Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why Are Russian Drivers So Bad ? Oh, I See.

You've all seen some of the multitude if Russian dash cam captured driving accidents in Russia.  Now we know why they're all required to have dash cams.  For insurance, entertainment and because...


  1. It's no joke in the US either. Alcohol abuse has a staggering cost. One 1992 "Cost of Illness" pegged it at $148 billion. A more recent study bumped that to over $250 billion per year.

    "More than 70% of the estimated costs of
    alcohol abuse ... were attributed to lost productivity, most of which resulted from
    alcohol-related illness or premature death."

    1. Sig, and yea, when was the last time we heard about a driving accident caused by Maryjane..and look at all the money and problems that costs. I'm not a user or would be but it's insane the way is legality is handled.

      Here's what I want to know. What is the cost of all the dysfunctional to purely evil liberal programs like education, energy, WIC, welfare, and right on down the line. Trillions. Quadrillions..

      Thanks for your comment.