Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free Elective Prison Surgery and Treatment

Well Free for them, Paid For by you guessed it.

First off, I don't care what people want to do, I don't want to pay for it. 10 kids, or change gender, or live their life any way they want as long as it is legal and even illegal in some cases, I Don't Care.  Just don't ask me to pay for it.

So, Bradley Manning wants a sex change.  I say too damn bad.  If he wanted to be a girl, he should have done it before now on his own dime and should have Definitely done it prior to being convicted of a crime.  In lieu of that he can damn well wait until he's out and do it on his own dime.

Yea I know the libtards argue that gender issues are not elective surgery but that's because they're fucking insane.

Bradley will be eligible for parole in about 8 years with time served.  A longish time to live in prison, a very shortish time given his offences to this country and the death of people in harms way he surely is responsible for and will be responsible for into the future.

But consider the lifer. Put yourself in his place.  If you can't kick everyone's ass in prison, given the choice of shacking up with Bubba for the duration of Your Life, or getting a sex change and shacking up with Linda for the duration, which would you choose.  I'm no homosexual, but I might decide that hell if I can get this for free, and given my life term - it's not that I'm going to be out in society and have to deal with other men again, I might just go the lesbian route.  It's a lot more attractive than Bubba.  I've seen some friggin Bubba's from a distance.

And the bigger point I'm making here is that I don't believe any inmate should receive any kind of medical attention unless they are Injured or in a life threatening situation.  Just because some dude wants to sit around twirling their hair looking at women instead of hanging out with Bubba, doesn't mean they have a Health Issue.

Good God, this place if unrecognizable.


  1. Dear us from these assholes...please.

    1. Imp, I feel like I'm in the wrong universe with no idea how I got there :)

  2. Let me do his sex change operation. I'll give the taxpayer a massive discount.

  3. @Mustang...

    LMAO....rusty bayonet perhaps?

  4. Kid, You blogged this yesterday?! Very good handling of it, too (so to speak!) Ya, that is NOT a health condition; you are SO RIGHT!
    I like Mustang's idea. Start on Manning, Mustang!

    1. Z, Thursday actually. Thank you so much.

      What a place huh?

  5. Replies
    1. TS/WS, ! THAT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO !!! GO AND pet some kittens at the local animal shelter.

      Yea, they are trying to start civil wars. Race, Rich-Poor, Cons - Libtards, you name it. I believe the muslim vermin are really behind it at this point.

  6. from 1984 (the year):

    Well it's okay to murder babies
    But we really ought to save the whales
    We're putting criminals in office
    Cause it's way too crowded in the jails
    T.V. is our teacher now
    The schools are overrun by thugs
    And children skip their innocence
    and graduate to sex and drugs
    Right is wrong and wrong is right
    White is black and black is white
    I think I just lost my appetite
    Stop the world I want to get off

    Stop the world
    I want to get off
    This is too weird for me
    Stop the world
    I want to get off
    I get the definite impression
    That this isn't how it's meant to be
    No, no

    Fear is taking over
    Anxiety is on the rise
    Well you can feel it in the air
    You can see it in your neighbor's eyes
    The working man is desperate
    He can't support his family
    And we could pull the nation
    Out of debt for what
    We spend on locks and keys
    And even suburbia is under attack
    They're all buying handguns
    Trying to fight back
    There's a vigilante picnic
    In the cul de sac
    Stop the world I want to get off

    Stop the world
    I want to get off
    This is too weird for me
    Stop the world
    I want to get off
    I've just got to find a planet
    Where they're interested in sanity
    Hey yeah

    I wish I had some spaceman gear
    I swear I'd fly away from here
    I cry to God this fervent prayer
    "Oh, please, just take me anywhere
    Don't leave me here"

    We take our loftiest intentions
    And engrave them all neatly in stone
    And once they're safely up there
    We'd prefer that they just leave us alone
    Cause it's the law of the jungle
    With distinctly carnivorous vibes
    Yeah, we may dress up in tuxedos
    But we function like Germanic tribes
    It's the age old sin in a modern day
    From the club of Cain to the laser ray
    But now we can blow everybody away
    Stop the world I want to get off

    Stop the world
    I want to get off
    This is too weird, a little too weird
    Stop the world
    I want to get off
    I've just got to find a planet
    Well I've just got to find a planet
    Got to find a planet where
    They're interested in sanity

    yeah, yeah
    Somebody stop the world
    Ooh yeah
    Somebody stop the world

    Written By Randy Stonehill
    © Copyright 1984 by Stonehillian Music &
    Word Music (a division of Word, Inc.)

  7. @Ed:

    "Thanks" I'm totally depressed!

    Where did I put my Glock?

  8. Replies
    1. Oh no...not mine. I had something else in mind.

  9. I thought about writing a post on this very subject and you hit all the points I would have. I just didn't because I am sick and tired of these sick puppies. Bradley is part and parcel to the liberal dogma that was first taught to Bradley while he was growing up and then pushed on him in the service. The gentrification of the military is a direct target of the Obama regime and he is succeeding to a point. I suspect that he will get his operation because he is already half way there already as he/she doesn't have any cojones already. He of course cannot take his punishment like a man and as you put it doesn't want to have Bubba (or I would rather say Ben, Ben Dover) as a bunk mate. He's gonna be someone's bitch either way. I say he should still serve his sentence with men as the liberals are already providing gender neutral bathroom facilities in schools, universities and public buildings. But, I suppose that won't happen as he will now have "squatters rights".

    1. Rosey, Thanks. and very clever there.

      As you indicate we all get tired of writing, talking, acknowledging this bullshit. This is how your hard core communist works, an inch a day, add some demoralization, pound away at patriotism and before you know it, the requirement to have a natural born US citizen as president is out the window and next election puts vladamir putey pute in the white house.