Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lets Laugh At Libtards - The Fake Economic Recovery

First some stats from America, Incorporated.

We are more than halfway through Earnings Season where the major public companies fess up to their last quarter of operations revenue and profit.  Most of the major companies report early and are a great indication of how the economy is going.

The percentages of companies that have topped [much reduced] earnings estimates is 73%.  Sounds good? It’s in line with the 4 year average. woohoo!  Well nope.  Earnings are growing at just over 1.8%.  This is Substantially Less than the 5% average quarter over quarter growth than has been seen over the past 4 years.  MUCH less than what is seen during actual Economic Recoveries.  Ala Reagan's reversal of the jimmy carter armageddon on the American economy in the 1970's.  

Companies have cut staff, reduced costs, reduced portion sizes of their products, raised prices, and are still Fizzling Out in terms of growth.

The number of companies that have surprise earnings is only 3.2 %, well below the 4 year average of 7% and WELL Below the historical average during periods of actual Economic Recoveries.

Now add in the fact that food prices are at least 2 times higher since obama took office, gasoline is twice as expensive, and we are actually Exporting oil right now btw (what's up widdat?)

Add in that home prices are down, (family worth is way down), property taxes are up (gotta feed the vampires), and Home Ownership is at an 18 year low as reported recently by Blooooomberg. (Note mortgage interest rates are lower than my dad's rate that he got in the 1940's ! and try to figure this one out)

Unemployment is at historic highs, (the reported rate algorithm has been manipulated so much it looks like the personal profile of a 500 lb girl's profile on eharmony) and business isn't hiring because there is No Growth.  This equates to many more people sucking money out of the government (Taxpayers) as opposed to putting in.

Many libtards owe 6 figures from going to college to get some BS degree that will do them Jack Nothing when they get out (next post probably) and will either default on their loan or have 100K Plus less to spend on goods and services thereby putting another wet rag on the 'Economic Recovery'.

The money that is being spent by many is given to them by the government, thereby increasing the debt which devalues the dollar in your pocket.  The stock market at all times highs is the result of the Federal Reserve printing up Trillions since the crash starting in October 2007 to pump into the market by Giving the Banks Trillions of dollars in exchange for their worthless mortgage monopoly money. (Libtards Hate the rich right? How do you feel about your imbecile hero printing up Trillions for them that you and your kids and their kids and so on forever... are going to have to pay back? Huh? Huh? How do you feel?)

The Fed is printing up 85 billion a month in its current QE3 program and that money is finding its way directly to the stock market.  It is why the market is up. It's Fake.  It's all fake.

It's a fake economic recovery.  There is no economic recovery, just as the is no Nothing good happening as the result of the democrats being in control of government since early 2007.  The only things happening that you think are 'good' (if you're a libtard) are those things reported to you by the democrat propaganda media machine which btw is filled with useless assholes who, if they even went to college, by and large 'graduated' with 'communications' as their major.  A major that most drunks can navigate successfully.

Your view of the world is handed to you by some of the stupidest bastards on the planet who are actually employed.


  1. The Feds aren't actually printing any paper for circulation that might make it to the streets.
    No---it's all Digital/Digitized (smoke and mirrors to the nth degree).
    And, the Feds are talking about withdrawal from the exchange sucker; could be a crash worse than the 1909 or when the crash that was worse than the 1928 crash. Put on top of that - a BANK HOLIDAY - where the Banks can loot all of the depositors funds, yes wipe out everyone of us.

  2. And I haven't put much money in my account because I spent cash for everything. The Bank has closed my account several times due to inactivity for not using my debit card often enough; I have to fill out some forms to reactivate the account.
    The Bloomberg report: Congress has passed a law that barred the Feds from charging a super high "Swipe Charge", I wonder what that was - those sneaky dufoosus?

    1. TS/WS, your comments are not out of bounds at all. In fact, they may be giving too much benefit to the perpetrators.

      Yea, it could happen. The only argument I have is I think the takers Need the givers (us). If they wiped us out there wouldn't be anyone to take from and therefore they'd be bored.


      During a routine transport to a planet, Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov are intercepted and abducted by a powerful and distant transporter beam. Arriving, literally, flat on their backs on a planet called Triskelion in the M-24 Alpha star system, the are immediately attacked by beings from several different species, each of them wearing a collar around their necks.

      Kirk and his crew mates have been brought to this planet to fight as gladiators in combat games in order to entertain and provide exciting gambling for the disembodied entities called the "Providers." Each assigned a "drill thrall" of their own, Kirk and his companions are collared as well, which asphyxiate those who are disobedient to the Providers.

      On board the U.S.S. Enterprise, Spock, aware that the crew members are missing, attempts to locate them, and eventually finds the origin of the beam. Upon its arrival, the crew of the starship is also taken captive by the Providers.

      With the ship and his entire crew at stake, Kirk makes a final wager to the Providers which they cannot resist: himself against three drill thralls on the condition that if he wins, all the drill thralls go free and are taught how to live for themselves again. If Kirk fails, he promises himself and the entire crew as the most entertaining fighters they've ever seen.

      Kirk beats the three drill thralls and wins the wager, and the Providers set all the thralls free and permit the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew to leave also.

  3. Except here there is a zero sum game. If we attempt to set our country back on course by winning - they will not let us go. They have too much invested around the world.
    Their only move will be to crash the economy and set up the world monetary system.
    They have set up an Asian Union and European Union, they are in the midst of setting up a Middle East Union (Syria/Palestinian-Israel...etc), Babylon may be the Trade Capital again.
    The North America/South America Union is set up; waiting in the wings.
    Iranians are being imported to Colombia by the thousands as we are distracted with our liberties being attacked and not one damn Member of the Congress is telling the Home District Voters that they will fight to stop the IRS, EPA, FEMA, or DOJ/DHS and the Obamo Doctor Shortage/Death Panel Crew to rid us Old Timers from the Planet.
    That is why the Immigration Bill is such a BAAADD DEEEEAAALL, they want the Iranians to migrate up here - to let the games begin; after we are disarmed.

    1. TS/WS, I can see that. Disarming (in a short period of time) is going to be ugly though.

      Well, we'll see.

  4. Todays headlines:
    “U.S. hiring slows in July but jobless rate falls to four-year low”
    And the Job figures for July were disappointing as well. When you have a president who hates capitalism and does all he can to destroy it you will find it hard for capitalism to thrive. And when Obamacare is implemented the jobs picture will evaporate and a depression will set in. Just as Obama has planned.

    Let the spin job begin.

    1. Political Chic, You're one smart cookie. Yes, the 'jobs' number also disappointed today, so the market went up because it expects another 85 billion free $ a month to find it's way there.

      The hidden number in the jobless claims and the overall number of continuing claims and rate is the people who drop off because they are not looking. Some of that is boomers just going into retirement, but they're not being replaced by the younger workers either.

      And geeez yes, obamacare will destroy the economy, let alone health care itself. It is why it's delayed. They want to wait until a republican takes over then use it to sabotage the economy. obamacare will be in one of the next couple posts probably.

    2. Meant to say $85 bln a month to continue.. QE3 of course.

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