubmint system.

8. skip
9. Yea, if you want to pay a million a year to keep it.

10. obamacare is going to raise the shit out of taxes. new taxes, and taxes that will be increased every year after year. You know this right?  Shirely you must!

11. Pre-existing conditions.  The single illusionary benefit provided by obamacare.  people with pre-existing conditions will have to be accepted by insurers and not have to pay more than the rest of us slogs.  In actuality nothing has changed.  Everyone was given health care, and in the end w all helped pay for people who don't have ins.

A great segue into the main point.  What does obamacare for for us?  Does it cover people who didn't have coverage before? No.  So, what does it do.  Not a Damn thing except the following:
  1. push good doctors out of the system and because of the affirmative action clause not mentioned in the article, will import a shitload of incompetent people into the system,
  2. drive up HC insurance costs 100- 200% more until those private insurers finally go out of business putting us all under the loving wing of the US government for something that will personally be in our face every day of our lives.
  3. create waiting lines enough to drive sane people to homicide.  All the see some incompetent bastard who you are assigned to.  That's right. You don't get to see "Your Doctor" anymore unless it's by pure coincidence.
  4. put a serious hurt on the economy simply through all the extra taxes and elimination of current deductions. There will be less money to spend by consumers and businesses.  Recessions, depressions, homicidal maniacs.
  5. death panels. Oh yea. some assholes will decide if you get the expensive treatment or not.  What's more, if you need timely treatment as most cancers do, you're SOL.  You think a panel of whoopie goldbergs is going to operate efficiently?  If you do, then you love the TSA don't you?
  6. expect more and more legislation aimed at curtailing your personal rights to decide what you put in, on or around your body. 12 oz soda?  You might have to buy 12 1 oz sodas and pour them into your secret 12 oz cup you saved from the good old days.
  7. expect more societal division and acrimony as 'healthy looking people' look with pure hate at 'non-healthy looking people' because those "fat bastards are making them pay more taxes, etc".  Damn Them !
  8. So, you'll be paying about 5 times more for "affordable" HC that you have to wait much longer and not get in the end, and have to deal with the seriously overworked people who will display Zero customer service skills.
  9. do you really want to hear more about this Nazi-like POS bill ? I don't.
Finally, Lets laugh at libtards who will be lying in this bed of manure becuase -shocker to them- they'll be subject to it as well. 

Oh, and you know the politicians are exempt right?  They get to keep their Mayo Clinic level doctors.


  1. Actually, no I'm not going to go back and correct spelling and grammer. Blogger screws up the format if I do, so hell with it.

    1. Corrections or not-this is an awesome overview of tyrannous piece of S _ _ T!!

    2. Carol-CS, that people aren't headed to DC with pitchforks and torches....

      Yea, if it continues, it will be much more evil than Canadia or any of the other national HC abortions.

    3. And yes, I did see all this coming 4 years ago. And I'm no genius. Good God.

  2. Having universal healthcare for their beloved brethren isn't the true aim of Obamacare nor the economic recovery as in the article you posted previous to this one. The aim of the socialists in power is to bring the country down in a big smoldering heap so that when it does they are in power at that particular moment in time to grab the reins and steer to a dictatorship. It is the "cloward-piven" strategy that they (libs) used in NY in the 80's to drive that State into bankruptcy. The gist is this, make the system live up to its promises, fill the welfare roles and government assistance, illegal immigrants etc until it all collapses under the shear weight o f the programs designed to do just that. Google Cloward-Piven or even Saul Alinsky "rules for radicals" and you will see, in their own words the plan in which they have worked so hard to put into place. Once you see this then google Obama's name with those previous google checks and you will find he is an ardent believer of this. The same circle of radicals that Bill Ayers came from during the 60's are in places like SEIU, ACORN, and many political offices, college campuses, Judgeships, etc. They are in place and their plan is well under way. The only thing left to do is disarm us so we will go quietly into the night........

  3. Rosey, I"m with ya, agree 1000%