Monday, May 14, 2012

Losses at ACME, Inc,

Home of the Wile E Coyote Rocket, show why "Regulations are Desperately Needed !"  Exclaimed an exasperated, incompetent, and buffoon-like President obama.

- T-T-T-T-That's all folks.


  1. Could you give this a little context?

  2. I didn't know that ducks picked nits.

    1. Opus, you assume he's being honest about the duck? :)

  3. Obummer and other democrats are sitting on their hands going all over the country fund raising, playing Golf and Basketball and going to Hip-Hop concerts and expensive New York restaurants and spending Millions of our Dollars per day on Air Force One going to campaigns for State Campaigns, and Hollywood parties known as "Fund Raisers" rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. While you and I and Millions of other Americans can't even pay our Mortgages.

    If Obummer wants to Campaign for himself or for someone else, some of the money he raises should go to pay for his trip! It costs us MILLIONS every day for these trips! That's YOUR MONEY, and that's MY MONEY! So Wake up you stupid, stupid sheep!
    Obummer is more than a "Amateur", he's a phony lying,, Socialist, unqualified, incompetent,failure! We are witnessing the erosion of our freedoms almost on a daily basis.
    We see China becoming more wealthy and powerful at the same time that we see America on the decline. Our economy is a such a mess that I doubt if we will ever see it as strong as it was again in our lifetimes.
    Obummer ONLY says what the crowd he is talking to at the time wants to hear and then goes to another group and says the exact opposite! He is a Liar you know it and I know it.

    OK, now you can go ahead and call me a Racist! Who cares, but for the record, I don't like the Man not his race. I don't like Obummer's Politics not his Race!

    Our only means of saving America is to get Obummer out of office and put Romney in, like him or not in my opinion there's no denying he's a big improvement over Obummer !
    OK, Rant over

    1. Proud American. I'd say we agree quite a bit. That's a good read on oblabber. personally I pegged him as a BS salesman and empty suit 1.5 years prior to the 08 election. And I'm not genius. I don't think. He's all you say he is and is not.
      He's never worked a day in his life. I don't believe he did Anything at college other than protest Whitey and America.

      But I believe he is doing a little more than you think. He and his crew are staling this country blind. 5 trillion so far and none of it gone to the good or anything that owuld provide a return on investment.
      I believe him to be a muslim activist, very anti-white racist, Chicago politics-payola-theft-money laundering on Steroids.
      I believe he and the dems are trying to destroy the country so they can 'rebuild it in their puke city socialist nightmare.
      Incompetent doesn't begin to do this asshole justice. There is Nothing there except the hype upon hype delivered by the White House and the MSM. Much worse than hitler did. I'm not accusing him of being hitler, just of using the same tactics to the power of 10.

      The real problem is that the kids are on board with it. The education system has largely been taken over by the communists. The kids are indoctrinated to suck down anything the media delivers to them, and we know what that is.

  4. Replies
    1. Lisa, This was inspired by the JP Morgan thing of course. And yes, the democrats want to control everything. Everything.