Monday, August 12, 2013

Would You Like to Meet Some Nice Police Officers?

Google is your answer !

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  1. The photo graphically illustrates what we have allowed to happen in this once great/freedom loving Republic--

    1. Carol-CS, I get your meaning, but the folks that showed up at these folks home we're well dressed and mannered from the description. Still.

      Heck I dunno, if you're searching for pressure cookers, and backpacks from the same IP address, maybe someone should ask you a question, but then again, they are common household items. I guess if it were I, I wouldn't mind answering a question or two. I would require a warrant for home search though just out of principle.

  2. Welcome to America the Police State!

  3. This was a joke article... right?

    BTW, your pic is up on my site now.

    Joke article... gotta be.

    1. I believe it is the real deal M4E. The picture is just a pic from the internet though.

      My pic? I'm not seeing anything, but I'm honored anyway ! Thanks.

  4. Except the writer lied about why they showed up and who googled what.

    Her husband's former employer scanned his work computer and found that HE had googled the terms. The company contacted the authorities and THAT's why they were investigated.

    Her innocence about one person googling pressure cooker and another googling back packs and suddenly the SS knocks down her down gave her a lot of publicity, however the Atlantic Wire published an update regarding the real story.

  5. Sorry, just read the whole article. The original ones didn't include the part of the company contacting authorities.

    Given the environment we live in I would rather a company report someone who was googling things that could be made into bombs than allow another Boston bombing.

    I would suspect the company had some reason to believe her husband might be somewhat off.

    1. Rita, Thanks I didn't see that. I think if someone fits the profile, I don't see any problem answering some questions. Again, I'd require a warrant for search just based on principle. I also don't have a problem with companies protecting themselves. I work in IT.

      The technology we have today and the fact that it and it's criminal opportunities are growing exponentially means we won't even recognize the world we live in next month, next year, etc. Most of us anyway.

      How about we direct this quite capable capacity for singling out perps to reducing the number of children and women ripped off the streets in America and similar evil going on. The female and child slave trade is huge....

    2. Believe me I am NOT defending the NSA, but I also don't appreciate when someone like the writer changes the facts to support her opinion even if ultimately it might be in sync with mine.

      For example there is a Facebook page named something about Breitbart that took a photo off the Internet of a downtown Indianapolis crowd during Suoerbowl weekend when the stupid public unions tied to protest when we had thousands of visitors.

      They blurred the image and the signs and said that was a crowd in Indy when Romney was in town during the election. The problem was Romney hadn't been in Indy and the trees had no leaves but supposedly it was the middle of summer here.

      I continued to ask them to stop posting fake pictures because they were insulting Breitbart's memory and were no better than the lying liberal media.

      They banned me from the group even though I made it clear I was a conservative

      What caught me attention with the story you wrote about when it was published was that The Atlantic Wire carried to with a picture of a scared family leaving their house with several armed officers indeed storming the residence.

      It didn't pass the smell test.

      They had used a picture of a very frightened family whose house was in the location where the Boston Bomber was hiding. The caption attached to the picture was very tiny and I'm sure most readers never noticed the caption as I didn't when I first read it.

      They later posted a correction about how the authorities came to be notified of the searches.

      The writer lost all credibility with me from now on.

      Just thought you would want to know.

    3. Rita, I do and thank you. What I hate the most in this world is mis-information. But it is escalating on both sides or should I say all sides. Seems hopeless.

      But yea, I read this story and came away with the idea that the people understood why the nice investigators would want to talk to them, that it was friendly, and ended friendly.

  6. Are those flash lights duck-taped to the rifles? Please tell me no...
    The one guy holding his rifle up has his flashlight going one way and the barrel another. Makes my eyes hurt.
    And I never liked the shield bearer waving his pistol in front of him on the same side as the rifleman behind him. Always seemed like a good way to get your shooting arm blown off if the situation gets hot.

    1. Sig, just a pic from the interwebs. Flashlight and duct tape- check. If the rifle holder pulled the trigger right now, I believe he'd take that shield guys hand right off. And what the heck is that black dude behind the shield guy looking at? :) Maybe this was from B TV..